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Ways to end child poverty

Support our programs in Australia & internationally and learn about the ways to end child poverty

When you consider which countries are fighting child poverty, you may be surprised to know that more than 17 per cent of Australian children fall below the poverty line. Save the Children delivers programs to end child poverty in Australia and overseas. Our evidence-based programs focus on giving children the best start possible to their life by delivering healthcare, education and access to fresh water and nutritious food. To end child poverty we also focus on ensuring children are safe from violence, war and conflict. 

How We Work To End Child Poverty

As a first-world country, it may be surprising to know that many children in Australia experience poverty, hunger, social disadvantage and family violence. Because not everyone experiences a safe home, opportunities and a healthy standard of living, Save the Children delivers child protection and education programs in regional, urban and remote locations throughout Australia.

A regular monthly donation can help us:

  • Provide supported accommodation that cares for pregnant women and mothers with newborns from remote communities. This program ensures babies are given the best opportunities during their first 1,000 days of life. 
  • Deliver safe accommodation to homeless children and women who are escaping family or domestic violence. 
  • Fund our Mobile Youth Van (M.Y. van) program. This innovative education and child protection program has been designed to reach Australia’s most hard to reach and vulnerable children. 

The Best Child Poverty Charities

Our evidence-based, world-renowned programs also reach at-risk children overseas. Save the Children Australia works with children and their families in 20 countries across South-East and South-Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific region. The ways to end child poverty include:

  • Ensuring no child dies from preventable causes before they turn 5 years of age.
  • To give all children access to quality basic education.
  • To safeguard and protect children from violence, war and conflicts.

A regular monthly donation can help us end child poverty in Australia and overseas. As over 70 cents in every dollar donated goes to our programs, you get peace of mind that your hard-earned money goes to children who need it the most. Read about our track record of accountability and how your donation can help protect children and their families in Australia and overseas. 

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