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How to help migrant children

Find out how to help migrant children by supporting our Australian services

Under the auspices of the United Nations The Global Compact for Migration estimates, “there are over 258 million migrants around the world living outside their country of birth.” With millions of migrant children and their families fleeing conflict, war, crippling poverty and human rights abuses, Save the Children has dedicated programs to help migrant children in Australia. As part of a global network of child protection organisations, our life-saving aid, emergency response and development programs help migrant children. As a signatory to the 2017 Initiative for Child’s Rights in The Global Compact for Migration, we also help migrant children who are travelling by themselves. 

How We Help Migrant Children

If you’re pondering “how can I help migrant families?” you can support our Australian programs with a regular monthly donation. Our innovative It Takes A Village program provides supported playgrounds for children and women from migrant backgrounds. Save the Children launched this program to help migrant children mental health and wellbeing. This program also focuses on helping migrant women improve parenting skills while developing social networks. A regular monthly donation helps us to create long-lasting impacts including:

  • Helping mothers improve their mental health and general wellbeing.
  • Creating positive environments for migrant families.
  • Helping children become more confident when transitioning to school and feeling comfortable with their peers.

How To Help Migrant Children

If you’re wondering “what can I do to help migrant children?” we offer more than one way to get involved to create a lasting impact including:

Perhaps the best way to help migrant families is to make a regular monthly donation to Save the Children. With nearly 100 years of experience helping migrant children and their families in Australia, our evidence-based programs are renowned for creating long-lasting impacts. You get peace of mind when you donate to us that 73 cents out of every dollar is directed to our aid and development programs. Read about our track record of accountability and our evaluation reports

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