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7 reasons to update your Will

06 April 2022, Impact of Our Work

Your Will should evolve with the changing events of your life

As Sandra reached different milestones in her life, she decided it was time to update her Will to include a gift to Save the Children.
As a retired midwife and neonatal nurse, I have always had an interest in child health and wellbeing. Recently retired, my children have flown the coop and our needs have diminished. Although not wealthy, I saw the funds we had accrued more than met our needs. Because of this, I have, with my children's full support, decided to leave a gift in my Will to Save the Children.

Sandra Jones

Three generations of the Jones family.
Sandra (third from the left) has included Save the Children in her Will.

There are certain events, similar to Sandra’s, that could spark the right moment to make or update your Will.

Updating your Will is important as it ensures your wishes are carried out, and that your loved ones and causes close to your heart are looked after.

7 signs that your Will may need updating

Have any of these milestones happened to you recently? If so, then perhaps now is the time to consider updating your Will.
  1. Change in family circumstances - the birth of children, grandchildren or choosing a legal guardian for your children.
  2. Change in personal relationships - marriage, separation, divorce, or a new relationship! 
  3. Change in financial circumstances over time - retirement, increase or decrease in the value of your assets, children leaving the family nest.
  4. Your assets have changed significantly - buying or downsizing your home or sale of other assets.
  5. The circumstances of your existing executors have changed - are they still able to carry out their role? 
  6. Circumstances of existing beneficiaries have changed - relationships, addresses or the passing of individuals.
  7. Is there a charity you want to continue supporting with a gift in your Will?
Through leaving a gift in your Will to Save the Children, you can have lasting impact on children’s lives all around the world. Whatever your situation, this reflects so much about the person you are and the things you care about. 

If you decide it’s time to update your Will, and you would like more information, please feel free to get in touch with our Supporter Relationships Manager, Dee Lewis, for a confidential chat on 03 7002 1638 or email

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