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Yemen crisis charity appeal

Learn about the Yemen crisis charity appeal and what it delivers to Yemen children and families in need. Donate online to contribute to our aid programs.

Since 2015, the conflict and war in Yemen has displaced millions of children and their families. According to the UNHCR; UN Refugee Agency, there are now 24 million people and at least 12.3 million children in Yemen who need humanitarian assistance. Our Yemen aid charity appeal needs your help. Below is information on the aid we are providing as a Yemen charity in Australia.

Save The Children has been championing children’s rights for over 100 years. We believe every child deserves a bright future and our vision is a world in which every child lives, learns and is safe from harm.

With a world-renowned reputation for delivering aid where it’s needed most, we work with other NGOs, local communities, advocacy groups and all levels of government to help children and their families needing humanitarian assistance. We are always there when we are needed - we get immediate life-saving aid to the children and families within 72 hours of a disaster, when it’s needed most, but importantly, we remain to help children recover, ensure they are kept safe and support families in rebuilding their lives. The children in Yemen need our help, your help - here is the work we are doing and will continue to do to support children and their families in Yemen and how you can best support our Yemen charity in Australia.

The work we’re doing as a yemen aid charity

Hunger and malnutrition are one of the main threats to children in Yemen. As a Yemen food charity, we are providing food to as many children in Yemen as we can, along with safe, clean drinking water. We also provide healthcare services where we screen children for malnutrition and help severely malnourished children get back to a safe weight.

As a Yemen aid charity, other work we’re doing includes:
  • Supporting hospitals and health centres across Yemen to treat over 100,000 children suffering from disease and malnutrition
  • Managing mobile health clinics so they can access remote areas
  • Providing a haven and psychosocial support to children and their families who’ve been affected by the Yemen conflict
  • Helping to reunite children who have been separated from their families
  • Ensuring children are kept safe from harm 24/7
  • Setting up temporary shelters
  • Providing safe spaces for children so they have somewhere to play and learn

Donate to our Yemen charity Australia today

The best way to support our Yemen aid charity and help children in Yemen is to donate so we can continue the work we’re doing. You can make a single donation today or become a monthly giver.
A regular monthly donation to our Yemen aid charity can make a huge difference:
  • $20 can feed a malnourished child for 2 weeks with nutritious peanut paste
  • $30 can cover a malnourished child’s full medical fees
  • $60 can give a child 3 months in a child-friendly space to recover from the trauma they’ve experienced
  • $80 can provide 4,800 people with safe and clean drinking water

Over 80% of your donation goes directly towards program expenditure and donations over $2 are also tax deductible.

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