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Charities helping disadvantaged youth

Help us empower young people by supporting our programs. See how we make a difference as one of the best charities helping disadvantaged youth in Australia.

Young people in Australia are our future, so helping disadvantaged youth is crucial. There are many young people in Australia who don’t have access to the services, education and activities they need to thrive and become happy, healthy and successful adults. Find out below how we, as one of Australia’s charities for disadvantaged youth, help to keep young Australians safe and give them the support they need for a bright future.

Save the Children has been championing children’s rights to survival, protection, development and participation for over 100 years. We are the world’s leading independent organisation for children and have grown into a global movement, helping millions of children in need and their families in over 117 countries.

Here is how we are helping abused, neglected & disadvantaged youth in Australia through our disadvantaged youth programs.

Disadvantaged Youth Programs

With many young Australians living in poverty, experiencing family violence and/or who don't have access to quality education & healthcare there is a real need for charities for disadvantaged youth. There is a high percentage of young people in the juvenile justice system & institutional care that are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and many more marginalised youth who are in unsafe situations that make it difficult for them to succeed in life.

Our evidence-based programs focus on ensuring all young Australians have the opportunity to grow up in a safe, supportive and connected environment with the ability to participate and engage in learning & activities that create positive change for their future. Our programs run right across Australia in urban, regional and remote locations so we can reach as many of our vulnerable young people as possible.

Some of the disadvantaged youth programs, dedicated to supporting our young Australians to reach their full potential include: As well as supporting young Australians, Save the Children also runs international programs that focus on health, education and protecting children and young people in other countries. We work in partnership with local communities, community groups, governments, national organisations and international NGOs to affect real, positive and long-lasting change for young people, their families and their communities.

How You Can Support Charities For Disadvantaged Youth

Donations enable us to continue to run our disadvantaged youth programs - 79% of donations go directly towards program expenditure. To help support one of Australia’s leading charities for disadvantaged youth, you can make a single donation today or become a monthly giver.

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