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Charity Gifts Australia 

Donate charity gifts in Australia via our online store. By purchasing fruit trees or baby kits for families in need, you could make a huge difference to helping children get a healthy start to life.

If you’re looking for unique, thoughtful gift ideas for the person who has it all, charity gifts are the perfect solution. Below is why gifting charity donation gifts through our charity makes the best charity gifts in Australia and the different ways you can give a charity gift.

Save The Children has been championing children’s rights for over 100 years. We believe every child deserves a bright future and through our child-focused programs & emergency relief aid we aim to fulfil our vision of a world in which every child lives, learns and is safe from harm. Here is how you can give charity donation gifts and why our charity is a great choice for the best charity gifts in Australia:

The best charity gifts in Australia

Some of the best charity gifts in Australia are those that help children. There are so many children in this world that don't have access to life’s necessities - food, water, shelter, education, healthcare and protection from harm. And, we know that when disaster strikes, children are the most vulnerable. Charity donation gifts to a charity that helps children, such as ours can truly make such a difference to children around the world.
When giving charity gifts to our charity, there are a few different ways you can give:
  • If you’re celebrating an occasion such as a birthday or you’re planning a gift registry for your wedding, charity donation gifts are a great idea. Either give a charity gift to someone celebrating an occasion or ask your guests to give charity donation gifts.
  • Giving a charity donation gift in memory of someone is a lovely way to honour their life by saving the lives of children. Charity donation gifts in memory are also great for those unable to attend the service. You can create an online donation page that includes a photo and info about the person whose life you are honouring where they can leave a message and place their charity gift donation. 
  • You can arrange to give a charity donation gift in your will. By making a bequest to Save The Children, you can help save the lives of children long after you’ve gone - a lovely way to carry on your legacy.

Give a charity donation gift today

Give a charity donation gift today to make a difference, not only to those you are gifting to but to the millions of children we are helping around the world.

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