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A Layer of Protection

28 March 2022, Impact of Our Work

Critical support for students with disabilities in Afghanistan  

Children and their families living in Kabul, Afghanistan have been hit hard by the economic crisis enveloping the country. Many people have lost their jobs or seen work dry up, making it a huge struggle to support their families. And in times of crisis like these, children with disabilities are at greater risk of being left without the support they need to get an education and fulfil their potential. 

Thanks to our incredible supporters, Save the Children runs school classes in Afghanistan for children who are vision or hearing impaired. As many families in the country are struggling to afford to heat their homes and buy warm clothes, we also provide children with coats, hats and shoes to help them stay warm through the freezing winter. 

The children and teachers were photographed after heavy snow carpeted Kabul and the surrounding area.

Click the red box below to take a look at this series of pictures showing a day in the life of the students at one of these schools.

With the economic downturn and winter placing pressure on vulnerable Afghan children and families, Save the Children has responded with assistance for over 596,067 children since September 2021. This assistance has significantly improved access to educational opportunities, child protection services, health services and food in response to the escalating crisis.

Thanks to our supporters, children like Zahoor, Arzu and Zainab can look forward to another rewarding day in the classroom and prepare for a brighter future. 

*Names have been changed for privacy and security.

Photo: Dan Stewart / Save the Children 

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