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Media Releases

Read our media releases for the latest news about our programs in Australia and overseas, our current humanitarian response efforts and activities in the community.

Latest Media Releases

Sudan's year of war: One in two children in the line of fire
More than 10 million children in Sudan have been in an active warzone and less than five kilometres away from gunfire, shelling and other deadly violence over the past year of war. 

UKRAINE: March the most dangerous month for children since last July
With 11 children killed and 46 more injured, March 2024 has become the most dangerous month for children in Ukraine since July last year, Save the Children said today.

Australia has stepped up to prevent famine before and should do so again in Gaza
Save the Children Australia is calling on the Australian Government to do everything in its power to urgently address rising starvation and malnutrition and avert a catastrophic famine in Gaza, including increasing humanitarian support to the region and applying greater pressure on the Government of Israel to allow adequate aid to reach those in need.

Escalating regional and internal conflicts are threatening the lives of people in Syria - NGOs 
An increasing number of attacks in Syria is threatening to further deteriorate the already dire humanitarian situation in the country, say a group of leading international NGOs in Syria.

Half of out-of-school children live in countries most vulnerable to climate change, with Philippines latest to shut schools due to extreme weather
New analysis by Save the Children shows impact of climate crisis on children’s education. 

GAZA: Over 2% of Gaza’s child population killed or injured in six months of war
Nearly 26,000 children – or just over two percent of Gaza’s child population - have been killed or injured in Gaza in six months of a war which has decimated the health system and severed access to education, Save the Children said.

JOINT STATEMENT: Time is running out for international action to protect civilians and prevent atrocity crimes in Rafah, as UN Security Council resolution is ignored
More than a week since the UN Security Council passed a resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire, and days since the International Court of Justice issued additional provisional measures in South Africa’s genocide case against Israel, States must act urgently to ensure its enforcement and prevent atrocity crimes in Rafah as attacks intensify, warn 13 humanitarian and human rights organisations.

“It’s not fair to die of hunger” - The lives of malnourished children in Gaza endangered by obliteration and obstruction of medical care
Malnourished children in Gaza are not getting the food and medical care they need to survive with food being blocked at every turn and the health system obliterated, Save the Children has warned, as families report children are suffering from massive weight loss, weakness and cracked skin. 

DRC: Violence in North Kivu forces over 500 schools to close, with teachers kidnapped and students terrified
A spike of violence in the North Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has forced 540 schools to close in the past year, creating chaos for children and putting them at risk of being recruited by armed forces, forced into work, Save the Children said.

Queen Rania meets with Save the Children CEO for update on Children in Gaza
Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan met on Wednesday with the CEO of Save the Children International Inger Ashing, who briefed her on the catastrophic conditions of children in Gaza, where civilians are mere weeks away from famine.  

Crisis at border of South Sudan and Sudan escalating as about 1,000 people arrive daily after nearly one year of war
About 1,000 people a day are fleeing into South Sudan from Sudan after nearly one year of war, arriving in scorching heat and with children in dire need of support, Save the Children said.

Haiti: One in five families on verge of famine in Port-au-Prince as gang violence grips capital
About five million people in Haiti, including one in two children, are now facing acute levels of food insecurity, with 20% of families in the capital alone one step away from famine, Save the Children said.

Denying food aid to starving families at risk of famine in northern Gaza will send more children to their graves
The decision on 24 March by Israeli authorities to reject United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) food convoys into northern Gaza will accelerate the risk of famine and send already starving children more quickly to their graves, says aid agency Save the Children.

UN Security Council passes temporary ceasefire resolution: Now words must become action to protect Gaza's children
The more than one million children trapped in Gaza have been granted the hope of a brief respite today following the UN Security Council’s vote to pass a temporary ceasefire resolution, said Save the Children

Yemen: Nine years into conflict and two years into truce, school dropouts soar
After nine years of conflict in Yemen, two in five children, or 4.5 million, are out of school, with displaced children twice as likely to drop out than their peers, according to a new report by Save the Children.

Syria: Almost 50% fewer repatriations so far this year of foreign children trapped in unsafe camps, five years since fall of ISIS
Almost 50% fewer foreign children and women have been repatriated so far this year compared to the same period last year from camps in Syria housing people displaced from the collapse of ISIS, marking a step back in progress, said Save the Children.

Spike in arrivals of unaccompanied Rohingya children in Indonesia as another boat capsizes – Save the Children
"No person should have to make a dangerous journey in search of a better life" says Save the Children after boat carrying Rohingya capsizes off coast of Indonesia.

Five-fold increase in children uprooted by violence in West Africa's Central Sahel
Escalating violence has led to a five-fold surge in the number of children forced from their homes over the past five years in three west African countries, according to new Save the Children analysis.  

“I am seeing my son dying and I can’t do anything”: Children and families in Northern Gaza just weeks away from famine
Children and families in northern Gaza are just weeks away from famine, according to IPC data. 

More than one million children trapped as gang violence rages in Haiti
More than one million children in Haiti are living in areas controlled or under the influence of armed groups as violence spirals out of control.

Save the Children welcomes Australia’s decision to reinstate funding to UNRWA
UNRWA, which delivers up to 80% of aid to Gaza, warned its humanitarian operation in Gaza would collapse if donors continued to withhold funding.

Save the Children Australia’s 54 reasons responds to the Queensland Government’s Child Death Review Board report
The leading child rights organisation says the report’s findings that six children including two First Nations boys known to the detention system died is the devastating result of a system that is failing young people.

INDONESIA: Floods force more than 15,000 children from their homes in Sumatra as Indonesia battles second climate disaster in a month – Save the Children
Flooding and landslides on the Indonesian island of Sumatra have affected about 15,500 children and 40,000 families, in the second major flooding disaster in Indonesia in a month.

Australia lags on reinstating UNRWA funding as Canada, Sweden and the EU pave the way
Save the Children highlights urgency of reinstating lifesaving aid to prevent more child deaths.  

Sudan: Nearly 230,000 children and new mothers likely to die from hunger without critical action – Save the Children
Nearly 230,000 children, pregnant women and new mothers could die in the coming months due to hunger unless urgent, life-saving funding is released to respond to the massive and worsening crisis in Sudan.

“Complete psychological destruction”: Children in Gaza have suffered “relentless mental harm” during five months of war
Five months of violence, displacement, starvation and disease on top of nearly 17 years of a blockade have caused relentless mental harm to children in Gaza, Save the Children said today. Parents and caregivers told the child rights organisation that children’s capacity to even imagine a future without war has virtually disappeared. 

Alternative aid delivery in Gaza: children do not have time to wait - Save the Children  
Children in Gaza dying from starvation and disease cannot wait for the time it may take to build a temporary port off the Strip, or for the hope that aid dropped out of planes will reach them, Save the Children said.  

Children as young as nine face mass sexual violence and mutilation in the DRC – Save the Children
Women and children fleeing deadly violence in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have reported surviving gruesome sexual attacks and genital mutilation by armed men using tree branches, guns, and knives, Save the Children said.
Children in Gaza dying from starvation and disease cannot wait for the time it may take to build a temporary port off the Strip, or for the hope that aid dropped out of planes will reach them, Save the Children said.  

Palestinian children in Israeli military detention report increasingly violent conditions
Rising numbers of Palestinians including children detained without charge in the Israel military system since 7 October have reported to monitoring groups facing violence and abuse while imprisoned, Save the Children said.

Vanuatu still recovering from twin cyclones one year on, as communities prepare for future disasters
Save the Children launches food preservation project in Vanuatu to strengthen food security

Australia must reinstate funding to UNRWA as Palestinian children’s lives hang in the balance
Australia suspended new funding to UNRWA despite every child in Gaza at risk of starvation and disease.

Jump of 35 % in teen pregnancies in the Philippines prompts calls to increase sex education and health service
Sex education in homes and schools and more adolescent-friendly health services are crucial in the Philippines to address a 35% hike in pregnancies of girls aged 15 and under between 2021 and 2022, Save the Children said.

Joint NGO Statement: EU and Member States must sustain funding to UNRWA
Save the Children and other NGOs call on EU and Members States to sustain funding to UNRWA.

“While children die from lack of food, their parents are killed trying to get it for them” - Save the Children
As children in Gaza die due to a lack of food, their parents are being killed trying to get it for them, Save the Children said, after at least 104 people were reported killed and 760 injured while queueing for flour in Gaza.

Gaza: Time running out with reports emerging of children dying due to a lack of food – Save the Children
Time is running out for children in Gaza as reports emerge that they are starting to die because of malnutrition while Israel continues to impose restrictions preventing the safe delivery of aid. 

Gaza: families forced to forage for food left by rats as 1.1 million children face starvation
Families in Gaza are forced to forage for scraps of food left by rats and are eating leaves out of desperation to survive.

Violence must end after rape of 13-year-old girl in displacement camp in Somalia: Save the Children
Save the Children is calling for increased protection of girls in Somalia after a 13-year-old girl was raped by a group of armed men outside her home. 

Southern Africa: A four-fold surge in cholera cases puts tens of thousands of children at risk as cyclone season brings more flooding
Tens of thousands of children in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique are at risk of deadly disease as the 2024 cyclone season threatens to bring more floods, potentially worsening the region’s worst cholera outbreak in decades, said Save the Children. 

“GRAVE VIOLATIONS AGAINST CHILDREN MUST STOP”- Statement by Save the Children CEO Inger Ashing
The war in Gaza now stands among the deadliest and most destructive in recent history and has led to a litany of grave violations against children being recorded. After almost 5 months of brutal violence the impact on children is alarming and Save the Children is now calling for all parties to the conflict to be added to the list of perpetrators of grave violations against children in armed conflict.

UKRAINE: Over 600,000 children return home to “extreme needs” including danger, destruction and poverty
As the war in Ukraine enters its third year, around 630,000 children who were displaced have returned home to face extreme needs relating to their family's livelihoods, health, and threats to their safety.

No respite for children and families in Gaza as UN Security Council ceasefire resolution fails to pass
The lives of at least one million children in Gaza remain at risk from fighting, starvation, and disease, as well as ongoing severe mental distress from months of war, after the UN Security Council failed to pass yet another ceasefire resolution, Save the Children said.

Bangkok's children exposed to toxic air seven out of ten days in 2023 
Children in Bangkok breathed unhealthy air for 70% of the year in 2023, Save the Children said, as the Thai capital reels from its latest air pollution crisis.

World’s 10 largest crises force over 10 million children from their homes in one year – Save the Children
More than 10 million children were forced to flee their homes last year in the world’s 10 largest crises, according to new Save the Children analysis. This has likely pushed the number of children displaced globally to more than 50 million, the highest ever, with numbers more than doubling since 2010. 

Two children killed and three injured in Yemen landmine explosion
Two children have been killed and three others seriously injured in southern Yemen following a landmine explosion on Monday, bringing the total number of casualties from explosive ordnance in the country this year to at least 22.

Joint statement on conflict-induced hunger in Gaza
15 humanitarian and human rights organisations call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and a massive increase in humanitarian assistance to avoid famine in Gaza, and as the only way to comply with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2417.

Philippines: Nearly 100,000 families displaced by floods and landslides as concerns rise over wellbeing of children – Save the Children 
About 97,000 families have been forced to flee their homes due to landslides and flooding in the Philippines’ southern region of Mindanao with rescue operations hampered by the extreme weather.  

South Sudan: At least 75 people killed including three children as violence surges in Abyei
At least 75 people, including three children, have been killed and 2,200 displaced in two weeks of brutal violence in the Abyei Special Administrative Area between communities, but the actual number of those killed could be much higher, said Save the Children.

DRC: At least 78,000 children displaced and families ripped apart as fighting escalates
Escalating violence in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has forced at least 78,000 children to flee their homes in the past week. 

Majority of Gaza’s children now trapped in land area less than a fifth of enclave’s total land mass as Israeli military expands into Rafah 
The majority of Gaza’s displaced population - more than 1.3 million people including more than 610,000 children - are trapped in an area less than a fifth of the enclave’s total land mass with nowhere left to flee. 

Save the Children’s founder receives cemetery honour in Geneva in key centenary year
The founder of Save the Children, Eglantyne Jebb, will be reburied on Wednesday in a Geneva cemetery reserved for those who contributed to the city and its international influence on the 100th anniversary of her groundbreaking work for children’s rights.

AFGHANISTAN: Lack of snow raises fears of further drought as children and communities suffer impacts of climate crisis 
A warmer-than-average winter and lack of snow are ominous signs of worsening climatic and drought conditions in Afghanistan which is already suffering its worst drought in 30 years, five international NGOs warned today. 

Safer Internet Day: Top tips to keep your kids safe online
The internet is an exciting place for young people, full of great learning opportunities and fun ways to communicate, but it can also be a dangerous place for kids if parents and guardians don’t take the right precautions. 

New research: Children show caution when interacting with people they don’t know online but want greater protection
Children routinely interact with people they don’t know online and respond with caution when approached, but they want tech companies and governments to do more to keep them safe according to preliminary research findings released on Safer Internet Day.

Türkiye/ Syria - One in 3 children displaced by Türkiye earthquakes still homeless while needs at record levels in Syria 
One in three children who lost their homes in the Türkiye earthquakes a year ago are still living in temporary shelters, while children in both Türkiye and Syria have struggled with anxiety and other mental health issues since the disaster, Save the Children said.

86,000 people forced to flee southern Lebanon as olive groves and farms destroyed in rising cross-border violence
Tens of thousands of families in southern Lebanon have lost their livelihoods and many their homes in the past four months after cross-border violence between Lebanon and Israel escalated. 

UNRWA funding cuts threaten Palestinian lives in Gaza and region, say NGOS
Save the Children joins 20 other NGOs to call for an immediate reversal to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency funding suspensions.

Another severe winter in Mongolia as climate change puts children at risk - Save the Children
Another brutally cold winter in Mongolia, a country at the frontline of the global climate crisis, is putting children’s mental health and physical wellbeing at risk, owing to separation from caregivers and limited food and medicines, Save the Children said. 

More than half of children fleeing to Europe face danger on their journeys, survey finds
Save the Children launches new report with key findings from more than 500 refugees and migrants living in European host countries as EU leaders finalise detrimental new Pact on Migration and Asylum.

16 Leading Humanitarian and Human Rights Organisations Call to Stop Arms Transfers to Israel, Palestinian Armed Groups
An Open Call to all UN Member States to stop fuelling the crisis in Gaza and avert further humanitarian catastrophe and loss of civilian life.

Yemen: Escalation spells disaster for civilians still reeling from crisis say INGOs
Save the Children joins more than 20 other aid orgs in sounding the alarm that recent military escalation in Yemen and the Red Sea spells disaster for civilians still reeling from crisis.

Australian politicians travel across Timor Sea to see impact of Australian aid in Indonesia
Australian Regional Leadership Initiative delegation visits one of Australia’s closest neighbours to better understand the development needs of the South East Asian nation. 

GAZA: 10,000 children killed in nearly 100 days of war
More than 10,000 children have been killed by Israeli airstrikes and ground operations in Gaza in nearly 100 days of violence, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, with thousands more missing, presumed buried under rubble, Save the Children said. 

GAZA: Blocking food supplies to Gaza will have life-long impacts on children with malnutrition rising - Save the Children
Denying children in Gaza access to food and basic supplies will have lifelong consequences for Palestinian children with rising numbers at risk of malnutrition, Save the Children warned.

Massive fire in Rohingya camp leaves 4,200 children homeless
Some 7,000 Rohingya refugees, including at least 4,200 children1, are now homeless after the first large fire of the year swept through a camp on Sunday in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.  

No safe place in Gaza: 14 killed, mostly children, by Israeli airstrikes near so-called “humanitarian zone” Al-Mawasi
Fourteen people, the majority of them children under 10 years old, were reportedly killed by Israeli airstrikes near Al-Mawasi, an area designated a “humanitarian zone” by Israeli authorities, to which Israeli forces ordered civilians to evacuate for their safety, says aid agency Save the Children.

Israeli siege and bombardment threaten Gaza with ‘risk of famine’
The Government of Israel’s military actions are pushing children and families in Gaza towards famine, Save the Children warned today, as newly released data from the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) shows one in four households in Gaza now face catastrophic food insecurity, including starvation.

SUDAN: Humanitarian response crippled as Wad Madani – an aid hub and home to 700,000 people – is overtaken
Some 350,000 children are under direct risk of being killed, injured or displaced in the town of Wad Madani in Sudan, as fighting moved through the state of Al-Jazira this week, Save the Children said.

Nearly 30,000 babies will be born in Sudan over next three months with no medical assistance – Save the Children
Some 29,250 babies in Sudan will be born without medical assistance in the next three months, putting them and their mothers at risk of complications that could have lifelong and even fatal consequences, said Save the Children.

2023 in review: climate disasters claimed 12,000 lives globally in 2023
At least 12,000 people - 30% more than in 2022 - lost their lives due to floods, wildfires, cyclones, storms, and landslides globally in 2023, according to a new analysis from Save the Children.

Major projections calling for a ceasefire in Gaza appear in cities across Australia
More than 800 organisations across 93 countries joined Global Day of Action calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

UKRAINE: Save the Children boardgame shows children how to avoid mine dangers
Steer clear of bare ground. Do not go near abandoned tanks. Never reach for a discarded toy. Call the emergency services. 

Save the Children, ChildFund and Netsafe NZ establish new online safety collaboration with Meta support.
Save the Children Australia, ChildFund Australia and Netsafe New Zealand have announced the establishment of a collaboration to address online safety in the Pacific with seed funding from Meta. 

Leading human rights groups and campaigners join Global Day of Action and urge Australians to call for a lasting ceasefire
Human rights organisations, aid agencies and activists have issued a solidarity statement in support of today’s Global Day of Action and called on all Australians to call for a permanent and lasting ceasefire. 

Today we stand in solidarity with over 800 organisations and millions of people worldwide in calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

Number of grave violations against children in conflict rose 13% in 2022 to average 76 a day
The number of grave violations committed against children in times of war rose 13% in 2022, to the highest level since reporting started in 2005, according to new analysis by Save the Children, with numbers of abuse in 2023 expected to rise even further. 

One in three children in Afghanistan to enter 2024 facing crisis levels of hunger
Almost 8 million children in Afghanistan – or one in three - will enter the new year facing crisis levels of hunger.

Children with disabilities across the Pacific Islands at greater risk as climate impacts worsen
Children with disabilities in the Pacific Islands will continue to be disproportionately impacted by climate crisis-fuelled disasters, with significant risks to their lives, Save the Children warned today.

COP28: Fossil fuel agreement will help protect child rights but more is needed for a just transition – Save the Children
An agreement to ‘transition away’ from fossil fuels is a step in the right direction but falls short of the rapid fossil fuel phase-out desperately needed to secure a just transition for children globally.

Australian aid agencies welcome Australia’s calls for a ‘sustainable ceasefire’ in Gaza: ‘Every day we do not have a ceasefire more children will die’
Eight of Australia’s biggest aid and humanitarian agencies have today welcomed a joint statement signed by Prime Minister Albanese calling for “urgent international efforts towards a “sustainable ceasefire” in Gaza.

Save the Children condemns killing of staff member and family in Israeli airstrike in Gaza
It is with profound sadness we confirm that a staff member of Save the Children and his family have been killed by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. 

Save the Children backs National School Reform Agreement report, calls for focus on student wellbeing
Leading child rights organisation welcomes report’s recommendations on making education system better and fairer for all students.

Save the Children: Hunger named as the most concerning issue facing children in 2023.
Hunger is the most concerning issue affecting children around the world this year, according to almost half of adults surveyed in almost every continent by Save the Children. 

Deaths by starvation and disease may top deaths by bombs as families squeezed into deadly “safe zones”, two months into Gaza crisis.
Two months of relentless bombardment, an Israeli-imposed siege, and dangerous relocation orders have stripped families’ options for survival in Gaza, warned Save the Children today. 

COP28: Australia’s initial investment in Pacific climate resilience welcome, but more needed to avoid grave climate crisis consequences.
Nominal climate finance commitment to the Pacific is a step in the right direction but more is needed for the region and other climate-vulnerable countries.

UN Security Council must reconvene and pass resolution for ceasefire – Aid agencies.
We are appalled at the failure of the UN Security Council to authorise a resolution demanding a humanitarian ceasefire and unconditional release of hostages held in Gaza. If implemented, this would have provided much needed respite for civilians in Gaza who are under constant bombardment. This was a missed opportunity to stop the violence.  

"We are failing children of Gaza": Conditions to provide humanitarian assistance to children in Gaza are not met
The intensity of the Government of Israel’s offensive coupled with its ongoing siege have undermined the ability to provide humanitarian assistance, Save the Children said today.

Save the Children applauds Tasmania’s transformative youth justice reforms
Save the Children welcomes the Tasmanian Government's commitment to transformative changes outlined in their new Youth Justice Blueprint

Joint Statement: Australian development agencies urge Australian government to commit funding to new Loss and Damage Fund
As Climate Change Minister Bowen arrives at COP28 in Dubai today, a group of leading development and climate groups are reiterating the call for Australia to contribute to the Loss and Damage Fund, after the newly established Fund received more than USD $650 million in pledges from like-minded countries.

Water shortages linked to climate change exacerbating the risks to children in Gaza conflict
The humanitarian disaster in Gaza, in which over one million children are now at risk of being killed, has been compounded by the impacts of climate change, says Save the Children as the Gaza crisis takes a spotlight at the COP28 summit in Dubai.

‘Nowhere to go’ - Over one million children in Gaza at risk of being killed
Over one million children – or the entire child population - in Gaza have been left with nowhere safe to go as ground military operations began in Khan Younis on Sunday, says Save the Children. Khan Younis is a city in the south of Gaza where the civilian population had previously been told to relocate for safety by Israeli forces, but is now also under attack.

Dengue Fever: At least 5 million cases and 5,500 deaths in horror year
More dengue fever cases have been recorded so far in 2023 than in the last five years annually, as increasingly extreme weather events fuel the spread of the mosquito-borne illness, said Save the Children. 

The Green Climate Fund, the Global Partnership for Education and Save the Children launch the world’s largest investment for green schools at COP28
The Green Climate Fund (GCF), the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and Save the Children have launched today an unprecedented US$70 million investment at COP28 to build climate-resilient schools in vulnerable countries.

Save the Children says failure to extend pause is a death sentence for children as bombardment of Gaza resumes
The failure to extend the military pause is a death sentence for children in Gaza, with children already reported injured following return to fighting, said Save the Children.

ETHIOPIA: At least 23 killed as a new cholera outbreak poses deadly threat to thousands of displaced children
A new cholera outbreak in Ethiopia’s Somali region is exacerbating suffering for thousands of children and families recently displaced by floods, with 772[1] confirmed cases and 23 deaths from the deadly disease recorded in just two weeks, Save the Children said.

At least 101 children killed in the West Bank this year
An eight-year-old boy shot dead in the street is one of the most recent casualties of violence in the occupied West Bank, with at least 101 Palestinian children reported killed in the West Bank this year, said Save the Children.

“Listen to us”: What children want from COP28
Children across the world are demanding better access to climate education, more funding for climate-resilient infrastructure and a seat at the table with their voices heard as their governments head to COP28 this week, Save the Children said. 

COP28: Number of children facing hunger due to weather extremes more than doubles in 2022
More than 27 million children were driven into hunger and malnutrition by extreme weather events in countries heavily impacted by the climate crisis in 2022, which was a 135% jump from the previous year, according to new data analysis by Save the Children ahead of COP28.  

Siege in Timbuktu: Nearly 74,000 children trapped in city and running out of food
More than 136,000 people, including nearly 74,000 children,[1] are trapped in the city of Timbuktu in northern Mali, with armed groups preventing the entry of food, medicines and other essential supplies, Save the Children said.

GAZA: Extension of humanitarian pause another step in the right direction but still falls far short of providing safety and supplies desperately needed by children
The agreed extension of the four-day pause in fighting by two days is welcome news but children in Gaza won’t be safe until a lasting ceasefire is agreed. Children held hostage must also be released, says Save the Children.

Save the children condemns exploitation of children for geopolitical end as first group of child hostages and child detainees released
Save the Children has welcomed the release of some Israeli children held hostage in Gaza and some Palestinian children held in Israeli military detention but reiterated a call for all remaining hostages to be released unconditionally, for more to be done to protect children in Israeli-run prisons, and for a ceasefire to protect children in Gaza

More than 400 Rohingya children arrive by boat in Indonesia in past week as more refugees risk lives at sea
465 Rohingya children have arrived in Indonesia by boat over the past week, many without food and water, as the number of Rohingya refugees embarking on perilous boat journeys jumps by more than 80% this year.

GAZA: Save the Children welcomes temporary truce and hostage release but warns children won’t be safe without a ceasefire
Save the Children CEO Inger Ashing said today the temporary truce and release of hostages was welcomed but it was critical to have a lasting ceasefire for the sake of all children

Joint Statement from Save the Children Australia, Plan International Australia, Oaktree and ChildFund Australia on special protection of children in Gaza
Save the Children Australia, Plan International Australia, Oaktree and ChildFund Australia welcomes the news of a temporary truce and the release of some of the hostages but urges the Australian Government to call for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza.

Centre for Humanitarian Leadership wins Engagement Australia Excellence Award
The Centre for Humanitarian Leadership, a partnership between Deakin University and Save the Children Australia, has been recognised for its work improving the humanitarian sector. 

BIG RESPECT: Launch of new project in QLD aims to lift conversation about respect and domestic violence
Initiative invites communities across Queensland to start conversations around domestic and family violence and respect

33 children born into hunger every minute in 2023 -Save the Children
At least 17.6 million children will be born into hunger this year, or about 33 children a minute, which is a 22% jump from a decade ago, according to new Save the Children research released today on World Children’s Day.  

Major outbreak of disease escalating in camps as 250,000 people, mostly children, return to Afghanistan from Pakistan
Thousands of Afghan refugees who have crossed into Afghanistan from Pakistan in recent weeks are experiencing alarming levels of serious illnesses that are escalating quickly, including life-threatening and highly contagious acute diarrhoea, said Save the Children.

Horn of Africa: Over 100 killed and 700,000 displaced by El Nino rains as region braces for more wild weather
Devastating flash floods have killed at least 111 people, including 16 children, across the Horn of Africa in recent weeks, with more than 770,000 people displaced and rains showing no signs of slowing down, said Save the Children. 

Save the Children calls for urgent investigation after at least 70 people, including children, killed in Burkina Faso massacre
Save the Children is calling for an urgent investigation in Burkina Faso into the massacre of at least 70 people, mostly children and elderly people.

BORN INTO WAR: About 15,000 babies expected to be born into crisis in Gaza by end of 2023 
About 15,000 babies are expected to be born in Gaza between 7 October and the end of 2023 with all of them at grave risk amid escalating violence and with medical care, water and food at crisis levels, Save the Children said.

Fuel has run out, stalling humanitarian operations in Gaza, warn aid agencies
Aid agencies operating in Gaza issued an urgent warning on Monday that fuel reserves critical for aid operations have run out, bringing the limited assistance delivered in Gaza in recent weeks to a complete halt.

Young Australians want the right to a healthy environment enshrined in law
Young Australians are unhappy their right to a healthy environment is not enshrined in Australian law, new research by the Australian Conservation Foundation shows.

People sheltering in Gaza schools, hospitals must be protected, says Save the Children, after four hospitals hit in a day
Attacks on hospitals and schools in Gaza where the UN says nearly one million civilians are sheltering must stop.

Save the Children’s 54 reasons continues commitment to domestic and family violence service delivery in north west Queensland
Five year, multi-million-dollar consortium aims to strengthen services to best meet 
community needs in Mt Isa and the Gulf region.

MEXICO: Families without food and children out of school two weeks after Hurricane Otis
Thousands of families in southwest Mexico are without food and water two weeks after Hurricane Otis. 

Children’s mental health in Gaza pushed beyond breaking point after nearly a month of siege and bombardment 
A month of relentless bombardment of densely populated civilian areas has exacerbated the already-critical mental health crisis for Gaza’s children with far-reaching consequences, as coping strategies and safe spaces are ripped away and mental health services and assistance are cut off, says Save the Children.

Major Climate Resilience Project Launches in Lao PDR
The $28.2 million health-focused project will reach over a quarter of the country’s population.

UKRAINE: Cows and chickens offer a lifeline to frontline families living off the land
Rural families in the southern Mykolaiv region of Ukraine are recovering from war-induced losses with new members of the family: cows and chickens.

NEPAL: Children exposed to freezing temperatures and snow as earthquake kills hundreds
A 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Jajarkot and Rukum West districts in Nepal has killed at least 157 people and injured 166, Save the Children said.  

At least 41 children killed in West Bank as violence spikes
At least 41 children have been killed in the West Bank since the escalation of violence that started on 7 October, while thousands of children's lives continue to be cut short by ongoing bombardment of Gaza, Save the Children said.

Save the Children Australia to continue fight to repatriate Aussie children from Northeast Syria camps
The child rights organisation will consider appealing today’s decision by Federal Court, which ruled in favour of the Government.

Cambodia: Children build innovative tool to trap plastic waste in floating villages
Children living in floating communities on Tonle Sap Lake in northwest Cambodia are fighting to end pollution and plastic waste, through Save the Children’s innovative BioBars project. 

‘Children are returning with nothing’: Thousands of Afghan families leave Pakistan to avoid potential deportation
Hundreds of Afghan children are crossing into Afghanistan from Pakistan every day with nowhere to live and no money for food after Pakistan announced that all undocumented foreigners must leave the country voluntarily or be deported. 

Nearly two-thirds of Save the Children’s programs remain suspended in Yemen following staff death in detention 
Nearly two-thirds of Save the Children’s programs in Yemen will remain suspended this week as the organisation calls for an immediate independent investigation into the death of a staff member after 45 days in detention. 

Green thumbs up for new Hands on Learning partnership
Practical in-school program receives significant donation of gardening tools at over 120 sites. 

GAZA: 3,195 children killed in three weeks surpasses annual number of children killed in conflict zones since 2019
The number of children reported killed in Gaza in just three weeks has surpassed the annual number of children killed across the world's conflict zones since 2019, Save the Children said.  

Save the Children aid arrives in Gaza, nowhere near meeting scale of need
One truck carrying 45,000 bottles of water from Save the Children arrived in Gaza yesterday, as part of the small group of aid trucks which have been approved entry through the Rafah crossing.  

‘Expanded ground operation’ in Gaza puts even more children’s lives on the line – Save the Children
Children are at heightened risk of loss of life, physical harm, severe emotional distress, and protracted displacement following the announced “expanded ground operations” by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip, said Save the Children.

‘It’s just how life is here’: Children in Vanuatu devastated by early return of cyclone season
Save the Children launches response to Category Five Tropical Cyclone Lola in Vanuatu, which has claimed two lives and caused widespread damage in affected provinces.

Save the Children calls for investigation after staff member dies in detention in Yemen
Save the Children said today it is devastated to confirm the death of a staff member who died in detention in Yemen and is calling for an immediate independent investigation. 

GAZA: UN Security Council vetoes another resolution as 360,000 people sign petition calling for ceasefire
The UN Security Council has vetoed yet another ceasefire resolution for Gaza and Israel, in a major blow to children and families seeking an urgent end to the violence, Save the Children said.  

Over 800 children missing under the rubble in Gaza as rescue efforts hindered by ongoing bombardment and siege
At least 870 children are missing in Gaza and feared trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings, as relentless bombardments, decimated infrastructure including roads, and lack of fuel due to the ongoing siege prevent rescue workers from reaching them. 

At least 2000 children killed in Gaza as airstrikes continue unabated
At least 2,000 children have been killed in Gaza over the past 17 days, and a further 27 killed in the West Bank, with constant airstrikes reducing thousands of buildings across the Gaza Strip to piles of smoking rubble. A further 27 children were killed in Israel, according to Israeli media.

Save the Children reunites 7,000th child separated from family by conflict in South Sudan
Save the Children and partners in South Sudan have reunited a record 7,000 children with their families, allowing them to restart their lives after being separated by conflict. 


The lives of a million children in Gaza hang in the balance as public health catastrophe looms.
All of Gaza’s one million children have virtually no access to essential healthcare services after heavy bombardments for almost 14 days compounded by the ongoing siege imposed on 9 October, said Save the Children. 

Open Call for an Immediate Ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and Israel to Prevent a Humanitarian Catastrophe and Further Loss of Innocent Lives
We have witnessed unfathomable death and destruction in the Gaza Strip and Israel. Thousands of people have been killed, injured, displaced, and nearly two hundred remain held hostage, including children and elderly.

Save the Children says schools and hospitals cannot be a target as at least 500 people killed in Gaza
Save the Children is appalled by an attack on a school and a hospital in Gaza today, which has reportedly killed several hundred civilians and calls for an immediate ceasefire to protect children’s lives. 

Save the Children calls for a ceasefire in Gaza as casualties soar and water runs out
More than 1,000 children have reportedly been killed in 11 days of airstrikes on Gaza – one child every 15 minutes – with children making up a third of total fatalities in Gaza, Save the Children said on Tuesday, calling for an immediate ceasefire. 

Afghanistan: Four earthquakes in a week leave thousands living in the open and in tents
Families in western Afghanistan are reeling after a fourth earthquake in just over a week hit Herat Province, crumbling buildings and forcing people to flee once again, with thousands now living in tents exposed to fierce winds and dust storms. 

JOINT STATEMENT: Urgent plea to avert unprecedented humanitarian crisis amid looming Israeli land incursion into Gaza
We are alarmed by Israel’s call for over a million Palestinians to leave northern Gaza in less than 24 hours. Israel must rescind this order immediately. Demands for the population in its entirety to relocate in such an immediate manner put at risk the lives of those forced to flee. The Government of Israel has not provided any assurances for their safety while in transit or for the safety of civilians remaining in the Gaza Strip as fighting continues.

STATEMENT: Save the Children Australia CEO Mat Tinkler
Save the Children Australia CEO calls for the protection of children in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory 

At least 17 children killed in wave of violence across Syria
At least 17 children are reported to have been killed, and hundreds of others injured, in five days of violence across Syria, said Save the Children. 

40 million girls set to face double blow of climate change and child marriage by 2050
The number of girls at extreme risk of facing the double blow of climate change and child marriage is set to increase 33% to nearly 40 million by 2050, new estimates from Save the Children released on the eve of International Day of the Girl reveal.

19 million children in Sudan out of school as conflict rages on – UNICEF, Save the Children
Academic year starts with all schools closed due to impacts of the war, risking a generational catastrophe.

New humanitarian funding urgently needed after devastating earthquake in western Afghanistan causes ‘a crisis on top of a crisis’
Thousands of children are without homes after a 6.3 magnitude earthquake devastated large parts of Herat province in western Afghanistan. More than 2,000 people have been killed or injured and over 9,000 families have been severely affected.

Children are paying the heaviest price as violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory escalates
Children are facing unimaginable risks to their safety, with dire long-term consequences for their mental health including depression, nightmares, bed-wetting and self-harm, Save the Children warned today.

Save the Children welcomes Australia’s move to rejoin the Green Climate Fund
The international child rights agency calls on the Federal Government to commit at least $400 million to the fund in 2023, to help Pacific nations adapt to the climate crisis.


Bushfires and floods: Threat of multiple disasters put children’s wellbeing at risk
Homes have been lost and families impacted in fire-affected regions of NSW and Victoria, as flooding threat now looms for some communities.

Landmark legal case to repatriate Australian children from NE Syria begins in Federal Court today
Australian Government must commit to bring home the group of children and their mothers, who have been trapped in North East Syria desert camps since 2019.

2023 marks deadliest year on record for children in the occupied West Bank
At least 38 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank so far in 2023, making it the deadliest year since records began, said Save the Children. 

SOMALIA: Two in five children to suffer from acute malnutrition despite rains
About two in five children under the age of five in Somalia are likely to suffer from acute malnutrition by July 2024, despite initial hopes that rainfall would bring more relief, Save the Children said.

Nearly one child born every second faces risk of stunted growth by 2030 without action
An estimated 194 million children born between now and 2030 will have stunted growth unless world leaders gathering next week at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit urgently accelerate progress towards meeting the goals, said Save the Children.

“I can’t run, play, or get treatment” - 16-year blockade leaves two children a day in Gaza unable to access medical treatment
In the first six months of 2023, nearly 400 children in Gaza – or at least two children a day - were denied access to critical healthcare in the West Bank, leaving them without access to life-saving surgery or urgent medication, says Save the Children.

GLOBAL GOALS:  Two in 5 children starting school won’t be able to read by age 10 unless world leaders take action
The world is wildly off track to meet the 17 United Nations global goals by 2030, putting the lives and futures of millions of children at risk unless leaders make concrete plans to accelerate progress. 

Children in nearly 30% of households impacted by Türkiye’s earthquake miss out as school year starts
Nearly three in every 10 earthquake-affected households assessed across Türkiye reported having no access to education seven months after February’s disaster. 

Number of children displaced across Sudan now highest in the world
The conflict in Sudan has reached a grim new milestone, with the country now holding the highest number of internally displaced people on earth.

Sahel school closures increase by 20% in past year, with 200,000 more children out of class
An uptick in violence in the Sahel region - Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali has led to the closure of nearly 7,800 primary schools, said Save the Children with the number of closures rising 20% in the past year.

YouTube star educator Ms Rachel joins Save the Children to help boost child literacy
YouTube star Ms Rachel, who is known for her educational toddler songs and nursery rhymes, was announced as the Save the Children’s newest ambassador on Friday, International Literacy Day.

Save the Children: International community must not turn its back on hungry children in Afghanistan as 2 million people lose food assistance
The United Nations’ World Food Programme has announced it will drop another two million people from food assistance in Afghanistan, as the country faces its third consecutive year of a devastating drought that is putting food and water out of reach, said Save the Children.

INDONESIA: Medicine and blankets air lifted to families in remote Central Papua after devastating cold snap
About 8,000 people are in urgent need of food support in remote areas of Central Papua in eastern Indonesia, after large swathes of crops were destroyed by a combination of hailstorms, severe frost and drought linked to the global El Niño phenomenon, said Save the Children.  

Number of children displaced across sub-Saharan Africa by climate shocks doubled to a record high in 2022
The total number of children in sub-Saharan Africa displaced within their home countries by climate-induced disasters nearly doubled last year, said Save the Children, as policy makers meet today in Nairobi to discuss solutions to the climate crisis.

SUDAN: More than 50,000 people displaced within Kadugli as town nears siege conditions
Children and families living in near-siege conditions in Kadugli in southern Sudan have run out emergency food supplies, with fighting blocking access to several major roads and medical services at a standstill, according to Save the Children staff based in the town.

Ukraine: 42% of children will miss out on fulltime education as school year starts
More than 40% of children in Ukraine will not be able to return to school fulltime when classes open today and will have to rely on online or hybrid learning due to a lack of bomb shelters in schools and threat of air strikes, Save the Children said.

Over 26,000 children flee Nagorno-Karabakh and need urgent humanitarian assistance – Save the Children
At least 26,400 children, or 30% of all the recently displaced people, and their families who fled the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia in recent weeks are in desperate need of shelter, food, clothing, hygiene supplies and psychological first aid, says Save the Children.

PAKISTAN: One year on, children fear repeat of worst floods on record that destroyed their homes, schools, food
One year after Pakistan’s worst floods on record, children are terrified of a repeat of the disaster that submerged a third of the country and claimed more than 1,700 lives, Save the Children said.

GENEVA: Landmark recognition says inaction on climate crisis is a child rights’ violation 
Governments will need to recognise that inaction on the climate crisis is a child rights’ violation, factor environmental concerns into their efforts to protect and fulfill children’s rights, and empower and protect child activists, thanks to landmark new UN document published today.  

Humanitarian aid in Yemen slashed by over 60% in five years
Humanitarian aid in Yemen has been cut by 62% over five years, endangering the lives and futures of the country's most vulnerable people, especially children, warned Save the Children.

Children’s voices to be amplified in new East Gippsland project
Initiative aims to empower children to share their views and engage with the community.

Groundbreaking climate case involving children to be heard by European Court tomorrow
Six Portuguese children and young people – aged between 11 and 24 – will have a landmark case heard by the European Court of Human Rights tomorrow in a historic opportunity to hold governments to account for their failure to meet their climate commitments under the 2015 Paris Agreement, said Save the Children.

Save the Children calls for Australia to introduce Federal Human Rights Act
Enshrining human rights into legislation would better protect and promote the unique needs of children in Australia.

Queensland Government’s plan to allow for the ongoing detention of children in adult facilities another strike in growing list of child rights violations
The Government’s latest proposal shows that the youth justice system in Queensland is broken and requires urgent reform.

Living on 42 cents a day: Six years after fleeing violence, Rohingya families survive on rice and oil
The Government’s latest proposal shows that the youth justice system in Queensland is broken and requires urgent reform.

Ukraine: Child casualties in Ukraine rise 7% over the summer with over 540 children killed in 18 months of war
Child casualties in Ukraine increased by more than 7% between May to August compared to the previous four months as air and drone attacks tripled, with no end to the danger faced by children after 18 months of war, Save the Children said today. 

Nearly 500 children die from hunger in Sudan as fighting halts life-saving treatment programmes
At least 498 children in Sudan and likely hundreds more have died from hunger, including two dozen babies in a state orphanage, as critical services run out of food or close, said Save the Children. 

LEBANON: Calls for armed groups to vacate schools in Ein El Helwe Camp
Armed groups must immediately cease their occupation of schools in Ein El Helwe Palestine refugee camp in the south of Lebanon, said Save the Children, after the facilities were damaged during recent fighting in the camp. The camp has eight UNRWA schools that normally provide education for up to 6,000 children.   

NIGERIA: More than 1,680 schoolchildren kidnapped in Nigeria since the 2014 Chibok girls abduction
More than 1,680 schoolchildren have been kidnapped in Nigeria since the 2014 abduction of 276 schoolgirls from Chibok in Borno State, with fear of attacks stopping some children from ever attending school, said Save the Children. 

17,000 children per day to fall into crisis levels of hunger by September
An additional 1.5 million children in Sudan are expected to fall into crisis levels of hunger by September, as violent conflict, displacement and sky-high food prices persist and a likely poor seasonal harvest predicted. 

More than a third of children surveyed in Afghanistan pushed into child labour, as country marks two years of Taliban rule
More than a third (38.4%) of children surveyed in Afghanistan have been pushed into work to help their families cope with soaring levels of poverty and hunger, two years since the Taliban regained control, Save the Children said.

Wellbeing critical to student engagement says new Senate report into School Refusal
Save the Children welcomes school refusal report recommendations including the call for a national action plan. 

Save the Children welcomes increase in humanitarian intake
Development agency welcomes new allocation for people seeking safety and refuge.

New International Development Policy promising framework, strategy for children must come next
New policy highlights collective challenges in the region, but rights and wellbeing of children not adequately recognised. 

Lebanon: At least 12,000 children displaced in Ein el-Hilweh camp as violence enters its fifth day
About 20,000 people including an estimated 12,000 children have been forced from their homes during five days of violence in Lebanon’s largest refugee camp, with many children showing signs of distress and anxiety, Save the Children said.  

STATEMENT: Deadly clashes in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon close schools, put children at risk
Clashes in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ein el-Hilweh in the south of Lebanon have closed schools and are putting children at direct risk of physical and psychological harm, Save the Children said.

Save the Children supports calls for government to establish duty of care to young people on climate
Leading child rights organisation backs proposal calling on the Federal Government to consider the impact of climate harm on young people in its decision making. 

Leaders must take urgent action to limit global temperature rise to 1.5C: Save the Children
The climate crisis is a child rights crisis with grave implications for current and future generations of children, who are already bearing the brunt of its impacts, Save the Children has warned. 

Greece: Less than one third of unaccompanied children get asylum approved, leaving the rest at risk
Most unaccompanied children seeking safety in Greece have their asylum claims rejected, leaving them without legal papers and vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Ukraine: Thousands of children lack safe drinking water as Kakhovka Dam crisis unravels
More than one million people in Ukraine are experiencing severe water shortages following the Kakhovka Dam explosion, depriving children of safe drinking water and dehydrating crops which could further drive up food prices, Save the Children said.

Dengue outbreaks threaten children across Asia as extreme weather spurs mosquitos 
A spike in dengue fever outbreaks across Asia is putting children at risk with the situation set to get worse in the coming weeks as floods, heatwaves and potential impacts of the El Niño weather event create perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos, Save the Children warned.

Save the Children welcomes Government’s inaugural wellbeing report, urges stronger focus on children
Leading child rights charity encourages greater emphasis on wellbeing of our future generations in following editions of Measuring What Matters. 

Rwanda: Nearly 100 babies saved in three months as caesarean sections made available in refugee camp
The lives of 93 babies have been saved in the last three months in the largest refugee camp in Rwanda following the launch of a revamped state-of-the art medical facility with the capacity to carry out caesarean sections, Save the Children said.

Five ways in which heatwaves threaten child rights, from education to daily meals
As temperatures soar across the world, extreme heat is putting children’s health at risk, locking them out of education and making them increasingly anxious about the future, Save the Children said.

Millions more children face hunger as Black Sea grain corridor not renewed
Failure to renew the Black Sea Grain Initiative means millions more children around the world will face devastating hunger, Save the Children said today.

Politicians to see Australian aid in action on Solomon Islands visit
The delegation is travelling to Solomon Islands with Save the Children to witness the challenges facing the Pacific Island nation as it grapples with the climate crisis and pandemic recovery.

Darfur: Aid workers witness hundreds of murdered bodies including children abandoned in streets
Children and adults are reportedly being attacked in vast numbers in worsening violence in the Darfur region of Sudan, as Save the Children urgently calls on parties to agree to an immediate cessation of hostilities after nearly three months of conflict.

Major community climate adaptation project launches in Solomon Islands
The locally led project will directly reach a quarter of the country’s population, helping to build the resilience of children and communities in the face of the climate crisis.  

UN Security Council fails to authorise UN aid access into Northwest Syria, risking the lives of hundreds of thousands of children
At a time when the needs of children across Syria have never been greater, the UN Security Council today failed to agree to extend the UN’s authorisation for the border crossing at Bab al-Hawa, which lapsed on 10th July – the vital access point for UN aid to get into Northwest Syria, which was struck by devastating earthquakes earlier this year.

Save the Children calls on the EU to take responsibility to save lives at sea, following reports that a boat carrying children missing off Canary Islands
Save the Children has called for the EU and its Member States to urgently improve search and rescue efforts following reports that a ship carrying at least 200 migrants and refugees, including children, has gone missing near the Canary Islands.

Stripped, beaten and blindfolded: new research reveals ongoing violence and abuse of Palestinian children detained by Israeli military
Palestinian children in the Israel military detention system face physical and emotional abuse, according to new research by Save the Children. 

Sudan: Children as young as 12 raped and assaulted, as sexual violence rips through the country
Teenage girls are being sexually assaulted and raped by armed combatants in Sudan in alarming numbers.

At least three children killed or injured on average daily in 500 days of war in Ukraine
An average of three children have been killed or injured every day in Ukraine since the escalation of the war nearly 500 days ago, said Save the Children. 

Statement on the escalating situation in the West Bank
Save the Children is alarmed by the escalating situation in the West Bank.

Bees help vulnerable Solomon Islands communities in fight against climate change
Honeybees restore ecosystems and diversify incomes for local farmers.

DRC remains epicentre of child suffering in war as country tops world list of grave violations against children 
The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) had the highest number of grave violations against children in armed conflict in the world for a second year in a row in 2022, with at least 2,420 children suffering from violations such as killing, maiming, abductions, and sexual violence, Save the Children said.

Statement on migrant deaths from boat capsize enroute to Canary Islands
Following the capsize of a small boat carrying up to 60 migrants and refugees enroute to the Canary Islands, with at least 35 people including at least one child feared dead.

Funds for world’s climate hotspots woefully neglect the needs of children, new report finds
Children are being failed by climate funding commitments, despite bearing the brunt of the climate crisis, according to a new report from members of the Children’s Environmental Rights Initiative (CERI) coalition; Save the Children, Plan International and UNICEF.

International community failing Afghanistan during major locust outbreak as 8 million people cut off from food aid
A large-scale plague of locusts is ravaging Afghanistan’s northern provinces, as eight million people have been cut off food aid in the past two months due to funding shortfalls. The escalating situation threatens to plunge millions of people into worsening levels of hunger, Save the Children said.

SOUTH SUDAN: Thousands of displaced children on border with Sudan at risk of cholera
Thousands of displaced children on the South Sudanese side of the border with Sudan are at risk of deadly cholera outbreaks due to flooding and lack of adequate sewage systems, said Save the Children ahead of World Refugee Day.

Statement on the armed attack on a school in Uganda
Save the Children statement following reports of an armed attack on a school in Uganda, in which 37 children were killed and many more abducted and injured.

Peru: 31 children dead, nearly 46,000 sick in major dengue outbreak
At least 31 children have died and a further 45,900 children have been infected with the deadly dengue virus, in the worst epidemic of the illness in Peru in over a decade, said Save the Children.

The EU must not be complicit in the loss of lives at sea and in rights violations at Europe’s borders
Once again, dozens of lives have been lost at Europe’s borders due to the EU’s failure to allow people seeking protection to reach Europe safely.

Statement on deaths following migrant boat shipwreck off coast of Greece
Following reports of a migrant boat being shipwrecked off the coast of Greece, Daniel Gorevan, Senior Advocacy Advisor at Save the Children, said.

“If I had a magic wand, I would make Sudan a much better place”: distressing experiences of children revealed in drawings after two months of violence
From military vehicles, to bullet littered streets, to dead bodies, shelled homes and sad faces:  children fleeing violence in Sudan express the devastating impact of two months of heavy fighting on their lives and mental health in a series of images released today by Save the Children.

DRC: At least 23 children killed in attack on camp in ituri
At least 46 civilians, including 23 children, were killed in an attack on a camp for displaced people in Ituri province in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) between Sunday night and Monday morning. 

Nearly half of children in Sudan set to go hungry as conflict stops farming
Over 9 million children in Sudan – just under half of all children in the country – will face severe food shortages in coming months due to conflict disrupting crop production, said Save the Children.

Ukraine: Save the Children launches campaign to keep children safe from floating mines after flooding from Kakhovka dam
Floating mines dislodged by flood waters from the destroyed Kakhovka dam in Kherson are endangering children’s lives with Save the Children launching a campaign about the risks and how to act if faced with a lethal floating object.

Australian children and their mothers file Federal Court case to be repatriated from North East Syria
The Australian citizens today launch legal action to return home after being stranded in camps in North East Syria for more than four years.

“He marked me with iron and fire so that I wouldn’t flee.”: New report on girl migrants in North Africa
One in three girl migrants interviewed in North Africa experienced or witnessed sexual abuse or other forms of gender-based violence while fleeing their home countries to find safety, according to a new study released by Save the Children today.

Save the Children welcomes new Australian Government funding for hunger crisis
The Federal Government’s $29 million commitment will alleviate the impact of hunger and conflict on vulnerable children in the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, and Yemen.

Ukraine: Sleeping children at risk of death and injury in new wave of night-time attacks
An increasingly regular barrage of night-time missiles hitting Ukraine is causing children and families significant distress, and putting their lives at risk, Save the Children said today.  

Save the Children urges government to strengthen Modern Slavery Act to better protect children
Save the Children welcomes the findings of the review of Australia’s Modern Slavery Act and encourages the Federal Government to adopt all recommendations to better support at risk children. 

Flash flooding in Somalia puts children at further risk of malnutrition, warns Save the Children
Extreme flooding across Somalia has left about 118,000 children[i] and 101,000 adults homeless, killed 22 people and left scores more children vulnerable to malnutrition and disease outbreaks, Save the Children said.

Horn of Africa: World leaders hold fate of 20 million children in the balance
The fate of about 20 million children who face a catastrophic hunger and protection crisis in the Horn of Africa due to accelerating extreme weather events rests in the hands of world leaders meeting in New York today, Save the Children said.

Save the Children welcomes G7’S $21 billion humanitarian funding commitment but regrets inaction on health and education
On 20th May, 2023, the annual Summit of the leaders of the world’s seven richest countries (G7 Summit) issued the G7 Hiroshima Leaders’ Communique in Hiroshima, Japan.

Myanmar: Cyclone Mocha leaves a trail of destruction, misery and death
Homes ripped apart, power poles blocking roads, and bridges completely washed away are the scenes of destruction caused by Cyclone Mocha, according to Save the Children.

Sudan: Armed groups occupying health facilities, looting, cutting off lifeline for country’s children as numbers in need surge
One of the strongest storms to hit Myanmar in decades has left aid agencies battling flooding and blocked roads to provide life-saving aid to affected communities with hundreds of children feared missing or displaced. 

Cyclone Mocha: Fears for children mount as extent of devastation remains unclear
Armed groups occupying health facilities and looting supplies in Sudan are taking life-saving treatment from millions of children and their families.

Child stunting in Syria could reach levels never seen before as earthquakes threaten to push 665,000 people into hunger
The economic impact of the earthquakes that ripped through southern Türkiye and northern Syria 100 days ago threatens to push at least another 665,000 Syrians into hunger.

Bangladesh: Dangerous Cyclone Mocha expected to make landfall on Sunday putting 1.5 million children at risk
More than 1.5 million children are at risk, as Cyclone Mocha is expected to make landfall near the Bangladesh boarder on Sunday morning and threatens to be a major humanitarian disaster. 

Children fleeing Sudan arriving at borders withdrawn, anxious and scared, says Save the Children 
Children fleeing the violence in Sudan are arriving in South Sudan and Egypt showing signs of acute distress and shock with some withdrawn, others angry and some becoming aggressive, said Save the Children.  

Food aid suspension due to Gaza escalation of violence could leave thousands of Palestinians hungry 
Four days into the escalation of violence in Gaza that spilled into southern Israel, Save the Children says it is unable to reach over five thousand Palestinians who are food insecure in the Gaza strip, as aid agencies are forced to suspend their programmes.

DRC: more than 200 children feared dead in flash floods, 90 left unaccompanied 
Devastating flash floods and mudslides are feared to have killed more than 200 children with another 90 children separated from their families or with their parents feared dead in the province of South Kivu, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in one of the country’s deadliest natural disasters, Save the Children said.

Schools closed and children too terrified to sleep as new round of violence hits Gaza
A new round of violence in the Gaza Strip spilling over into southern Israel is threatening children's safety and risks compounding an existing mental health crisis with parents reporting children are unable to sleep and fear for their lives, Save the Children said.

Asylum Ban Undermines Rights and Safety of Children Fleeing Danger - Save the Children 
The Biden administration’s ban on asylum, announced today, undermines the rights and safety of hundreds of thousands of migrant children and families, most of whom are fleeing unimaginable violence and disasters. 

Children in the Gaza Strip are sheltering in fear and all schools closed following another escalation of violence
Children in the Gaza Strip are sheltering in fear and all schools closed following another escalation of violence, said Jason Lee, Save the Children’s Country Director for the occupied Palestinian territory who is currently in Gaza. 

BUDGET: Measures to tackle disadvantage welcome, but more targeted support for children needed
Funding will go a long way to supporting families struggling with cost-of-living pressures, but absence of child-focused initiatives could slow children’s recovery from compounding crises.

Armed groups in North Kivu attack more than 150 schools since the start of the year, affecting over 62,000 children
More than 150 schools in North Kivu province in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been attacked by armed groups in escalating violence since the beginning of January.  

BUDGET: Children’s wellbeing must not be forgotten amid cost-of-living crisis
Save the Children is calling on the Albanese Government to deliver tangible support for Australian children and young people as growing cost-of-living pressures impact wellbeing.

Statement on legal action to repatriate Australian children and their mothers from North East Syria
Save the Children Australia CEO Mat Tinkler comments on NGO’s role as litigation guardian in the case.

Official end to the COVID-19 public health emergency does not cure the crisis for children
Children’s health, education and protection must be given greater priority by governments globally with the official end to the COVID-19 global emergency. 

Fighting in Sudan rapidly worsening an already dire humanitarian situation for children, warn UNICEF, Save the Children and World Vision
As violent clashes in Sudan continue, UNICEF and the child-focused NGOs World Vision and Save the Children are highlighting the danger to children if the current ceasefire is not respected by all parties. Millions of vulnerable girls and boys need immediate humanitarian assistance, and all children need to be protected from harm. 

Save the Children committed to protecting children in Sudan
Save the Children committed on Monday to staying in Sudan to help children and their families and vowed to resume some suspended programmes as soon as possible to get life-saving supplies to those in need.

Sudan: lifesaving vaccines for children destroyed in power outages amidst violence
Power outages across Sudan have destroyed cold chain storage facilities for lifesaving vaccines, as well as the national stock of insulin and several antibiotics, putting millions of children at risk of disease and further health complications, Save the Children said.

Save the Children report shines light on child rights violations in Australia's youth justice system
WA, QLD and NT revealed as jurisdictions most frequently violating the rights of children under youth justice supervision. 

Armed groups loot medical supplies and aid from Save the Children
Looters have stolen medical supplies for children as well as a refrigerator, laptops and cars in a raid on Save the Children’s offices in Darfur as Sudan succumbed to its third day of intensified fighting, with the capital Khartoum paralysed.

Calls to protect children in Khartoum as fighting spreads – Save The Children
As fighting spread to residential areas of Khartoum, Save the Children has called on all parties not to target areas where children are living or schools and health centres where they could be sheltering.

More than 2.3 million children out of school in northern Ethiopia despite peace agreement 
About 2.3 million children remain out of school in northern Ethiopia despite last November’s peace agreement ending two years of conflict with reconstruction of damaged buildings yet to commence, said Save the Children, calling for urgent funding to help re-open classrooms.

Tragic milestone in Ukraine war as child death toll passes 500
The number of children confirmed killed in Ukraine has passed 500 after more than 13 months of full-scale war.

Vanuatu: Crisis still unfolding one month on from back-to-back cyclones
Save the Children warns of ongoing impacts in wake of disaster on children’s health and education.

NEW ANALYSIS: ‘Hands on’ education program sees child learning and wellbeing soar
96% of surveyed parents report their child developed new work and life skills through the Hands on Learning program.

Save the Children Australia to launch Impact Investment Fund II following success of initial offering
The innovative fund has invested in seven enterprises since launching, bringing positive change to the lives of thousands of children worldwide.

Alfa Romeo F1 Team to visit Save the Children’s Mooroopna Kindergarten
Long-running community kinder was badly damaged in November’s flooding and is facing an imminent funding cliff.

Children in Yemen face highest risk from landmines and explosive devices in at least five years: Save the Children report
One child was killed or injured on average every two days in Yemen last year by landmines or other explosive devices, the highest rate in five years, according to a Save the Children report.

“We’ll fast even with just bread and water”: Families in Türkiye are struggling ahead of first holy month of Ramadan after devastating earthquakes 
Families displaced by the earthquakes in Türkiye are in urgent need of food, water and basic hygiene and sanitation items as the holy month of Ramadan begins.

IPCC report warns children are expected to experience up to four times more extreme climate-fuelled events
Save the Children calls for more investment to reduce emissions and scale up climate adaptation to safeguard children’s futures.

Syria: Children terrified of sleeping in tents as storms and flooding damage shelters of families already affected by the earthquakes
Torrential rainfall and flooding have damaged camps and villages across earthquake affected areas of northern Syria, with children too scared to sleep in tents. 

20 years since US-led invasion, the forgotten children and women of Iraq are struggling to rebuild their lives
About 1.2 million people in Iraq are internally displaced 20 years since the US-led invasion of Iraq, with limited access to education and health care, and some children forced to work on the streets to survive.

Cyclone Freddy: Fears cholera outbreak will spiral in Malawi as healthcare, water supplies disrupted
Families and children displaced by Cyclone Freddy in Malawi face the risk of an unprecedented cholera outbreak with a lack of running water, sanitation facilities and open defecation in camps fuelling fears of waterborne diseases, Save the Children warned. 

Save the Children calls for full investigation into violations of children’s rights in Ukraine
Save the Children has called for a full investigation after an independent UN commission found numerous violations of international law committed in Ukraine including the forced transfers and deportation of children within and outside of Ukraine.

Eighteen months after ban, classroom doors must open for secondary school girls
Child marriage and poverty will soar if the Taliban does not immediately lift ban on girls’ education, Save the Children said.

Save the Children welcomes Australian Government endorsement of the Safe Schools Declaration
Save the Children welcomes the Australian Government’s endorsement of the Safe Schools Declaration, an internationally recognised commitment to protect students, teachers, schools, and universities from the worst impacts of armed conflict.

Syria on the brink: After 12 years of conflict, earthquakes impact signals a country pushed beyond limits
Australia can alleviate suffering in Syria by following US, EU, and UK in amending approach towards sanctions measures.

Following back-to-back tropical cyclones families in Vanuatu in significant need of assistance
Access to power, consistent water supply for households, and safe drinking water all remain challenges for children and their families after two category four tropical cyclones hit Vanuatu earlier this month, said Save the Children. 

Millions more children could face hunger crisis if Black Sea grain deal not renewed
Millions more children around the world could face devastating hunger if the Black Sea Grain Initiative, a UN-brokered deal signed in July 2022, is not renewed by 18 March, Save the Children said today, after UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres met with Ukraine’s President Zelensky to discuss the deal.

“We are barely surviving”: More than six months after deadly Pakistan floods, families are on the brink
More than six months after unprecedented floods devastated Pakistan, killing thousands, submerging a third of the country, wiping out livestock and agricultural land and forcing eight million people from their homes[i], children and their families are still living in tents surrounded by stagnant water and surviving on just one meal a day, Save the Children said.

Fire blazes through Rohingya refugee camps days before international funding event in Geneva
Responding to the news that a massive fire swept across three Rohingya refugee camps Sunday afternoon in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, destroying several Save the Children facilities, Onno van Manen, Save the Children's Country Director in Bangladesh, said.

“She thinks we’re still under the rubble”: One month after earthquakes, children in Türkiye and Syria are in survival mode
One month after the devastating earthquakes that killed more than 50,000 people and injured more than 100,000 across Syria and Türkiye, thousands of families are still living in temporary shelters and struggling to access food and other essential goods. 

Vanuatu: Estimated 125,500 children impacted by back-to-back tropical cyclones
Save the Children is preparing to respond to multiple disasters in the Pacific Island nation as hundreds of thousands of people in Vanuatu are reportedly impacted. 

Save the Children responds to severe flooding in Northern Territory
Leading child rights charity set up an early learning program at an evacuation centre in Darwin as authorities issue emergency declaration. 

About half of children under 5 in Somalia facing malnutrition although fears of famine on hold: new data
About 1.8 million children aged under five are still expected to suffer from acute malnutrition in Somalia this year with the emergency far from over even though the risk of famine has been averted for the time being, said Save the Children.

Yemen's most vulnerable left behind as less than a third of $4.3 billion raised to avert humanitarian catastrophe 
World leaders raised only US$1.2 billion towards a US$4.3 billion aid plan for war-torn Yemen during today’s UN pledging event, leaving about 11 million children at risk of disease, hunger and escalating conflict, said Save the Children said. 

Save the Children ready to respond as Tropical Cyclone Judy threatens Vanuatu
Families and children across Vanuatu are bracing for heavy rains and flooding as slow-moving Tropical Cyclone Judy moves through the Pacific Island nation.

Doctors with frontline experience to deliver lifesaving child ‘blast injury’ training to Ukraine’s medics
A team of doctors with frontline experience have joined forces to train Ukrainian medics on how to treat children who have been injured by explosive weapons as the war reaches the one-year mark with nearly 1,500 child casualties.

New earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria retriggering trauma in children, says Save the Children
Another series of earthquakes in southern Türkiye and Syria has retriggered acute trauma in children with reports of people so scared they were jumping off balconies to escape buildings.

Save the Children strongly condemns Queensland Government’s decision to override its own human rights act and jeopardise the rights of children
The Queensland Government must uphold the rights of all children, including those in the youth justice system, and reverse its decision to criminalise breach of bail for children.

Over 900 hours underground: Children in Ukraine endure life in bunkers as war enters second year
Children in Ukraine have been forced to hide underground for an average of about 920 hours in the last year – equivalent to 38.3 days or more than a month - since the conflict in Ukraine escalated, Save the Children said today.

Fear, distress and grief: Türkiye and Syria earthquakes may fuel severe mental health needs in the region
Children who were directly impacted by the earthquakes or experienced similar distressing events in the past could be at risk unless more mental health and psychosocial support is urgently provided. 

International donors must not turn their backs on Rohingya refugees as food rations under threat – Save the Children
Save the Children has called on international donors not to turn their backs on Rohingya refugees living in camps in Bangladesh. 

Children who have survived the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria need help finding their families, not adoption
Adoption is not an appropriate response for unaccompanied children until local authorities and humanitarian agencies have exhausted all efforts to trace and reunite them with their families and extended community.

“We need women to help women”: Afghan women cut off from aid following Taliban ban on female NGO workers
Almost two months since the Taliban issued a decree banning Afghan women from working for non-government organisations (NGOs), many women and children are missing out on life-saving aid.

Syria: 35 INGO and Syrian NGOs demanding unfettered access and massive scale-up of humanitarian response
INGOs and NGOs working in Syria have called for an urgent scaleup in support and for immediate action to be taken to secure humanitarian assistance to the populations affected by the earthquake in Syria.

Europe: Millions welcomed from Ukraine while 1 out of 50 refugees entering via Mediterranean dies or goes missing 
One in 50 refugees and migrants dies or goes missing on Mediterranean routes into Europe and children face violence and inhumane conditions on arrival, according to a new report by Save the Children.

Lack of clean water, toilets, puts earthquake survivors, particularly children, in Türkiye at risk of disease
Areas of Türkiye worst affected by last week’s devastating earthquakes urgently need humanitarian aid in order to prevent a secondary public health emergency, said Save the Children.

Save the Children welcomes Australian Government funding to fight global hunger crisis
Australian Government pledges $25 million to address hunger in the Horn of Africa, Yemen and Pakistan after MPs travelled with Save the Children to witness the impacts of food insecurity in Kenya.

Government must urgently intervene to protect mental health of children in the Philippines, says Save the Children
The government must act urgently to protect the health and lives of young people across the Philippines, Save the Children said, following reports of a shocking number of actual and attempted suicides among Philippine students in the last academic year.

Second humanitarian disaster looms as children without shelter and water following earthquakes
As the death toll passes 19,000 in Türkiye and Syria, hopes of finding more survivors are fading, a second humanitarian disaster is looming with countless survivors in freezing conditions without basics such as shelter, food, water and sanitation, said Save the Children.

Trapped without food: How Syria is grappling with one of world’s worst earthquakes this century
Millions of children across northwestern Syria remain urgently in need of food, shelter and warm clothes three days after a deadly earthquake struck areas of Syria and Türkiye.

Race against time to save children buried under rubble in Türkiye and Syria following devastating earthquakes
With heart-breaking images of children being pulled from the rubble in Türkiye and Syria after the devastating earthquakes, Save the Children said the window to get shelter, medical supplies, water and food to the worst affected areas in order to save lives is rapidly closing.

Children sleeping in cars as too scared to go inside while freezing conditions hinder aid to Türkiye, Syria earthquake zones
Freezing temperatures and damaged roads and airports are making it difficult for aid agencies to reach thousands of children and their families in desperate need of assistance following Monday’s devastating earthquakes.

Children feared trapped and thousands killed after two earthquakes hit Türkiye and Syria
Rescuers were battling freezing conditions to reach children feared trapped under rubble after two devastating earthquakes hit Syria and Türkiye on Monday with thousands of others forced from their homes and more than 2,000 people reported killed, said Save the Children. 

Ethiopia: Measles and cholera outbreaks pose deadly threat to already malnourished children 
Children are facing a growing risk of disease as cholera and measles outbreaks tighten their grip on Ethiopia, raising fears for the many vulnerable children already suffering from malnutrition, Save the Children said.

Eastern DRC: Nearly 65,000 children forced to flee homes due to violent clashes, as Pope visits the country
More than 122,000 people are reported to have fled their homes over the course of one day after another escalation in conflict in North Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), leaving thousands of children vulnerable to abuse, Save the Children said.

Warnings over child malnutrition rising in Niger this year as climate crisis, conflict take a toll
More children in southern Niger are suffering from malnutrition with doctors and aid agencies warning that the situation could get worse this year due to the climate crisis, higher food prices and more women and children arriving to escape violence in Nigeria.

Heating bricks and melting ice: Creative ways Ukraine families are surviving this winter
Families in Ukraine are resorting to increasingly desperate measures to survive the war this winter.

11 million children in Yemen are struggling to survive, with Save the Children calling for increased funding
Two-thirds of the population in Yemen are struggling daily after eight years of conflict that has forced many from their homes with seven children reportedly dying in camps for displaced people this month alone in freezing temperatures, said Save the Children in a call for more funding for the crisis. 

ZAMBIA: All school-aged children out of school as deadly cholera outbreak kills over 500 people
About 4.3 million school-aged children in Zambia – or every school-aged child in the country - will remain at home following an announcement to keep schools closed in a bid to stem the worst cholera outbreak in 20 years which is linked to climate change, said Save the Children.

Save the Children backs changing the date and calls for the full implementation of the Voice to Parliament
In the lead up to 26 January, Save the Children and 54 reasons, which delivers Save the Children’s services in Australia, have reaffirmed their support for the Change the Date campaign.

Save the Children calls for more countries to follow France and repatriate women and children from unsafe camps in North East Syria
Save the Children has called on more countries to bring home their women and children stranded in camps in North East Syria following France's repatriations. 

Ukraine: One school destroyed every other day since September
One school has been destroyed every other day in Ukraine since the start of the academic year last September, Save the Children said today.

Madagascar: Families and children brace for a devastating cyclone season as Tropical Storm Cheneso makes landfall
Madagascar is facing its first Tropical Storm of the season, which has prompted evacuations amid torrential rain and flooding, with fears of a devastating cyclone season ahead, Save the Children said.

One million children left without education in Lebanon after public schools shut their doors
Teachers in Lebanon are striking over pay and working conditions, adding to an education crisis that is leaving an estimated one million children without education, said Save the Children.

“Somali children should not be forgotten’’: Children in Somalia plead with world leaders to tackle the hunger crisis as famine looms
'If you haven’t eaten, it’s hard to understand anything. If your family have no food to give you, you’re not able to play, run or concentrate.'

Save the Children resumes some activities with female staff in Afghanistan
Three weeks since the Taliban announced that Afghan women were banned from working for any non-government organisations (NGOs), Save the Children said it was restarting some of its activities where reliable assurances had been given for a full and safe return to work for its female staff.

Ukraine, one child dead, 16 injured among over 100 casualties in Dnipro attack
At least 17 children are among more than 100 civilians injured or killed following the attacks in Dnipro last night.

Children still afraid one year on from volcanic eruption in Tonga
It’s critical that children’s recovery and wellbeing is prioritised following multiple disasters that have hit Tonga in recent years.

Tough months ahead as rains fail for the fifth season in a row, with millions in need of urgent food assistance
Back-to-back droughts caused by five failed rainy seasons have left 12 million Ethiopians facing hunger as conflict and forced displacement exacerbate the hunger crisis in the country, Save the Children said.

Children’s needs must be prioritised as WA recovers from devastating flooding emergency
As the disaster response continues in the Kimberley region, there is an opportunity to build back with a stronger focus on children’s wellbeing.

Spain repatriates 13 children and two women from North East Syria camps
Spain has brought home 13 children and two women from the unsafe, unsanitary Roj camp in North- East Syria, Save the Children said today - the first repatriation from the camps so far this year.

Syria: Longer-term commitment needed to keep lifesaving aid border crossing open
Save the Children responds to the United Nations Security Council’s decision to renew what is currently the only effective route for aid into North West Syria for just six months.

Geneva pledges "A first step towards climate justice for Pakistan" – Save The Children
Save the Children responds to the news that donors have pledged US$9 billion to support reconstruction efforts following last year’s devastating floods in Pakistan.

Ban on female aid workers could push Afghan children back into work – Save the Children
Two weeks after the ban on female aid workers, Save the Children warns it could push Afghan children back into work. 

Lebanon: Children facing crisis hunger levels to rise by 14% in 2023 unless urgent action taken
The number of children in Lebanon facing crisis levels of hunger is projected to increase by 14% early this year unless urgent action is taken, Save the Children warned today.

NEW ANALYSIS: The number of people facing extreme hunger is up more than 50% in 3 years with Afghanistan worst hit
The number of people facing severe levels of hunger has surged by almost 57% to 25.3 million from 16.1 million since 2019 in the 8 worst affected countries amid an unprecedented global hunger crisis with increasing pockets of famine-like conditions, according to new Save the Children analysis.

A ban on female aid workers in Afghanistan will cost lives, warn leading aid groups
Four of the largest international aid groups working in Afghanistan warned on Thursday that the lives of women and children were at risk if the de facto authorities did not immediately reverse a ban on female NGO workers in the country.

Fact sheet: 9 facts about Save the Children's work in Afghanistan
Save the Children has suspended its operations in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s announcement that women are banned from working for INGOs. 

Syria: Two children killed in camp fire
Two children have died after a fire broke out in their tent in a camp in North East Syria, bringing the number of children who've been killed or injured in similar incidents over the past five months to 17. 

2022 REVIEW: 10 positive outcomes for children this year
From progress on ending child marriage and corporal punishment to giving children the floor at the COP27 climate summit, here are 10 positive changes for children that happened in 2022:

NORTH EAST SYRIA: Almost 7,000 children still trapped in unsafe camps despite 60% increase in repatriations in 2022 says Save the Children
A record number of 517 women and children were repatriated this year from camps in North East Syria housing people displaced following the collapse of the Islamic State (ISIS) but almost 7,000 children of foreign nationality remain trapped there at risk of attacks and violence, with Save the Children calling for more to be done to get them home. 

NEW ANALYSIS – Afghanistan tops list of 7 countries where children were most in need in 2022 
The number of children needing humanitarian assistance rose more than 20% this year to 149 million, with Afghanistan then the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) most severely impacted, according to a Save the Children analysis of the top seven emergencies impacting children in 2022.

'I Want Peace': Ukraine and a Christmas at War

Save the Children Impact Investment Fund is finalist at the 2022 Australian Impact Investment Awards
It comes after the charity’s inclusion on Australian Financial Review’s 2022 Most Innovative Companies list.

More than half a million children in Somalia expected to face the most deadly form of malnutrition by next April
More than half a million children in Somalia are expected to face the most deadly form of malnutrition by April next year due to drought, higher food prices, conflict and disease outbreaks, according to new figures released on Tuesday.

Save the Children, UNICEF and France launch new handbook to strengthen bid to end the recruitment and use of children in conflict 
15 years after landmark Paris Conference, tens of thousands of children face threat of recruitment and use in conflict.

Number of children facing catastrophic hunger to soar 11-fold in Burkina Faso by mid-2023 - Save the Children
The number of children facing catastrophic hunger in Burkina Faso could skyrocket up to eleven-fold in the next six months as the country faces its worst food crisis in over a decade, Save the Children said.

STATEMENT: Groundbreaking global humanitarian sanctions exemption will impact millions
Following the passing of a global humanitarian sanctions exemption by the UN Security Council today, Alexandra Saieh, Head of Humanitarian Policy and Advocacy at Save the Children, said: 

Funds needed as conflict, climate change and forced displacement drives 3.6 million children out of school in Ethiopia
Joint mission to Ethiopia by Education Cannot Wait and Norway International Development Minister brings attention to one of the world's largest education crises that has left 3.6 million children out of school.

Photo Essay: From students to labourers: The reality for Afghan girls living under the school ban 
In August last year, girls across Afghanistan were told to leave their classrooms. To pack up their books and go home.

Nearly 40,000 children left homeless by Indonesia earthquake face 'ticking time bomb' of disease and infection
Nearly 15,000 people, including about 38,450 children, remain homeless after a deadly earthquake struck Indonesia's main islands of Java two weeks ago.

Australian politicians visit Kenya with Save the Children
Australian Regional Leadership Initiative delegation to Kenya to gain understanding of global food security challenges.

Save the Children and Meta launch new resources to help prepare Pacific kids for online world
Expansion of ‘I Am Digital’ project offers new tools to promote digital and media literacy across the Pacific.

Dozens of children injured with some killed after Indonesia earthquake damages over 80 schools: Save the Children
Dozens of children are injured and some have lost their lives after a powerful earthquake damaged more than 80 schools while classes were underway on Indonesia’s main island of Java, Save the Children said on Tuesday.

UN must take immediate action to respond to human rights violations against children in Iran: Save the Children 
Save the Children calls on the UN Human Rights Council meeting later this week to firmly condemn and respond to reports of killing, maiming, and detention of hundreds of children in Iran and to establish an independent investigative mechanism. 

Ukrainians collect water from puddles in Kherson as explosives, shelling cut off supplies
Save the Children distributes drinking water to more than 4,000 families in Kherson, Ukraine.

‘We fled hunger but hunger followed us here’: Rising number of children losing their lives in Somalia
A single graveyard in Somalia has been filled with the bodies of 230 children as malnutrition soars to levels not seen since famine was last declared in the country 11 years ago.

A small but critical step in bringing children’s rights to the table and an important win on loss and damage
Leaders at COP27 have taken a small but critical step in securing justice for children most affected by the climate crisis, by formally recognising children as agents of change and setting up a fund for loss and damage, Save the Children said.  

Children in Yemen demand new truce as one child is killed or injured every day in 2022 
Children in Yemen are demanding warring parties recommit to preventing attacks and violence against civilians this World Children’s Day, as the conflict escalates with an average of one child killed or injured every day this year, Save the Children said. 

Flooding emergency should serve as climate crisis wakeup call
Thousands of children across at least three states in Australia have had their lives upended as extreme weather causes the country’s fourth major flood event this year.

UKRAINE: More than half of children missing out on education due to blackouts - survey
One in two caregivers in Ukraine said their children’s education suffered after reoccurring attacks on power plants in October left more than 4.5 million households without electricity, according to a survey by Save the Children.

As COP27 enters final days, 70% of Afghan children threatened by extreme weather events as drought predicted to stretch into 2023 – Save the Children
As world leaders knuckle down for the final days of climate negotiations at COP27, 70% of children in Afghanistan – one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to the impacts of the climate crisis – are under threat from extreme weather events, as drought conditions are predicted to stretch into 2023, Save the Children said. 

STATEMENT: “The question is, how do leaders want their children and grandchildren to remember them?” – pressure ramps up on leaders to provide a secure future for children at COP27
Commenting on the COP27 negotiations just days before the final text is due to be released, Yolande Wright, Global Director of Poverty and Climate at Save the Children, said:

Save the Children announces new global investment entity to deliver social benefit to millions of children
Save the Children has launched Save the Children Global Ventures, a new entity designed to catalyse private sector investment to transform the lives of the world’s most disadvantaged children and their communities, ahead of International Children’s Day on Sunday (Nov 20).

Report: One in two refugee children from Ukraine are anxious and worried about their future
Children who have fled Ukraine to live in Europe are struggling with their mental health, with more than one in two children surveyed feeling anxious or worried about their future, according to a new report from Save the Children.

Deaths of two girls in Syria’s Al Hol camp highlights risks to women and children: Save the Children
Two girls of Egyptian nationality, aged 12 and 15 years, were found dead on Monday in the Al Hol camp in North East Syria, Save the Children said, again highlighting the risks that women and children face daily in such conditions.

Save the Children announces education, child protection and COVID-19 recovery and resilience projects in Tonga
Three new child focused projects announced during first Global Partnership for Education mission to Pacific nation.

SAVE THE CHILDREN: Repeated breaches of child rights in WA youth detention must end now
Agency calls on the McGowan Government to urgently overhaul Western Australia's juvenile justice system. 

Drought and conflict drive highest number of Somalis to Kenya refugee camps in a decade
Somalia’s devastating drought has led to the biggest movement of refugees into Kenya in over a decade, Save the Children said, with more than 20,000 Somalis - mostly women and children – arriving since September this year.

North East Syria: Child malnutrition increases over 150% amid worsening hunger crisis
The number of malnourished children in North East Syria has surged by over 150% in the past six months with at least 10,000 more children now facing malnutrition than in the previous six months, according to new data.

Investigation needed into treatment of children during Iran protests
Save the Children is backing calls from a group of UN experts that has called on the Human Rights Council to urgently take action regarding Iran, including by establishing an international investigative mechanism during a special session.

World leaders must keep the hopes of 2.4 billion children in mind at COP27
World leaders at COP27 in Egypt are today carrying the hopes of 2.4 billion children and must ensure they keep them in mind while making critical decisions that will affect their futures.

Extreme floods throw the lives of 19 million children off course in past three months
Widespread flooding over the past three months has thrown the lives of about 19 million children off course in the top five most impacted countries, Save the Children said, highlighting the need for next week’s COP27 summit to get the climate emergency under control. 

YEMEN: Boy killed in shelling in Taiz as child deaths rise post truce
A three-year-old boy and his father died and four other children left injured following a shelling attack on a residential street in Yemen at the weekend, increasing war-related child deaths to 11 in October after the end of a UN-led truce, Save the Children said.

Save the Children Australia welcomes QBE's ongoing commitment to supporting communities to build their resilience to disaster 
Save the Children and insurer QBE to continue Disaster Relief and Resilience Partnership for a further three years.

Child malnutrition cases rise nearly 50% in Afghanistan as hunger hits record levels
The number of dangerously malnourished children admitted to Save the Children’s mobile health clinics in Afghanistan has increased by 47% since January this year, with some babies dying before managing to receive any treatment, the children's charity said today.

JOINT STATEMENT: NGOs welcome repatriation of Australian women and children from North-East Syria
International aid, human rights, and faith-based community organisations welcome news that the Australian government has repatriated 17 Australians from North-East Syria.

Save the Children welcomes homecoming of Australian children from North East Syria
Aid agency welcomes repatriation of 13 innocent Australian children and their mothers after years in Syrian camps.

Deadly cholera outbreak tightens its grip on the Middle East, as cases nearly double in Lebanon
As Syria’s first major outbreak of cholera in over a decade spreads, thousands of children in neighbouring countries are also at risk from the deadly disease, with Lebanon’s recorded cases nearly doubling since last week, Save the Children warned today.

REPORT: One in three children globally face double threat of high climate risk and crushing poverty
An estimated 774 million children across the world – or one third of the world’s child population - are living with the dual impacts of poverty and high climate risk, according to a new report by Save the Children.

Government delivery on election promises a boost to children in the region, but more needed to address needs at home and abroad
Save the Children Australia welcomes the government’s realisation of their election commitments but says more must be done to ensure children’s needs at home and globally are prioritised.

SAVE THE CHILDREN: Budget must provide for children facing conflict, COVID-19 and the climate crisis
Charity says investing in child focused disaster recovery is more important than ever.

World Food Day: Photo series tells tales of children struggling to survive in Somalia as it teeters on the brink of famine
As today marks World Food Day, Save the Children is releasing a series of powerful images by its newly appointed ambassador – British photographer and activist –Misan Harriman to illustrate the devastating impact of East Africa’s hunger crisis on children.

Save the Children ranked on Australian Financial Review’s 2022 Most Innovative Companies list
Charity’s impact investment fund attracts attention in leading industry list.

Flooding, conflict, and hunger crushing the lives of South Sudan’s children
Widespread flooding in recent months combined with inter-communal conflict and soaring food prices has driven South Sudan into its worst hunger crisis since independence in 2011, with rising numbers of children at risk daily from malnutrition, disease, and snakebites, Save the Children said.

One in three of world’s poorest countries pay more on debt repayments than education – Save the Children
One-third of the poorest countries in the world are spending more on paying back debt to wealthy nations and investors than they are on children’s education, said Save the Children.

REPORT: Girls living in conflict face 20% higher risk of child marriage
Girls affected by conflict are 20% more likely to be married than those living in peaceful areas, according to new analysis from Save the Children released on the 10th anniversary of International Day of the Girl.

Aid agencies call for upholding international humanitarian law, protection of civilians and civilian objects in Ukraine
The pattern of escalation in Ukraine has forced several aid agencies to suspend operations in the country over safety concerns for their staff and populations in need of support. 

“She would hit her head on the wall continuously”: Afghanistan on the brink of mental health catastrophe as children pushed to the limit
Afghanistan is on the brink of a mental health catastrophe as the economic crisis and decades of conflict take a dangerous toll on children’s mental and psychosocial wellbeing.

PAKISTAN FLOODS: More than 3.4 million children across Pakistan going hungry
More than 3.4 million children in Pakistan are facing chronic hunger, with an estimated 76,000 children in flood-hit areas now experiencing severe food shortages and risking severe malnutrition, said Save the Children.

Seven children repatriated to Germany from North East Syria, as other states urged to follow suit
Seven children and four women from Roj camp in North East Syria were repatriated to Germany last night, in a move welcomed by Save the Children.

Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia and Mali top list of countries where education systems most at risk of collapse
The education of nearly 49 million children in Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia and Mali is at extreme risk of collapse, according to new analysis by Save the Children.

JOINT STATEMENT: NGOs welcome reported move to repatriate Australian women and children from Northeast Syria
International aid and human rights organisations welcome news of the Government’s reported intent to imminently repatriate Australian children and their mothers from northeast Syria.  

Save the Children welcomes five-fold increase in Pakistan aid appeal
The UN’s decision to increase the appeal for aid in response to the Pakistan floods from US $160 million to $816 million will mean humanitarian organisations and the Pakistan Government can better help families in need as the country faces a major public health emergency, said Save the Children.

Save the Children Australia welcomes QBE's ongoing commitment to supporting communities to build their resilience to disaster
Save the Children and insurer QBE to continue Disaster Relief and Resilience Partnership for a further three years

Save the Children welcomes federal government funding for hunger crisis
Charity welcomes start of funding for African nations in dire need.

Yazidi children still living in fear 8 years after Genocide
Yazidi children whose lives were shattered by ISIS attacks in northern Iraq eight years ago must not be forgotten by the international community, which must help fulfil their right to an education and hopes for a better future, Save the Children said today.

Children’s health and education at risk as severe cholera outbreak spreads in Syria
Thousands of children across eastern and northern Syria are at risk from a rapidly spreading outbreak of cholera caused by water shortages linked to climate change and conflict and the use of contaminated water from the Euphrates River, Save the Children said today. 

Australia must invest to ensure safe schools and mitigate impacts of disasters in Asia Pacific
Charity calls for Australia to fund social programs and infrastructure to better protect education and health of future generations.

STATEMENT: European court case shows Australian children must urgently be repatriated from Syria
The decision by European Court of Human Rights to call on France to 're-examine' its refusal to repatriate women from Syria, highlights the need for Australia to do the same and repatriate children living in desperately dangerous limbo caused by political inaction, said Save the Children Australia today.

STATEMENT - In response to today’s State of the European Union speech, Director of Save the Children Europe Ylva Sperling issued the following statement
In today’s State of the European Union address, President Ursula von Der Leyen spoke of the massive challenges that children face as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

Events in Canberra to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children’s literacy program
Canberrans are invited to experience Our Yarning by attending events during a week of writers’ workshops and public lectures.

New figures reveal more than half of children in Somalia now facing malnutrition
More than half of children aged under five in Somalia are facing acute malnutrition with one in six suffering from the most deadly form as time to fend off famine starts to run out, Save the Children said today following the release of new hunger figures.

Doomadgee authors launch new health books to strengthen children’s literacy
Local authors for Save the Children’s Library For All program in Doomadgee will today release three new original books in local languages to support the health and wellbeing of the community.

Grim milestone reached in Ukraine: 1,000 children confirmed killed or injured
The number of children confirmed killed or injured in Ukraine passed 1,000 today, a grim milestone after six months of war, Save the Children said today.

Syria – Seven children killed by landmines in two days, says Save the Children
Four children were killed after an unexploded ordnance (UO) detonated in an abandoned apartment in Idlib, North West Syria, on Monday, Save the Children said.

STATEMENT: Nearly 500 children dead in ‘horror show’ of Pakistan floods
About 458 children have died as a result of the devastating floods in Pakistan, accounting for nearly one third of the total fatalities of 1,300,  with Save the Children calling for more support from the international community to stop the death toll rising further.

Four preschools a day damaged or destroyed in Ukraine
An average of four preschools a day have been damaged or destroyed in the war in Ukraine, putting children’s early development in jeopardy as the new school year begins, Save the Children.

STATEMENT: Surge in conflict in Sudan’s blue Nile region kills two children and injures 10
Save the Children is deeply saddened and alarmed by reports of renewed conflict in Blue Nile region, Sudan, where two children are among at least 23 people who have died over the past four days.

No back-to-school for thousands of children as nearly 19,000 schools damaged, destroyed by floods in Pakistan
At least 18,590 schools have been damaged or destroyed in floods sweeping across Pakistan, with initial estimates that at least 670,000 children have been affected although the real number could be much higher, said Save the Children.

At least 14% of people in Pakistan severely affected by devastating floods
The safety of about 300,000 families – or at least 2.1 million people, including more than one million children – is at risk after the worst flooding to hit Pakistan in decades destroyed their homes with the race on to prevent the loss of more lives. .

Northern Syria: Surge in violence leaves 40 children killed or injured this month
At least two children were injured in an attack in Tal Rifat in northern Syria today, the latest casualties in an upsurge of violence which has killed at least 13 children and injured an additional 27 this month, says Save the Children.

Pakistan: Statement as worst flooding in decades kills more than 1000 people, including 348 children
More than 1,000 people, including 348 children have lost their lives and a further 1,500 have been injured in the worst flooding to hit Pakistan in decades.

At least 16% of children killed in six months of war in Ukraine aged under 5
At least 16% of children confirmed killed in Ukraine since the war escalated six months ago were under the age of five, Save the Children said today. 

Philippines: Statement as one of world’s longest COVID-19 related school closures ends
Millions of students returned to classrooms across the Philippines today, for the first time in more than two years. The Philippines was one of the last few countries to transition back to face-to-face learning after the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted education across the world.

Children in North East Uganda take younger siblings to school for food in hunger crisis
Parents in north-eastern Uganda are sending toddlers of pre-school age to school with their siblings to share their free school meal as increasing numbers of families have no food at home, according to Save the Children.

NSW flood inquiries fail to address significant impacts on children
Save the Children calls for greater focus on the needs of children in disaster response and recovery.

Four children die in flash floods as Afghanistan marks one year of Taliban rule
Four children and nine adults have died after torrential rain and flash flooding hit Afghanistan’s eastern provinces on Monday, destroying homes and leaving at least 4,000 people in need of urgent assistance, Save the Children said today. 

One year under Taliban rule, girls are more isolated, hungry, sad: new report
One year since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, an economic crisis, crippling drought and new restrictions have shattered girls’ lives, excluding them from society and leaving them hungry, with a quarter showing signs of depression, according to a new report by Save the Children.

Haiti: Hunger, economic crisis stall recovery a year after devastating earthquake
Haiti is trapped in a hunger and security crisis after a massive earthquake killed more than 2,200 people in the Caribbean nation a year ago, with about 4.5 million people experiencing acute food insecurity  (IPC3 or higher) compared to 4.4 million people prior to the earthquake.

Children in Malawi and Zambia push to change school calendar in response to climate change
Children in Malawi and Zambia are calling for their governments to change the school calendar and close during the winter months of June and July with climate change bringing colder temperatures leaving students unable to concentrate and skipping classes, Save the Children said today. 

Save the Children statement on violence in Gaza and Israel
Save the Children is gravely concerned by the serious escalation of violence between Israel and Palestinian armed groups, which so far has claimed the lives of six Palestinian children and injured at least 96 more inside the Gaza strip.

“I pray we get rain by the mercy of God.” - Crisis in Kenya: Children on the brink of catastrophe
A severe drought crippling northeastern Kenya has driven the number of children facing acute malnutrition up by 25% so far this year to nearly one million with fears this will rise further if forecasts for another failed rainy season prove to be accurate, leading to an unprecedented catastrophe.

Yemen: Last week of truce sees the highest weekly number of child casualties in 2 years
An uptick of violence in Yemen led to 38 children being killed or injured in the final week of an UN-brokered truce, the highest number of child casualties in one week since early 2020, in a stark reminder of what children face without a complete cessation of hostilities.

Save the Children Australia’s local services to become known as 54 reasons
New name with renewed focus on child rights for Save the Children’s services in Australia.

Save the Children ambassador to ski 700km to raise money for Indigenous children’s literacy
The 50-day journey aims to raise $50,000 to support Australia’s first free library of books authored by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

YEMEN: One child killed and eleven injured in shelling on a playspace in Taiz
Children suffered horrific injuries, including a four-year-old girl who lost parts of her face and a two-year-old boy who could be disabled for the rest of his life.

Children must be prioritised in efforts to stamp out domestic violence
The National Plan to reduce violence against women and children must recognise children as victims in their own right.

Statement in response to reported death of Australian teenager in Syria
Save the Children Australia CEO Mat Tinkler responds to reports that a 17-year-old Australian boy has died in Syria.

'Bring our kids home’: Australia must repatriate innocent children from Syria
Save the Children CEO Mat Tinkler issues urgent call for action after visiting camps.

Save the Children condemns WA Government's plan to move children to an adult prison
The state’s youth justice system is failing at-risk children and needs urgent reform.

Repeated climate disasters put children’s wellbeing at risk
With more extreme and more frequent disasters expected, children’s recovery must be prioritised.

SOMALIA: Severe malnutrition among children soars 300% since January
The number of Children in Somalia receiving treatment for the most dangerous form of malnutrition surged 300% in the first six months of 2022 at a Save the Children clinic, as the worst drought in years tightens its grip on the country.

SRI LANKA: More than two thirds of families struggling to feed themselves as economic crisis wipes out incomes
More than two in three families in Sri Lanka do not have enough to eat, according to a survey by Save the Children, which warned the country’s economic crisis is rapidly becoming a full-blown humanitarian emergency.

“This house killed my sister”: Children terrified of returning to their homes in earthquake-hit Afghanistan
Children in Paktika province, one of the areas hardest-hit by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan nine days ago, are still terrified of returning to their homes where their loved ones were killed, Save the Children said.

Ukraine: 21 children killed or injured in horrific week of violence
At least 21 children have been killed or injured in just a week in an uptick of violence across Ukraine, Save the Children said today.

Yemen: Explosive remnants of war the biggest killer of children since truce began

“I thought the world was ending when I saw my family dead”: Afghan children lose entire families in fatal earthquake
Scores of children lost their parents and siblings in the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that devastated parts of south-east Afghanistan on Wednesday, leaving them terrified and at risk of abuse and exploitation, Save the Children said

Closing Sri Lanka schools for two weeks amid fuel crisis will leave children hungry
All schools in Sri Lanka’s Colombo region and in other major cities across the country have closed for two weeks after a nationwide fuel shortage prompted the government to rule that only essential services would operate until July 10.

North East Syria: Rise in killings 'terrifying' children in Al Hol camp, says Save the Children
A spike in the number of women killed in North East Syria’s Al Hol camp in recent months is terrifying children living there, Save the Children warned today, adding some children even saw their mother’s body abandoned by the side of a road.

Missile strikes on residential areas of Kyiv: world leaders can not look away
There have been several missile strikes on residential areas of Kyiv, Ukraine, yesterday, including reports of a kindergarten being hit and reports of a child injured.

Malnourished children are treated on mattresses outside overflowing hospitals as Somalia accelerates towards famine
Babies fed on nothing more than weak tea. Young children suffer blurred vision, muscle-wasting, organ failure and death.

Fears for 118,000 children in wake of Afghanistan’s deadly earthquake
Following the worst earthquake to hit Afghanistan in two decades, Save the Children and other agencies are deploying teams to the worst-hit areas to assess the damage and immediate needs of children and their families.

One in four people face severe hunger in Sudan as food crisis deepens
Nearly 12 million people are expected to face acute food insecurity in Sudan – a country where 40% of the population are children under 15 – between June and September 2022, said Save the Children today.

India-Bangladesh floods change course of children’s lives as entire districts submerged
More than 100 people have been killed, including children, as floods, landslides and lighting strikes have battered Eastern India and Bangladesh in recent days.

Sri Lanka closes schools for fourth time this year amid worsening fuel shortage
Sri Lankan authorities announced over the weekend that State and government-approved private schools across Colombo and surrounding regions will be closed this coming week, in a further blow to children’s education already impacted by years of disruptions due to COVID-19.

Statement: New Declaration to better protect children in conflict is a ‘milestone achievement’ – Save the Children
Save the Children welcomes the news that multiple countries will endorse the text of an Irish-led political declaration aimed at strengthening the protection of civilians from the use of explosive weapons in towns, cities and other populated areas.

Pushbacks, violence and humiliation for child migrants crossing European borders
Migrant children travelling alone continue to face abuse and pushbacks at border crossings, arriving to and through Europe, as the number of unaccompanied child migrants soars, according to a new report by Save the Children.

Child malnutrition rates soar in eastern Ethiopia as once-in-a-lifetime drought strikes
Malnutrition rates across east and south-eastern Ethiopia have soared in recent months as drought, displacement and conflict take their toll with about 185,000 children now estimated to be suffering from the most deadly form of malnutrition, Save the Children said.

After 15 years of blockade, four out of five children in Gaza say they are living with depression, grief, and fear
Fifteen years of life under blockade has left four out of five children in the Gaza Strip reporting that they live with depression, grief and fear, according to disturbing findings released today by Save the Children.

Children raise funds for Ukraine with carpentry, surfing, virtual concerts and more
From carving wooden bowls to surfing the Atlantic Ocean every day no matter the weather, children are using their passions to raise funds for young people impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Deaths of two children signals looming hunger crisis over Sudan
Two children are reported to have died from hunger-related causes in Sudan’s North Darfur State this week, an ominous sign of what is to come as 18 million people are expected to be pushed into extreme hunger by September, Save the Children said.

High Court ruling on citizenship helps restore children’s rights
Save the Children welcomes the High Court decision that revoking Australian citizenship is unlawful.

Save the Children Australia announces new CEO
Mat Tinkler succeeds Paul Ronalds as Save the Children Australia chief executive officer.

"The drought has brought despair. I don’t know what will become of us”: Families on the move as drought takes its toll on Somalia
Somalia’s crippling drought, the worst in at least 40 years, has forced more than half a million people to abandon their homes in search of food and water in the last four months, with mothers terrified they will also lose their children, Save the Children said today. 

Ukraine: Twice as many schools attacked in the past 100 days as during the first 7 years of conflict
More schools in Ukraine were damaged and destroyed in the past 100 days than in the first seven years after fighting broke out in 2014, Save the Children said today. 

Yemen: Children demand peace and the renewal of truce as first steps towards ending the war
Yemen’s warring parties must act now to renew their peace deal to avoid further robbing an entire generation of their future, children warned today as the two-month nationwide truce comes to an end on 2 June.

Mothers fleeing war: “We didn’t know where we would live or how”
The multimedia stories of four mothers fleeing Ukraine has highlighted the heartbreaking decisions that families have had to make during three months of war in Ukraine.

Children’s ‘homes, schools and livelihoods washed away’ in India and Bangladesh floods: Save the Children
Children across India and Bangladesh have seen their homes, schools and livelihoods washed away by days of heavy pre-monsoon rains and flooding as extreme weather events in the region get more frequent and severe due to the climate crisis, according to Save the Children.


Conflict, climate disasters drive number of internally displaced children to record 25 million in 2021
Conflict, violence, and climate-related disasters drove the number of internally displaced children up by nearly 10% to a record 25.2 million in 2021, Save the Children said, with fears this will rise further in 2022 with millions forced from their homes in Ukraine.

Major community climate resilience project launches in Vanuatu
The $47 million project will reach nearly half of the country’s rural population.

‘Disadvantaged, disengaged and disheartened’ generation looming unless incoming federal government acts to address children’s COVID recovery
As Australians prepare to go to the polls this weekend, a new report shows the country risks the social and economic burden of ‘a generation left behind’, unless the victor in Saturday’s federal election acts swiftly to address the pandemic recovery needs of children.

One person likely dying from hunger every 48 seconds in drought-ravaged East Africa as world again fails to heed warnings
One person is likely dying of hunger every 48 seconds in drought-ravaged Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, according to estimates by Oxfam and Save the Children in a report published today highlighting the world’s repeated failure to stave off preventable disasters.

Save the Children Australia welcomes funding to support bushfire-affected children and families
Save the Children welcomes $5.6 million in funding from the Australian Government to provide much-needed ongoing support to children and families disproportionately impacted by the 2019/20 Black Summer bushfires.

More than 1 in 3 children under five at risk of starvation in Central Sahel
More than one-third of children under five in Africa’s Central Sahel – or about four million - are at risk of starvation in coming weeks as the region faces one of the world’s fastest-growing hunger crises, Save the Children said today.

Almost 10 million children going hungry in Afghanistan as food aid alone fails to meet tidal wave of need, Save the Children says
9.6 million children in Afghanistan are going hungry every day due to a dire combination of economic collapse, the impacts of the war in Ukraine and the ongoing drought, new figures released today show.

Australian Regional Leadership Initiative visits Fiji
Influential Australians to boost understanding of the impact of Australian development assistance.

Save the Children condemns school attack in Ukraine
Save the Children strongly condemns the reported bombing of a school in Luhansk, Ukraine, believed to be sheltering 90 civilians, including children in its bunker. While 30 people have been rescued, grave fears remain for the 60 people reported to remain trapped under the rubble.

School meals off the menu for children in Sri Lanka as economic crisis bites
All of the one million children receiving free school meals in Sri Lanka – or one in four students in the country – could go hungry after government funding was cut as food prices skyrocketed, Save the Children warned today.

Youth activists launch political party* to demand climate action
Save the Planet Party* is gatecrashing the Federal Election.

“I would never wish this Ramadan on anyone”: Afghan families surviving on bread and water through holy month as economic crisis worsens
The rising cost of food in Afghanistan, which has seen some items almost double in price since June last year, means many families and their children are only surviving on bread and water this Ramadan, Save the Children said. 

Bombs and dead bodies: Children’s drawings haunted by war in Ukraine
Tanks, helicopters, dead bodies, and their homes. Children fleeing Ukraine have shown the devastating impact that the conflict is having on their mental health in a series of drawings released on Thursday by Save the Children as the war entered its ninth week.

Save the Children welcomes Pacific aid pledge
Save the Children welcomes Labor’s election pledge to commit an additional A$525 million over four years in development assistance funding for Pacific nations.

Insomnia, nightmares, and wanting to die: The toll of witnessing violence on Al Hol’s children
Children in Al Hol camp, North East Syria, are witnessing devastating levels of violence daily, leading to nightmares, psychological problems, and fear for their own lives, according to new research by Save the Children.

80% of secondary school girls in Afghanistan missing out on education, one month since Taliban ban extended
Almost a month since the Taliban extended the ban on secondary school girls attending classes, almost 80% of girls have been denied their right to education in provinces in Afghanistan where secondary schools have remained closed for girls, Save the Children said. 

More than 63,000 babies born into war in Ukraine and uncertain future in two months of fighting
More than 63,000 babies are estimated to have been born into war in Ukraine in the past two months and into conditions that could have a lifelong impact on their mental health, according to Save the Children.

ROMANIA: More mothers and children crossing river border as 5 million flee Ukraine
Romania’s Isaccea border crossing is braced for a second wave of refugees as the conflict intensifies in southern Ukraine, joining an estimated five million people who have already fled into neighbouring countries in the past two months.

HORN OF AFRICA DROUGHT: Fears mount as rains failing for the fourth time and war in Ukraine sends food prices rocketing
A poor start to the rainy season in the Horn of Africa has added to fears that the worst drought in decades could soon have catastrophic results, with the crisis worsened by the war in Ukraine driving up food prices and diverting international attention, Save the Children said.

Statement in response to reported high school attack in Kabul
In response to reports that a high school was attacked overnight in Kabul, killing six people and injuring several children, Save the Children’s Country Director in Afghanistan, Chris Nyamandi, said the agency strong condemns the attack.

Two in three Afghan children struggle for daily food in devastating drought
About two in three children in Afghanistan – or 12 million – whose families depend on farming to survive, are struggling to get enough to eat daily due to the country’s worst drought in decades and forecasts of below-average rains this wet season, Save the Children said.

Save the Children: Fresh attacks on cities show no safe place for children in Ukraine
Recent aerial attacks on cities across Ukraine show there is no safe place in the country for children, Save the Children said.

UN slams Australia's failure to repatriate innocent children from Syria
Save the Children Australia has called for Australia to urgently repatriate children and their mothers from camps in Syria in response to a scathing letter from the United Nations.

Half of Lebanese children now need support due to flood, healthcare shortages - new data
Half of Lebanese children – or about 700,000 - are now in need of humanitarian aid, with thousands at risk of malnutrition as the war in Ukraine threatens to further exacerbate a national food crisis, Save the Children warned after the release of new data.

Almost 400 children killed or injured with two-thirds fleeing their homes in first seven weeks of war
Nearly two thirds of the 7.5 million children in Ukraine have fled their homes since the conflict escalated seven weeks ago, with reports of at least 153 children killed although Save the Children fears the number could be much higher.

Children among those killed at Kramatorsk railway station strike
Save the Children is horrified that five children are reported to be among the at least 50 people killed at the railway station attack in the city of Kramatorsk, Donetsk Region of eastern Ukraine.

Save the Children to support children’s education in Tonga
Save the Children Australia is proud to be working in partnership with the Government of Tonga’s Ministry of Education and Training (MET) and the Global Partnership for Education to help secure the future of Tongan children impacted by compounding crises. 

Two children injured and two adults killed in hospital attack in southern Ukraine
An attack on a children’s hospital in Mykolaiv, southern Ukraine, has left two children in critical condition with two adults killed and a further seven adults injured, Save the Children said. 

Ukraine: More than 20 schools attacked on average every day since escalation of war
An average of 22 schools a day have come under attack in Ukraine since the start of the war five weeks ago, with military operations disrupting the education of 5.5 million children remaining in the country, Save the Children said today.

Window to limit deadly climate impacts is closing
Save the Children says Australia must urgently slash emissions.

Millions of Afghan children fight hunger, disease and exploitation as donors meet to determine their fate
World leaders have the chance to save Afghan children from crippling hunger, exploitation and death if they commit to urgently needed funds and address the drivers of the economic crisis at tomorrow’s virtual donor conference, Save the Children said.

The Emergency Action Alliance (EAA) will this Wednesday launch their first emergency appeal in conjunction with media partner ABC.

Yemen: Seven years into conflict, children remain in the firing line
Over 70% of children in Yemen report their school has been attacked at least once, while nearly half said their local health facility had been attacked during the country’s seven-year conflict, according to a new report released by Save the Children.

Climate Strike: We must listen to young people and act
As thousands of children and young people join the School Strike for Climate on Friday, Save the Children is urging policymakers to listen and act on this generation’s urgent demands for climate action.

Three years after fall of Bahgouz, innocent Australian children still stuck in camps
At current rate of repatriation, Save the Children says foreign children could be stuck in North East Syria for next 30 years.

Cautious hope for girls’ education in Afghanistan as secondary schools reopen
Secondary schools for girls reopen across Afghanistan today as the Taliban authorities follow through on plans to ensure both boys and girls have access to a quality education, Save the Children said.

AFGHANISTAN - Save the Children appalled by reports that formal ban on girls’ education will continue as secondary schools reopen across the country
Today, Taliban leadership announced that all secondary school classes for girls are to be suspended, pending further policy.

Ukraine Crisis: Save the Children calls for immediate halt on intercountry adoptions to keep children safe 
Save the Children has called for an immediate ban on intercountry adoptions of children uprooted by the war in Ukraine to protect them from further risk of harm at the hands of traffickers or child abusers until appropriate safeguards are in place.

Six million children trapped in Ukraine face grave danger as attacks on schools and hospitals soar
Up to six million children trapped inside Ukraine are in imminent danger as an increasing number of hospitals and schools come under attack, Save the Children said.

Funding for life-saving aid, not weapons, needed in Yemen
Australia fails to commit any funding at Yemen pledging conference this week.

Afghanistan: Desperate mother agreed to sell her unborn baby as debt-ridden families are pushed to crisis point
An Afghan mother agreed to sell her unborn baby as the country’s economic crisis forces jobless, debt-stricken parents to abandon their children, Save the Children said.

Syria 11 years: Children still being bombed, face hunger and malnutrition
After 11 years of conflict, children across Syria remain in catastrophic conditions, living in unsanitary, unsafe camps, exposed to shelling and airstrikes, and facing hunger, illness and malnutrition.

Yemen: Fuel crisis pushes sickest children to the brink
Thousands of children in Yemen are on the verge of losing access to life-saving healthcare as the country faces its worst fuel crisis since the start of the conflict, Save the Children said.

Ukraine: Children without caregivers risk being forgotten
An estimated 100,000 children living in orphanages and institutions in Ukraine are at risk of being left behind or being permanently separated from family members as the war continues, Save the Children said today.

Afghan family in Ukraine forced to flee conflict for second time in eight months
Vicious conflict has forced a family from Afghanistan to flee across borders twice in less than a year.

Millions of children exposed to illnesses like hypothermia as big freeze hits Ukraine, says Save the Children
Millions of children both inside Ukraine and fleeing to neighbouring countries are at risk of hypothermia, hunger and even death, as temperatures could plummet to -20˚C degrees this weekend, Save the Children warned today.

Extreme weather in Australia just the beginning of climate crisis, warns Save the Children
For the hundreds of thousands of children forced from their homes during severe flooding on the east coast of Australia, the climate crisis is only just beginning, Save the Children warned today.

Statement in response to bombing of children's hospital
Save the Children's Eastern Europe Director responds to reports that a hospital, including a maternity and children’s ward in Mariupol, Ukraine has been bombed.

AFGHANISTAN: Save the Children welcomes announcement that girls will be returning to secondary school
Officials from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education said on Sunday that girls will be returning to secondary schools later this month. Secondary schools for girls in Afghanistan have been closed since September, forcing millions of girls out of school.

COVID-19: Five crises facing children after 2 years of pandemic
From battling rising violence to worsening mental health, children have been severely impacted by two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, with urgent action needed globally to prevent years of progress from being reversed, said Save the Children.

Some 1 million child refugees on the move from Ukraine, at risk of separation
An estimated one million children have fled Ukraine in recent weeks, as the total number of refugees reaches 2 million people. 

Calls for civilians to be protected as two children killed while fleeing Irpin, Ukraine
All children in Ukraine - at least 7.5 million under 18 years - are in grave danger of physical harm, severe emotional distress and displacement following the outbreak of large-scale conflict.

New Early Childhood Service for Tassie Kids
Save the Children has secured $7.6m for Tasmanian children through an innovative partnership with the Federal Government and the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

Ukraine: Families facing dwindling supplies as fighting blocks access to markets, services
Save the Children is working through local partners to ensure children in Ukraine have access to food, water and shelter as Russia's military operations enter the second week.

At least 400,000 children fleeing Ukraine at risk of hunger, illness, trafficking, abuse
Save the Children estimates that at least 40% of the 1 million people who have fled Ukraine are children.

Save the Children expands flood response to flood-affected NSW
The flooding disaster presents immediate and long-term concerns for child health and wellbeing.

Ukraine crisis threatens to push millions more children globally into hunger
Save the Children is calling for an immediate end to the violence, not only to protect children in Ukraine but also to prevent further catastrophe in what is already an unfolding global hunger crisis. 

Ukraine: Children in grave danger of blast injuries as Russian convoy closes in
Save the Children is calling for an immediate end to violence in Ukraine as Russia's military operation intensifies in major cities.

IPCC report warns: Soon we won't be able to change climate path
Save the Children urges the Australian Government to heed warnings, before it’s too late.

Ukraine: Children and mothers distressed after journey to Romania
Fighting has forced children and families to seek refuge in neighbouring countries, with more than 500,000 people displaced according to the UN. 

Save the Children supporting children in flood-hit Queensland
Impact of extreme weather events on children should jolt governments into action, says Save the Children Australia.

Attacks on schools in Ukraine endangering children's lives and futures
Reports of up to 10 children killed in the fighting and educational facilities being bombed across the country is endangering the lives and futures of Ukraine's 7.5 million children.

Ukraine: At least three children killed as conflict escalates
The deaths of three children reported in the conflict in Ukraine shows that any war is a war against children, with fears that more innocent young lives will be lost if the fighting does not stop immediately, Save the Children said.

Six children a minute left without caregivers from COVID-19 at risk of orphanages
Nearly six children every minute on average lost at least one parent or guardian to COVID-19 and now face a heightened risk of violence, exploitation and abuse, as well as the danger of being put into institutional care, said Save the Children.

Escalation of hostilities across Ukraine putting 7.5 million children at risk
All children in Ukraine - at least 7.5 million under 18 years - are in grave danger of physical harm, severe emotional distress, and displacement following an escalation in hostilities.

Ukraine: “Don’t give up on diplomacy because more violence will destroy a generation of children.”
Children will bear the brunt of a significant escalation in fighting in Ukraine says Save the Children, calling for an immediate cessation to hostilities.

Cash transfers prove ‘life-saving’ during COVID crisis in Fiji
An innovative Save the Children digital cash program helped vulnerable families in Fiji to manage the devastating impacts of COVID-19, a new report shows.

Climate vulnerability highlighted as children in Madagascar brace for fourth tropical storm in five weeks
Children and communities on the South East Coast of Madagascar who have lost their homes and schools from successive major storms are steeling themselves for the country’s fourth tropical storm in five weeks, Save the Children said today.

Afghanistan six months on: Children on the edge of life
From children living under tarpaulin in a basement, to desert communities digging wells and collecting rain water, a series of photographs for Save the Children by world-renowned photographer Jim Huylebroek highlight the human tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan as the country marks six months since the dramatic transition of power.

Afghanistan: A fifth of starving families sending children to work as incomes plummet in past six months
Up to one fifth of families in Afghanistan have been forced to send their children out to work as incomes have plummeted in the past six months with an estimated one million children now engaged in child labour, according to new Save the Children research.

Yemen: January deadliest month since 2018 with one civilian killed or injured every hour
Nearly one civilian was killed or injured every hour in Yemen last month, making January the deadliest month since the last major escalation of the conflict in 2018, according to a new analysis by Save the Children.

Save the Children slams WA Government for serious breach of children's rights
Save the Children Australia is calling on the McGowan Government to overhaul Western Australia's juvenile justice system to ensure children's lives are protected and their rights are upheld.

Save the Children statement on child death in Al Hol’s Annex
Save the Children responds to reports that at least one child has been killed and others injured after security forces opened fire in Al Hol’s Annex.

North West Syria: Children Reported Killed and Injured Following US Military Operation
At least six children, including two infants, were killed in Atma town, Idlib according to reports.

"I lie awake at night thinking of the children we can’t reach": Afghanistan's doctors at breaking point as pneumonia and hunger soar
More than half of surveyed families couldn’t get healthcare when they needed it, new Save the Children data reveals. In December, 135 children died in or on their way for treatment at one overwhelmed hospital, the majority fighting for breath from pneumonia.

Back-to-School is Not Enough: Australian Parents and Children have their say on COVID Recovery Plan
With the support of the Paul Ramsay Foundation, Save the Children Australia surveyed 1,500 parents and more than 1,000 children about the impact of COVID-19 and what support they need to recover.

Diplomatic solution urgently needed to avoid escalation of conflict in Ukraine
Urgent action is needed to prevent a dangerous military escalation in Ukraine which could threaten thousands of children’s lives, Save the Children has warned.

Parents and teachers race to clear ash from schools wrecked by Tonga volcano
Save the Children says return to school on January 31 will help children in Tonga recover from the trauma of the volcano and subsequent tsunami.

Save the Children: Calls to evacuate 700 boys from Syria’s Guweiran prison due to intense fighting
Save the Children today called for the immediate evacuation of children from Guweiran prison in Hasakeh city, North East Syria, following five days of intense fighting and the emergence of audio recordings of a boy begging for help, reportedly from inside.

Change the Date: Save the Children backs campaign
Save the Children has declared its continuing support for the Change the Date campaign.

Yemen: At least three children among more than 60 killed as airstrikes down internet across the country
At least three children and more than 60 adults are reported to have been killed and at least 100 others injured in a series of airstrikes today in Yemen, Save the Children said, but the true number is feared to be higher.

Aid arrives in disaster-struck Tonga as food, water running out
The race is on to get life-saving supplies to children and families in Tonga as water and food supplies dwindle following the volcano and tsunami disaster which struck nearly a week ago.

Afghanistan: Number of malnourished children at Save the Children clinics doubled since August
The number of dangerously malnourished children visiting Save the Children’s mobile health clinics in Afghanistan has more than doubled since August, with some dying before they can reach hospital.

Funds to protect children in crises fail to keep up with skyrocketing needs
Funding for child protection in the world’s worst crises dropped from 42% of the amount required in 2019 to 24% in 2020, according to a report released today by a coalition of leading humanitarian agencies.

Tonga volcano: Lives lost and homes destroyed as extent of damage becomes clearer
At least three people have been killed and 50 homes destroyed following the eruption of an underwater volcano near Tonga on Saturday that triggered a tsunami, with parts of the South Pacific archipelago still cut off from all communication.

Save the Children ready to respond in Tonga and region affected by volcano
Save the Children stands ready to assist communities throughout the Pacific region affected by tsunamis and tidal waves following a series of volcanic eruptions.

Children from Australia and the Pacific needed to advise UN on climate
Save the Children is urging children from Australia and Pacific Island nations impacted by climate change to apply for the chance to join a new advisory team to the United Nations.

Australian children must be repatriated, before it’s too late
Save the Children Australia says the Australian Government must urgently follow the US, Canada and members of the EU in repatriating citizens from camps in Syria.

Two-thirds of Afghan children need help to survive in 2022
Two in three – or more than 13 million – children in Afghanistan are in desperate need of life-saving aid, according to new UN figures. That’s an increase of more than a third since the start of 2021 as the country descends into one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

Global leaders make urgent COVID vaccine appeal to G20 ahead of weekend summit
G20 summit is critical turning point in fight against COVID say world leaders. Premier Mario Draghi urged to direct G20 summit to stop vaccine hoarding, end a vaccine distribution crisis and halt growing COVID death toll.

Prime Minister must commit climate finance ahead of Glasgow: Save the Children
The Prime Minister’s plan lacks ambition at home and no new commitment to help most vulnerable to the impacts of the climate crisis.

Children dying from starvation in Kabul as ‘unprecedented’ food crisis leaves almost 14 million Afghan children hungry
More children in Afghanistan are going hungry than ever before, according to UN data analysed by Save the Children, with 22.8 million people – including almost 14m children – expected to face crisis or emergency levels of food insecurity this winter.

Digicel Acquisition Must Deliver Development Dividend Too: Save The Children
Save the Children urges the Australian Government to ensure the strategic acquisition of the Pacific’s largest telecommunications network is utilised for development outcomes.

Safe Schools Conference: 300 children call on world leaders to protect schools from attack
Children are making a series of demands to world leaders, including requesting they deny armies access to schools, and ensuring paths to schools are free of mines and explosives, in a Children’s Manifesto launched today.

Lives of Australian children trapped in Syria in peril unless government acts
Save the Children urges the Australian Government to accept offer from Kurdish and US authorities to repatriate Australian children and their mothers.

Weeks ahead of COP26, water crisis in Iraq and North East Syria ‘creeping into every corner of children’s lives’
Children’s lives in Iraq and North East Syria are hanging in the balance as drought, low levels of water in key rivers, and lack of access to maintain damaged water station infrastructure have put water out of reach for millions, Save the Children said today.

Joint Release: More than one in five children in Queensland in poverty and massive rent rises revealed at Anti-Poverty Week launch
Nearly 600,000 adults and children in Queensland struggle to survive on income payments well below the poverty line. The figures come at the launch of Anti-Poverty Week in Queensland today.

World Food Day: Nearly Half of All Stunted Children Live in Countries Most Vulnerable to Climate Change
Nearly half of all children whose growth is stunted by poor nutrition face further threats from climate change because they are growing up in the countries most vulnerable to its impacts, new analysis from Save the Children revealed.

Save the Children calls for the protection of children caught in Beirut clashes
Save the Children is calling for all parties involved in the clashes in Beirut to prevent a further escalation in violence and protect all civilians, especially children.

Shepparton - Hands on Learning students thrive during lockdown
The Shepparton community may have had it extra tough over recent weeks, but that didn’t stop the Hands on Learning team at Greater Shepparton Secondary College from creating masterpieces while school attendance was restricted.

Save the Children welcomes National Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy
Save the Children Australia has today warmly welcomed a national focus on children’s mental health and wellbeing, noting the plan has arrived at a critical time for children’s mental health support and recovery.

Save the Children to deliver education to 38,000 displaced Afghan boys and girls thanks to multi million dollar grant
Tens of thousands of displaced Afghan children will receive an education through a $4million USD (approximately $5.5million AUD) grant secured by Save the Children Australia.

COVID19: Children globally struggling after lockdowns averaging six months–Save the Children
Children around the world have stayed indoors for an average of six months since the start of the pandemic, with growing concerns about rising levels of depression, anxiety, loneliness and even self-harm, Save the Children has warned on World Mental Health Day.

Latest repatriations from camps in Syria show Australia the way
Save the Children has welcomed the repatriation by the Danish and German governments of 37 children and 11 women from camps in North East Syria this but called on governments not to leave any children behind as winter fast approaches.

Afghanistan’s imminent health system collapse will result in thousands more child deaths every month
The collapse of Afghanistan’s health system will result in the deaths of thousands more children under the age of five each month, Save the Children warned today.

Young climate campaigners’ message to Scott Morrison: if you won’t go to COP26, we will represent Australia instead
Young climate campaigners are calling for a seat at the table at the all-important COP26 climate conference in Glasgow in 27 days, offering to take the place of Australia’s Prime Minister.

Northern Syria: COVID-19 claims a 20 day-old baby and a 17-year-old pregnant girl
A 20-day-old baby and a 17-year-old pregnant girl are among COVID-19’s latest victims in Northern Syria as the number of people catching the virus continues to rise sharply, Save the Children said today.

Australia’s leading child-focused aid agencies demand more meaningful climate policy involvement for the young people most impacted

Children abandoned by their governments are ‘wasting away’ in Syrian camps – New Report
Many of the world’s richest countries have failed to bring home the majority of their children stuck in two camps in North East Syria, Save the Children said today, as youngsters say their lives are “simply wasting away” with violence and illness a daily risk.

Education in a quarter of the world’s countries is on the brink of collapse without urgent action
New analysis from Save the Children finds that factors such as climate change, a lack of COVID-19 vaccines, displacement, attacks on schools and lack of digital connectivity are jeopardising access to schooling.

Wellbeing program that supported thousands of children caught up in Black Summer bushfires offers new promise for COVID-19 recovery
Hundreds of children in bushfire and flood-ravaged communities across Australia have reported positive results from a mental wellbeing and resilience program offered in Australia for the first time, a new Save the Children report has found.

Save the Children: response to Victorian Liberal Party calling for mental health support for every school child in Victoria
There’s no doubt Victorian kids are hurting right now. Mr Guy is right when he says mental health support is urgently needed, but we’d go further and say that prevention is always better than cure.

Save the Children calls for radical new approach to Child Protection in National Week
More than a decade after the first National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children was adopted, Australian children are no better protected says Save the Children.

Save the Children hoping to resume life-saving services for children in Afghanistan soon
Save the Children hopes to restart some life-saving health and nutrition services in Afghanistan before the winter months set in amid growing concerns about a devastating humanitarian crisis unfolding across the country.

Save the Children supporting Afghan children arriving in Australia
Save the Children Australia has mobilised to provide 1,500 Afghan children and their parents with support packs as they arrive in Australian quarantine facilities this week.

Australia must raise humanitarian intake from Afghanistan to 20,000:Save the Children
The humanitarian organisation – which has worked in Afghanistan since 1976 – says Australia’s recent commitment to take in 3000 Afghans is a good start, but Australia should increase that to 20,000 over its existing humanitarian intake over time.

Save the Children concerned hunger crisis in Afghanistan will worsen as aid efforts on hold
Save the Children is extremely concerned that a severe hunger crisis facing children in drought-hit Afghanistan will escalate with aid efforts on hold, putting thousands of young lives at risk as the world faces its biggest hunger crisis of the 21st century.

Families in Les Cayes, Haiti, suffering trauma and fear as aftershocks rock the country and death toll now exceeds 2000
Children and their families in Les Cayes, one of the areas hardest hit by an earthquake in Haiti five days ago, are still afraid to go into what’s left of their houses to get their possessions, Save the Children said.

Save the Children fears for children in Haiti as Tropical Storm Grace heads for worst affected regions
Following a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that levelled parts of Haiti on Saturday, killing some 1,300 people and injuring thousands, Save the Children is racing to cover basic needs of the most severely affected children and families as a tropical storm approaches.

Report is a harrowing warning, but children already suffer devastating impacts of climate change
In response to the IPCC report that was launched today, Save the Children has released the following statement.

Government’s sanctions proposal doesn’t go far enough on human rights
Experts and Parliamentarians have all urged Australia to introduce laws similar to the United States’ Magnitsky Act 2012, which would address both human rights violations and corruption, and be applicable to the immediate family members and direct beneficiaries of human rights abusers.

Sixteen Australian charities joined forces for the first time today Friday 6 August, to launch the newly-formed Emergency Action Alliance. In an historic move the humanitarian agencies will be uniting in their campaign and fundraising efforts to improve how Australians can support and donate when large scale overseas humanitarian disasters take place.

AFGHANISTAN: 18 civilians, including children, killed in air strikes in Kandahar
Save the Children is devastated by reports that 18 civilians, including women and children, have been killed during air strikes on the city of Kandahar in southern Afghanistan today.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day
On National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day, Save the Children Australia restates its support for a constitutionally enshrined National Voice to Parliament that is reflective of the views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

AFGHANISTAN: Almost 80,000 children displaced in past two months
Some 80,000 children in Afghanistan have fled their homes since the start of June as violence has swept parts of the country, Save the Children warned today, and are in dire need of food, shelter and medical care.

LEBANON – One year after Beirut blast, economic crisis pushes families further into hunger, says Save the Children
Hundreds of thousands of children in Lebanon are going to bed hungry, Save the Children warned today, as their parents increasingly fail to make ends meet at the end of every month and are unable to pay for basics such as food, electricity and medicine.

Australia’s leading aid agencies welcome Australia’s funding pledge for the Global Partnership for Education, but warn it does not go far enough
Five of Australia’s leading international aid agencies today welcomed the Australian federal government commitment to increase its global funding pledge at the Global Education financing Summit in London - but expressed disappointment that the pledge doesn’t go far enough.

Four years after the battle for Al Raqqa, children are living among ruins
Children in Al Raqqa, North East Syria, are still living among ruins, with limited water, electricity, and access to education, four years after the city was taken from ISIS, according to a new report by Save the Children.

Number of children killed or injured in Afghanistan rose more than 55% in first half of 2021
Save the Children is appalled by new UN data published today which shows that the number of children killed or injured in Afghanistan in the first half of this year rose more than 55% compared to a year ago to 1,682.

Vulnerable children who have lost their caregivers to COVID-19 at grave risk of abuse and exploitation
A study published in the Lancet on children impacted by COVID-19, which estimates a staggering 1.5 million children have lost at least one parent or grandparent to the virus, is a wake-up call that cannot be ignored, warns Save the Children.

Southeast Asia’s COVID-19 deaths surging, with ‘worst yet to come'
Southeast Asia is fast becoming the region hardest-hit by COVID-19, with the rate of infections racing ahead of previously worst-affected places like Latin America and India.

Inquisitive: Save The Children’s Impact Investment Fund Supports Innovative Education
Save the Children Australia is proud to announce its most recent impact investment in Inquisitive, a leading Australian education company that supports teachers to better deliver quality education.

375,000 children displaced and three dead in flood-hit India
More than 800,000 people, including 375,000 children, have been displaced by worsening floods in Bihar, India after heavy monsoon rains submerged160,000 homes.

North East Syria: Repatriations show giving children a future is possible with political will
Save the Children welcomes the repatriation of some 26 children and a number of their mothers from camps in North East Syria to Belgium, Kosovo, Finland and North Macedonia over the past four days.

Save the Children is “horrified” by reports of 80 college students abducted in Nigeria
Save the Children is horrified by reports that 80 students have been abducted from their college in Kebbi State.

NORTH WEST SYRIA: Save the Children condemns attacks killing at least 13 children in three days in ceasefire zone
Save the Children said at least 13 children have been killed in a wave of violence in North West Syria, over the last three days.

‘There is no safe place anymore for children in this climate crisis’
The devastating floods in Germany, ​which have killed dozens of people and caused widespread devastation, must be a wake-up call to politicians across Europe and worldwide.

Urgent search to find families to care for COVID-19 orphans in Indonesia
Fears for orphaned children in Indonesia as death toll reaches 70,000

Indonesia’s COVID disaster a ‘child rights crisis on our doorstep’, warns Save the Children Australia
Indonesia’s rapidly escalating COVID-19 outbreak is infecting and killing children at an unprecedented rate, as Save the Children Indonesia issues an urgent plea to the international community for more vaccines.

Nine out of ten displaced children struggle to have food, water, schooling
With the ongoing violence in Yemen forcing children and their families from their homes, nine out of ten children in displacement camps don’t have sufficient access to basics like food, clean water and an education, Save the Children said today.

Lebanon crisis: children as young as five face violence, dog attacks as forced onto streets to work
Children as young as five are being forced onto the streets to sell black market petrol and collect scrap metal and plastic, as COVID-19 exacerbates the economic crisis in Lebanon.

South Africa: Save the Children calls for greater protection of children as violence spreads
Save the Children is gravely concerned about the safety of children during the civil unrest in South Africa following the reported killing of a 15-year-old boy in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, among the protesters.

Syria: Save the Children statement on the UNSC decision on Syria cross-border mandate
The UN Security Council’s decision could keep the only effective route for humanitarian aid into North West Syria open for another 12 months but more is needed to help millions of children living there, Save the Children said.

Australia to respond to international pressure to raise the age at the UN
The Australian Government is set to front the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva tonight to respond international pressure to lift the bar on human rights.

Fiji:‘Children surviving on sugar water’ as devastating second wave wipes out livelihoods
The second wave of the coronavirus has devastated lives and livelihoods across Fiji forcing many families to rely on cash support and food relief packages.

Many more children will die’: Urgent call for vaccines as Indonesia suffers one of world’s highest numbers of child COVID deaths
With one of the world’s highest rates of COVID-19 child deaths, cases soaring and people losing their jobs and livelihoods to the pandemic, Save the Children is deeply worried about the impact of the pandemic on children in Indonesia.

PHILIPPINES: Fears for children as thousands evacuate Taal Volcano area amid COVID-19 chaos
Save the Children is deeply concerned about the safety of thousands of children and their families in Batangas, after the eruption of the Taal Volcano in the Philippines - which experts warned could be followed by further, more dangerous eruptions

Young children “don't have the will to eat” as mental health crisis grips Cabo Delgado
Children displaced by the conflict in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, are showing signs of severe mental stress and distress.

West Bank and East Jerusalem: Four out of five children feel ‘abandoned by the world’ after their home is demolished
Four out of five children in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, whose homes have been demolished by Israeli authorities say they feel abandoned by the world, a new report by Save the Children revealed today.

Girls facing higher risk of ‘summer’ marriages in Middle East and North Africa
Girls in the Middle East and North Africa are in greater danger of being forced or sold into ‘tourist’ or ‘pleasure’ marriages due to the surge in poverty, displacement, and the COVID-19 pandemic, Save the Children warned ahead of a global meeting next week on gender equality.

Digital Library Launched For The Children Of Solomon Islands
Children across the Solomon Islands will have the chance to read local stories that spark imagination and build foundations for a lifelong love of reading, with the nation’s first ever digital library of books launching this month.

AFGHANISTAN: Thousands of children losing access to education as schools attacked in escalating conflict
After the burning of dozens of schools and with six children injured today in the eastern province of Nangarhar when an unexploded mortar shell went off, Save the Children is calling for all parties in the escalating conflict in Afghanistan to abide by international humanitarian law and ensure children and schools do not become collateral damage.

More than 5.7 million children under five on the brink of starvation across the world
With an estimated 5.7 million children under five on the brink of starvation across the globe, the world is facing the biggest global hunger crisis of the 21st century.

North West Syria: Two children among several killed in Syria airstrikes and shelling
Save the Children can confirm that at least two children, aged three and 11, are among those killed today in a spate of airstrikes and shelling attacks north west Syria.

Prime Minister urged to listen to children on climate change ahead of G7 talks
As Prime Minister Scott Morrison heads to Cornwall, England to meet with G7 leaders like British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden, Save the Children is urging him to listen to Australian children and young people on climate change.

Afghanistan’s children are paying the price of global COVID-19 vaccine rollout failures, warns Save the Children.
Save the Children is calling for urgent attention and vaccines from the international community to protect Afghan children from the impacts of the third wave of COVID-19.

Kids in world’s poorest countries lost 66% more of lifetime at school than richer peers
Girls in poorer countries missed 22 percent more days in school than boys, new analysis by Save the Children found. Save the Children is calling on global leaders to prioritise education spending to send children back to school safely. News comes as pressure mounts on G7 leaders to back global vaccination plan.

Save the Children shocked by recent killings of children in Burkina Faso
Attacks on the community of Solhan, in the Sahel region, have killed more than a hundred people, including several children and people who already had fled their homes.

UN puts children’s environmental rights on global agenda
On World Environment Day, Save the Children says Australian Government must be accountable to children and their climate rights.

Save The Children partners with Tongan government to protect access to education
To mitigate impact of Covid-19 on children’s education, the leading child rights agency will operate in Tonga for the first time.

Save the Children warns Nepal faces “lethal cocktail” of testing and oxygen shortages as vaccine drive stalls
The combination of testing and oxygen shortages, a critically fragile health system and vaccination efforts at a standstill, has Nepal facing a crisis scenario with thousands of lives at risk, Save the Children warned today.

Save the Children enhances child safeguarding
Save the Children Australia will further enhance its child safeguarding practices by installing NetClean Proactive, a world-leading software technology to detect and stop child sexual exploitation material on work computers.

Majority of refugees flowing into Rwanda from DRC volcano are children
In the past 24 hours at least 3,000 people, including 1,800 children, have crossed into Rubavu district in Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of Congo following increasingly volatile volcanic eruptions near the major town of Goma.

Save the Children wants children consulted on Indigenous Voice to Parliament
Save the Children Australia is reiterating its support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart, a clear and urgent call for reform, to be implemented in full.

Malala Yousafzai donates $150,000 for children in Gaza
Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai is donating $100,000 USD to Save the Children to support families in Gaza as they begin the long process of rebuilding and rehabilitation after the recent escalation of violence with Israel.

Save the Children welcomes Federal Court ruling on duty of care to children
Save the Children Australia has welcomed today’s decision by the Federal Court that the Australian Government has a duty of care to protect children and young people from the impacts of climate change.

Cyclone Yaas
Fears for children as India braces for Cyclone Yaas Amid COVID-19 chaos

NGUTU COLLEGE: Save the Children’s Impact Investment Fund makes first investment
First investment made to Ngutu College in South Australia

Rich countries need to spend just $0.80 a week per citizen to stock world with COVID-19 vaccines, says Save the Children
Economic cost of failing to back global vaccination drive will be 35 times the required funding, new analysis reveals

CLIMATE STRIKE: children to vote with their feet
Save the Children Australia will stand with children and young people striking to save the planet this Friday, 21 May.

Thousands of homes destroyed by Cyclone Tauktae as India grapples with COVID-19
Following the devastation caused by cyclone Tauktae, which hit the West coast of India killing at least 26 people and destroying thousands of homes, Save the Children is assessing the damage and the immediate needs of communities in the worst affected areas.

YEMEN: A quarter of all civilian casualties are children
Millions of children at risk of death, injury, starvation, or disease as the world’s worst famine in decades looms.

Yemen: Tens of thousands of children denied access to education after a single month of attacks on schools
Five attacks on schools in Yemen in March of this year have left an estimated 30,600 children without access to education.

Nepal’s looming Covid crisis poses serious threat to children, warns Save the Children
As Nepal’s rapidly escalating Covid-19 emergency puts the country’s hospitals under increasing strain, Save the Children warned today that there could be “catastrophic” consequences for children if the virus is not brought under control.

14 Palestinian children and one Israeli child have been killed: “It was the worst night of my life"
Heavy bombardment and rocket attacks exchanged between Israel and Palestinian armed groups in Gaza have seen 53 Palestinians, including 14 children.

Save the Children intervenes in climate change court case brought by young people against 33 countries
Save the Children has officially intervened in a ground-breaking climate change case before the European Court of Human Rights as a third-party.

Reality of Covid And Climate Crises For Region Bites In Budget
Save the Children Australia has expressed alarm at the failure of the Federal Budget to accept and respond to the escalating COVID and climate crises in our region.

Statement on violence in Gaza and Israel
Save the Children is horrified by the airstrikes last night that killed 24 people, including nine children in the Gaza Strip. A further 103 people have been injured.

10,000 vulnerable children at risk as funding falls off a cliff
Critical child wellbeing program Journey of Hope is on the precipice of a funding cliff, with money due to run out on in June, putting the psychosocial needs of more than 10,000 children in jeopardy.

Save the Children fears trafficking and abuse amid social media pleas to adopt India’s Covid orphans
Save the Children is deeply concerned about the growing number of children who have lost parents to COVID-19 in India.

‘Waiver by Biden is great step, sharing of vaccine-recipes should be next’
Save the Children is thrilled with the announcement of the Biden administration to back the waiving of intellectual property rights to COVID-19 vaccines, but emphasizes other countries now must follow suit immediately as part of a wider effort to ensure fair access to vaccines for all.

Grave concerns for young children and pregnant women in India amidst COVID-19 crisis
India could be facing thousands of additional deaths among children under five and an increase in maternal deaths, as hospitals and clinics are directing virtually all their staff and medicines to coping with COVID-19 patients, Save the Children warned today.

Six months on: Almost 5,000 children separated from parents by conflict in Tigray, says Save the Children
Thousands of children are currently separated from their parents as the result of the conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia, with many living in unsafe and dire conditions in informal camps, according to Save the Children.

Joint sector release: Leading INGOs call on Australia to increase budget pledge to Global Partnership for Education
Australia’s leading international development organisations have today called on the Federal government to make a commitment to replenish the Global Partnership for Education in the 2021-22 Budget.

Children demand world leaders save the planet
Save the Children Australia has launched a campaign to amplify the voices of children and young people ahead of the Leaders’ Summit on Climate, April 22-23.

Aid organisations call on governments to give one day’s military spending to fight hunger
Aid organisations, including Save the Children, have called on governments to give a single day’s military spending to fight hunger. Only 26 hours of global military spending is enough to cover the $US5.5 billion ($AU7.1 billion) needed to help those most at risk.

Climate crisis - 710 million children live in countries at high risk
Save the Children warns that drastic action is needed to ensure children and their families can cope with current and future climate-shocks.

Mexico, migrant, refugees, border, wall, shelters, capacity, save the children, el salvador, guatemala, honduras – Save the Children
Thousands of children making the dangerous journey to the United States are being held in Mexican shelters that are rapidly filling up, with some lacking basic necessities.

North East Syria: COVID-19 spreads through camps as Ramadan begins under emergency lockdown
People in displacement camps in North East Syria are being plunged into an even deeper critical situation as 46 COVID-19 cases have been reported across three camps, Save the Children said today.

Australia must raise the age of criminal responsibility to 14
Save the Children calls for attorneys-general report to be released publicly and decision be steeped in overwhelming evidence.

Save the Children takes fake news fight to the airways in PNG
As the coronavirus situation in Papua New Guinea continues to worsen, a massive spike in misinformation and fake news is undermining efforts to bring the outbreak under control.

Disaster for Somali families as income from livestock sales expected to halve in coming months
Millions of children and their families in Somalia will be left without enough food to eat as crop and vegetable production is expected to drop by 75-80 percent this season and income from livestock sales, the basis of survival for many Somali families, is expected to drop by up to 55 percent.

G20 must work harder on debt relief for poorer countries
Every day without action means lost lives and futures for children who have borne the brunt of the crisis.

'Disaster upon disaster' for children in Indonesia as 100,000 have exams disrupted by flash floods
Around 100,000 children in three districts of Indonesia have had their exams disrupted by flash floods and landslides, after a tropical cyclone hit Indonesia and neighbouring Timor-Leste on Sunday, killing 128 and leaving over 8,400 displaced.

COVID-19 in Iraq: Hundreds of infants and children infected every day as new variant spreads
Almost 2,000 children under-10 across the country have been infected in just two weeks.

SIERRA LEONE: Thousands, including children, need food, shelter after fire devastates deprived community
Children have been reported missing and many more left without a home, a day after a fire tore through a deprived community in Sierra Leone’s capital.

Race to find at least 23 children still missing after Rohingya camp blaze
Save the Children is working around the clock to locate at least 23 Rohingya children still reported missing after a huge fire swept through the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh on Monday.  

Caboolture Rotary Club ‘Moreton Bay Red Ride’ fundraiser donates to Save the Children
Save the Children welcomes the announcement the charity will be a beneficiary of funds raised in the first ever Caboolture Rotary Moreton Bay Red Ride.

Save the Children ready to support children impacted by flooding
With 18,000 people evacuated, and a further 15,000 on alert in NSW, the unique needs of children must be a priority.

Fire blazes through Rohingya Camp putting lives of thousands of refugees at risk
Save the Children is deeply concerned by a fire currently tearing through several densely populated Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, which are home to over 800,000 Rohingya people.

Victoria urged to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14
Save the Children is calling on Victorian MPs to back raising the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to at least 14.

‘Terrifying’ Humanitarian catastrophe brewing on Australia’s doorstep
Save the Children welcomes today’s announcement by the Federal Government of support for our neighbors in Papua New Guinea as they face a devastating Covid-19 outbreak.

Children as young as 11 brutally murdered in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique – Save the Children
Children as young as 11 are being beheaded in the Mozambique province of Cabo Delgado, Save the Children said, as conflict continues to displace thousands.

Call for millions of teachers in Asia-Pacific to receive COVID-19 vaccine
A year since the start of the global pandemic and as vaccine roll-out gathers pace in Asia-Pacific, Save the Children calls for millions of teaching staff to be among the first in line to be inoculated once frontline health workers and vulnerable populations are vaccinated.

‘Anywhere but Syria’: After ten years of war, the vast majority of children can’t imagine a future in the country
On average, 86% of Syrian refugee children surveyed in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and the Netherlands said they would not want to return to their country of origin.

Children ‘pay the highest price’ in Yemen war, says Save the Children as seven injured while leaving school
Seven children were injured by an artillery shell attack as they left school in Taiz city, Yemen

Save the Children welcomes decision to repatriate Belgian children from Syria, urges repatriation of all children and their mothers
Save the Children welcomes the news that the Belgian government will repatriate children from Al Hol camp in North East Syria, urging Australia to do the same

Save the Children Australia appoints new Board Chair
Save the Children Australia is delighted to announce Larry Kamener as the new Board Chair, succeeding Peter Hodgson.

Children have lost more than a third of their school year to Covid-19 pandemic

Further catastrophe looms for Yemen if funding cuts continue, aid organisation said
Vital aid funding will be the difference between life and death for 400,000 children in the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.

NIGERIA – ‘Attacks unacceptable, schools should never be a place of fear’
Save the Children asks for the immediate release of up to 450 kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria’s Zamfara State

COVID-19: $2 billion urgently needed to tackle global shortage of oxygen
The scale of global oxygen crisis laid bare as second wave of pandemic threatens to overwhelm health systems.

Call to save lives of Rohingya refugees reportedly adrift on a vessel in the Andaman Sea
Save the Children calling for an immediate search and rescue effort to help save the lives of those who reportedly are on board the drifting vessel.

Save the Children calls on Qld MPs to vote down youth justice changes
Save the Children is urging Queensland MPs to vote down the proposed youth justice changes, being introduced into parliament this week.

Yemen: At least one child killed and two injured in artillery shelling in Taiz
Save the Children is outraged by an artillery shelling on a residential area in Taiz city, which has killed at least one child and left two others severely injured.

The needs of South Australia’s children to be systematically included in disaster planning
Leading child rights organisation Save the Children has signed a MoU with the South Australian government to child friendly spaces in evacuation centres when a bushfire or other disaster hits.

Safety of children must be prime minister's priority
Save the Children Australia has today urged Prime Minister Scott Morrison to put the safety and wellbeing of Australian children ahead of politics.

YEMEN: Over two million children expected to go hungry or starve in 2021 - Save the Children
2.3 million children under five in Yemen are expected to go hungry or be on the brink of starvation by the end of this year

Nearly 840,000 children are going hungry as Somalia declares state of emergency over locust invasion
Save the Children is deeply concerned by the deteriorating humanitarian situation for hundreds of thousands of children under five in Somalia

An End to U.S. Participation in the War in Yemen: “A Critical Step to Saving Children’s Lives”
Save the Children applauds the Biden Administration’s announcement that it will take concrete steps to end U.S. participation in Yemen’s conflict

SYRIA: Thousands of children pushed out of education after 119 schools are flooded amidst funding gaps
Save the Children is deeply concerned about the flooding and destruction of 119 schools across North West Syria

Save the Children and Facebook launch the first ever Online Safety Campaign in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Tonga

Reduced humanitarian access impedes response to rising cases of COVID-19 and the harsh effects of winter in Northern Syria amid aid shortages
Sub-zero temperatures, floods and soaring food prices – combined with rising cases of COVID-19 and ongoing aid shortages – have rapidly increased the needs across northern Syria at a time when humanitarian access to the area has been severely constrained, NGOs warned today - six months after the UN Security Council voted to further limit access points for humanitarian aid to the country.

COVID-19: Focus and funds must pivot to Africa as countries reel from deadly second wave
Save the Children is warning that the lives of thousands of children across Africa are at risk as the hard-hitting second wave of COVID-19 surges across the continent.

60 million children across eight humanitarian crises need urgent help to survive
COVID-19 has put decades of progress at risk for vulnerable children.

Save the Children supports changing the date
The leading child rights agency is enabling staff to make an individual choice to mark January 26 or choose an alternate day to take as their Australia Day public holiday.

Calls For An End To The Violence As Three Aid Workers Die And 90,000 People Media Release Displaced
Save the Children is appalled by the escalation of violence in West Darfur, which has led to 200 deaths and 300 injuries in just the past few days, and the displacement of 90,000 people.

Australia set to be grilled by the UN on human rights​
Today, Australia’s human rights performance over the last 5 years will come under scrutiny by the United Nations Human Rights Council through the Universal Periodic Review.

Revealed: 10 Million Afghan Children Need Life-Saving Help ​
New figures reveal that just over 18 million people in Afghanistan, including 9.7 million children, desperately need life-saving support. Save the Children and its partners are calling calling for urgent increases in humanitarian funding for Afghanistan.

Veil of secrecy must be lifted as Australia continues to sell weapons to countries accused of war crimes in Yemen​
Government must increase transparency and accountability over weapons exports

Focus on children in aftermath of Sulawesi earthquake ​
The earthquake that struck the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia has reportedly killed at least 34 people.

Children and families in Lebanon face critical days as curfew begins​
“I can go without food, but my children can’t.”

Lebanon: Vulnerable children at risk from total lockdown without immediate support​
Save the Children is deeply worried that the COVID-19 lockdown that was announced in Lebanon yesterday will impact vulnerable families and children extremely hard

Save the Children launches a first-of-its-kind digital cash project to help Fijian families devastated by COVID-19​
Technology could be rolled out to help those affected by future disasters

U.S. Terrorism Designation in Yemen Threatens Children’s Lives
Save the Children is warning that the humanitarian crisis in Yemen will likely deepen in the coming weeks after the U.S. Government announced its decision to roll out a new terrorism designation on Ansar Allah in Yemen.

North West Syria: Shortages of oxygen, water as COVID-19 cases quadruple in two months
Vulnerable families suffer most as they are plunged deeper into poverty
Revealed: 300,000 children face illness, even death from Afghanistan’s freezing winter conditions​
More than 300,000 Afghan children face freezing winter conditions that could lead to illness, in the worst cases death, without proper winter clothing and heating, warns Save the Children.

Violence, flooding, and displacement push one million children in South Sudan to the brink of starvation
Save the Children calls for immediate action to prevent children dying of hunger

Trail of destruction slowly emerging after Cyclone Yasa smashes Fiji
Reports of immense damage left by Cyclone Yasa are beginning to emerge after the cyclone tore across Fiji overnight.

Connecting families in Wagga Wagga, Albury-Wodonga and Griffith
Save the Children Australia has received $3 million in funding from the NSW Government to deliver a new Family Connect and Support program in the Murrumbidgee region of NSW, including the regional centres of Wagga Wagga, Albury-Wodonga and Griffith and is ready to hit the ground running from New Year’s Day 2021

Concerns for children as Cyclone Yasa barrels towards Fiji
Cyclone Yasa is expected to bring destructive winds in excess of 220km/h as it moves across the island nation.

Malnutrition could kill 153 children every day over the next two years because of COVID-19
The COVID-19 crisis has put the world on the brink of a nutrition crisis, Save the Children warned in a new report today, with pandemic-related malnutrition projected to kill an average of 153 children a day over the next two years if action is not taken.

‘School Turned Into Nightmare After Attack In Nigeria’
Hundreds of school students abducted by gunmen.

Set an extra place at the Christmas table this year and feed a hungry child
Donations support work helping vulnerable children in Australia and all around the world.

New report highlights need to intervene early and support children rather than jailing them
Save the Children renews call to raise minimum age of criminal responsibility to 14

Youth need to have an enshrined voice on climate
Save the Children is insisting young people have an enshrined seat at the climate change policy table in Australia ahead of the Climate Ambition Summit on Saturday 12 December.

Australia must adopt Magnitsky-style laws targeting child rights abusers following bipartisan inquiry
Save the Children urges Foreign Minister to support findings in full and ensure Australia develops a sanctions regime that protects children across the globe

Yemen More than 20 000 Children in Yemen Facing Death from Starvation In 2021
Save the Children is alarmed and deeply concerned by the new UN report on food insecurity in Yemen, revealing that 16.2 million people in the country are facing high levels of acute food shortages early next year.

Hundreds of Ethiopian separated child refugees arriving in Sudan at risk of exploitation and abuse
Save the Children is deeply worried about lone child refugees arriving separated from their parents from Ethiopia into Sudan, as they are at risk of exploitation and abuse.

11m children under five at risk of extreme hunger or starvation across eleven countries
Potential risk of famine in Yemen and South Sudan, warns Save the Children

Children forced to live among corpses, unexploded bombs and rubble after camp closures strand thousands
Children's safety is at risk without adequate accommodation, Save the Children warns; parents say they have come back to destruction and bomb remnants.

More than 125 children killed or injured amid frequent violence in North West Syria Subheading: October registers the highest casualty toll as children die in recent escalation
October registers the highest casualty toll as children die in recent escalation

Afghan children left out in the cold by rich countries, says Save the Children
International donors to Afghanistan have made disappointing funding pledges to a country where nearly 40 per cent of the population, 14 million people, are in desperate need of life-saving support.

Shocking new data: Five children killed or maimed in Afghanistan every single day for past 14 years
Between 2005 and 2019, at least 26,025 children have been killed or maimed in Afghanistan – an average of five children every single day over the past 14 years.

New report: on average 25 children killed or injured in conflicts every day for the past decade
The figures are disclosed today in a Save the Children report, Killed and Maimed: A Generation Of Violations Against Children In Conflict. 

Conflict threatens global health security as children miss out on life-saving vaccines: report
Save the Children urges world leaders to deliver global ceasefire to help fight spread of COVID-19

At Least Four Children Killed In Intense Shelling Across Idlib
Save the Children is saddened by the deaths of four children who died during intense shelling in the Syrian province of Idlib this morning. Two staff members of a partner organisation were also killed during the attacks.

Fears for more than 450,000 children as Philippines struck by Typhoon Goni
There are fears for more than 450,000 children in the Bicol region of the Philippines after being battered on Sunday by reports of the strongest storm of the year to make landfall, warns Save the Children.

Children huddled in evacuation centres at risk from COVID19, as year’s strongest storm batters the Philippines
Typhoon Goni made landfall across Luzon island on Sunday local time, bringing with it catastrophic winds, storm surges and widespread floods.

Fears for 20 million children as year’s strongest storm approaches the Philippines
There are fears for the safety of more than 20 million children as the year’s most powerful storm bears down on the Philippines, warns Save the Children.

Save the Children welcomes vaccination funding for Pacific, South East Asia but says more support needed now
Save the Children has applauded the Australian Government’s pledge to provide $500 million in additional aid funding to help Pacific and South East Asian countries roll out immunisation programs to cover their entire populations against COVID-19.

Fears for children’s safety as families in Turkey caught in aftermath of earthquake
Save the Children is deeply concerned for children and their families after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck in the Aegean Sea, affecting the western coast of Turkey, and parts of Greece.

Children largely forgotten by bushfire royal commission
The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements final report devotes more attention to animals in evacuations than to children.

“Treated Like Animals”: Palestinian Children Face Inhumane Treatment In Israeli-Run Prisons
Save the Children consulted more than 470 children from across the West Bank who have been detained over the past ten years.

Save the Children deeply concerned by alarming increase in child malnutrition in war-torn Yemen
Children paying the ultimate price.

Pakistan floods: 1.4 million children at risk of homelessness and disease 
As many as 1.4 million children face homelessness and disease following some of the worst ever floods in Pakistan, warns Save the Children.

600 million children in poor countries miss out on desperately needed support during COVID-19: new analysis
Hundreds of millions of families in low-and-middle income countries did not receive any child and family-specific benefits from their governments to help them survive the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new analysis from Save the Children.

Save the Children – 'Situation for children in Helmand deeply concerining'
Responding to the escalation of violence in Helmand province that has led to an estimated 35,000 people fleeing their homes.

Children's voices need to be heard ahead of another worrying disaster season
Save the Children is calling on the Australian Government to formally consult with children and young people on climate change and disaster planning.

Budget 2020-21: Commitment to the Region Not Equal to the Covid Task
The wellbeing of children and stability and security of our region is at risk without greater leadership from Australia in the face of the economic impact of the global coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 causing greatest surge of child marriages in 25 years
New analysis from Save the Children reveals a further 2.5 million girls are at risk of early marriage by 2025 because of the pandemic.

Save the Children’s Statement on the Findings of The Group of Eminent Experts in Yemen Report
Save the Children is extremely concerned by the findings of the Report of the Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen released today, in addition to their official report for the Human Rights Council which was released a few weeks ago in Geneva.

Statement following roadside blast in Afghanistan
“We call upon all parties to the conflict to do everything they can to protect civilians in this brutal war"

Save the Children Impact Investment Fund reaches first close with QBE as anchor investor
Save the Children’s Impact Investment Fund has reached its first close and is now able to start investing in some of the innovative enterprises in its pipeline, in Australia and around the world.

New report reinforces need for greater support for bushfire affected children
More than 14,000 children forced to flee their homes during bushfires

Hundreds of thousands more children in Syria face hunger
Unprecedented number of children in Syria battle soaring rates of malnutrition

Over 21,000 people killed since UN global ceasefire-resolution
Leading aid organisations urge Heads of State meeting in the Security Council to urgently renew their call for a global ceasefire

Lebanon: Two children die at sea as desperate families seek to escape worsening economic crisis
Flimsy dingy believed to have been stranded in Mediterranean Sea for days

Save the Children to call for development of 'Pacific JobKeeper'
More needs to be done to support Pacific neighbours by helping to create a stronger economic and social protection system

Killing of two young children in Rakhine State is utterly unacceptable, says Save the Children
The children, both only five years old, were hit by what appear to have been artillery shells that fell in Nyaung Khet Kan village on the border between Ann

Save the Children conducts largest global survey on the impact of COVID-19
Children from poorest households suffer greatest family income loss, miss out most on education and face highest risk of violence at home.

Amendments To Citizenship Bill Fail To Protect Children
Save the Children Australia warns that the Government’s changes to the Citizenship Act do not adequately protect the rights of Australian children, and that the Bill should not be passed in its current form.

Over 200,000 lone child migrants left to uncertain fates in Europe
Five years since the tragic death of Alan Kurdi, Save the Children is warning that Europe has failed to address the needs of migrant and refugee children.

BANGLADESH & MYANMAR: More than 100,000 babies born in refugee and displacement camps in recent years
An entire generation of stateless children, warns Save the Children.

Australia’s Young People Unprepared for Disasters
Students learn more about earthquakes than bushfires, floods, survey finds.

Two weeks on: Families in Beirut’s disaster zone are still in dire need of support to rebuild and recover
Two weeks after the explosion that tore through Lebanon’s capital Beirut, many vulnerable families in the affected areas are still in dire need of support, Save the Children warned today.

Humanitarian health workers put their lives on the line during COVID-19 pandemic
Humanitarian health workers across the world are putting their lives on the line to help others during an unprecedented global pandemic.

275-Strong World Leaders’ Group Warns of Tragic ‘COVID Generation’
Millions of children hit as education faces $150 billion of cuts.

Child death rate triples in Al-Hol camp as medical access deteriorates
Eight children under five died in Al Hol camp within five days, as health and nutrition services have deteriorated rapidly.

Beirut’s traumatised children – speechless, sleepless and separated from their parents
Save the Children ramps up emergency response to support affected families and children.

First case of Coronavirus among residents in Al Hol camp confirmed
One of our worst fears has come to pass in North East Syria.

Beirut’s children likely to suffer from anxiety, night terrors following blast
The mental health of children who experienced the Beirut explosion could be under serious threat.

Save the Children on the ground supporting children affected by Beirut explosion
Save the Children teams in Beirut are working around the clock to help children and families affected by the deadly explosion.

Beirut toxic gas, 100,000 children seen homes destroyed
Save the Children is calling for the safety and wellbeing of children and their reunification with relatives to be a key part of the response.

Historic Australia-PNG partnership welcome, but must be backed in with funding in October budget
Agreement comes at extraordinary time in human history.

Fears for children in Beirut explosion, as hospitals are completely overwhelmed
A huge explosion in the Lebanese capital has devastated communities within a 10km radius.

Two million children affected by monsoon rains in Bangladesh
Nation hit by longest-lasting floods in over twenty years

Save the Children welcomes Closing the Gap agreement
Closing the Gap targets are an important step towards improving the outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families

Lebanon: More than half a million children in Beirut are struggling to survive
New analysis by Save the Children

Government must bring home Aussie kids from North East Syria after US reiterates help offer
There aren’t any excuses left, says Save the Children

Children made up a third of civilian casualties in Afghanistan so far this year
Save the Children condemns all attacks on civilians and urges all parties to protect children

10 children killed in Yemen in the last four days
Escalation in violence inexplicable at time country should focus on fighting COVID19

Almost 10 million children may never return to school following Covid-19 lockdown: new report
Save Our Education report warns Covid-19 will force children out of school and into labour.

Save the Children statement on the renewal of the UN cross border resolution #2
Millions of Syria’s children to suffer the consequences of decision

Save the Children statement on the renewal of the UN cross border resolution
Save the Children urges Security Council to stop playing politics and put children’s lives first

First COVID-19 case in North West Syria
Fears of rapid outbreak in densely populated area

ASIO Bill breaches children’s rights, requires public scrutiny
Save the Children has warned that proposed new Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) powers breach fundamental children’s rights

UN Security Council’s COVID-19 global ceasefire resolution welcome but overdue
Resolution could prove lifesaving for the 415 million children currently living in active conflict zones

Australian bushfires six months on
Needs of children remain urgent and must not be forgotten

Defence spending must be backed by increase in foreign aid
Foreign aid not only in the national interest but the right thing to do

Syria conference pledges fall short
Increased support urgently needed to bolster emotional wellbeing of children

Save the Children condemns deadly attack in Afghan marketplace
23 civilians killed including two children

'Anxiety, panic attacks' among displaced Syrians highlight critical gaps in mental health support
Displaced Syrian children feel scared, exhausted, and are afraid to go home, according to new paper by Save the Children

MYANMAR: Conflict leads to six-fold increase in killing and maiming of children in the first three months of this year
Save the Children calls for the protection of civilians and for perpetrators of grave violations against children to be held accountable

Australia should empower local communities to sponsor refugees as global displacement reaches all-time high: Save the Children
Almost 80m people displaced on World Refugee Day

NORTH WEST SYRIA: Thousands of children return to destroyed homes amid COVID-19 fears in camps
COVID-19 outbreak in North West Syria would have unthinkable consequences, warns Save the Children

New UN report allows powerful countries to kill and maim children with impunity
United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres removes Saudi Arabia from his annual 'list of shame'

COVID-19: An additional three million children in Afghanistan need help to survive in 2020, warns Save the Children
Global pandemic means 4 out of every 10 children in Afghanistan now need some kind of humanitarian support

Shocking testimonies of rescued Rohingya children tell of “nightmare” on boats left adrift in the Bay of Bengal for months
Children and youth speak of hunger, death and despair as yet another boat carrying desperate Rohingya refugees is rescued in Malaysian waters

Save the Children welcomes Australia’s $300m commitment to fund life-saving vaccines
There has never been a more important time to invest in global vaccines

Save the Children welcomes High Court ruling on unlawful tear-gassing of four teenagers in Don Dale
Youth justice system has let down some of Australia's most at-risk and disadvantaged children

Pledging conference fails to deliver for Yemeni children in their darkest hour
Reduced funding catastrophic for Yemeni people as COVID-19 spreads

Five million Yemenis at risk of losing access to food and clean water as Coronavirus spreads in Yemen
Survey reveals impact of funding shortfalls as pledging conference is held today

Natalie Siegel-Brown to be new Child Wise Managing Director

COVID-19: Number of children living in household poverty to increase by 86 million
New analysis from Save the Children and UNICEF reveals that without urgent action, the number of children living in poor households across low- and middle-income countries could increase by 15 per cent, to reach 672 million. 

Ramadan: A family share their pictures from Al Hol Camp, North East Syria
Thousands of families across North East Syria are trying to maintain their spirits as the month of Ramadan comes to an end despite the growing fears of COVID-19. 

Fears for children and families in low-lying areas as strong winds, storm surge and flooding expected in India and Bangladesh
Evacuation efforts complicated by COVID-19 and social distancing measures.

Pacific aid welcome but may come at a cost
Much needed support for the Pacific highlights inadequate aid funding bucket.

UN Security Council Fails to Support Global Ceasefire, Shows No Response to COVID-19
Civil society criticises US, China role in Security Council failure; still sees hope in global ceasefire call.

First case of COVID-19 reported in Rohingya refugee camp
Media reports of the first confirmed case in the Rohingya refugee camps is a major cause for concern, warns Save the Children.

Safety of children and young mothers must be a priority in the wake of typhoon VongFong
Aid agency ready to respond with hygiene kits, household materials and mobile health units.

Australia needs new sanctions regime targeting gross violations of children’s rights
Save the Children welcomes appearance of Amal Clooney and Geoffrey Robertson QC before human rights hearings.

Funding to break cycle of disadvantage for young people welcome

Playgroups continuing online during coronavirus lockdown

Cash one of the best ways to help Solomon Islanders after a disaster
New research part of a series of preparedness activities being rolled out in the Solomon Islands thanks to Disaster READY

One year on: thousands of children at risk in Al Hol camp
New report 'A Children’s Crisis' paints a dire picture

Worst fears as first case of COVID-19 is confirmed in north of Yemen
Save the Children renews calls for ceasefire

Government must ensure safety of Australian children in North East Syria during COVID-19
47 Australian children continue to languish in Al-Hol camp

Children’s needs systematically overlooked in response to Australian bushfires: submission
Unique needs of children in bushfire affected communities must not be forgotten amidst Covid-19 crisis

Program adaptations help Aboriginal children connect to country during COVID-19
Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory are gaining new insight into traditional practices

First case of COVID-19 in North East Syria
Dire conditions prompt outbreak fears for thousands of children.

Access to full mobile data and telecommunications in Myanmar and Bangladesh is essential to save lives, say 26 major aid groups
Restoration vital to COVID-19 humanitarian response.

Globally financed and coordinated response to Covid-19 urgently needed
Responding to a new UN Report Save the Children has warned that the world must act to protect a generation of children.

Save the Children: Convert US$60 billion of debt into fund to fight Covid-19 in world’s poorest countries
Failure to act now could see 'lost decade'.

PM must step up and answer children’s questions about COVID-19
Save the Children urges PM to follow lead of counterparts in NZ and Norway.

First case of COVID-19 reported by authorities in YemenFirst case of COVID-19 reported by authorities in Yemen
Save the Children urges all parties to the conflict to adhere to the agreed ceasefire.

Vanuatu: New aerial photos reveal destruction left by Cyclone Harold
Images show homes totally destroyed, debris strewn across the ground and trees snapped in half

Save the Children backs call for concerted global action on coronavirus
Coordinated response from world’s largest economies critical to support the most vulnerable and minimise long term fallout

Save the Children launches its biggest ever appeal to protect children from COVID-19
Aid organisation seeks to raise $100 million in urgent race to help save millions of lives

COVID-19: Bangladesh has less than 2,000 ventilators serving a population of 165m, warns Save the Children
No ventilators in Cox’s Bazar District, home to more than three million people including one million Rohingya refugees

Save the Children announces exciting merger with Library For All
Harnessing technology to give more children across the globe greater access to education

Concerns for children as Vanuatu awaits monster cyclone
Save the Children ready to respond

Australia’s leading aid agencies call for urgent action to support the charities amid COVID-19 crisis
International aid agencies vital during pandemic

Australia’s support for Pacific more critical than ever.

More than 15 million children and their families in Yemen, Syria and Gaza set to face COVID-19 with fewer than 1,700 ventilators and beds
Save the Children calls for an easing of restrictions on aid for hard to reach areas.

Slow COVID-19 response to cost millions of lives in poorest countries
New modelling compares different scenarios for global response.

Save the Children condemns deadly attack on Sikh temple in Kabul
Aid agency renews calls for a global ceasefire as COVID-19 spread.

Five years of war in Yemen: Conflict takes heavy toll on children’s mental health
Amidst COVID-19 fears, new Save the Children survey shows children’s mental struggle as the conflict drags on.

Global ceasefire could help protect the lives of 415 million children
As Syria reports first case of COVID-19 and Yemen marks five years of war.

Save the Children Covid-19 Response: Putting children first
Safety and wellbeing of children must be prioritised.

Syria war nine years on: Almost 3 million people in Idlib in urgent need of help
Save the Children urges world not to forget about Syrian crisis.

Cyclone Idai one year on
Southern Africa still devastated and vulnerable to climate shocks.

New analysis reveals scale of destruction and displacement in Idlib
Civilians forced into shrinking space as conflict intensifies.

Save the Children proposes ‘innocent child’ amendment to security committee
Australian children trapped in Syria may be left stateless by the Australian Government’s decision to strip their parents of citizenship, warns leading child rights organisation.

Prime Minister’s deafening silence unacceptable on anniversary of Landmine Treaty
Statement by the Australian Arms Control Coalition on United States' decision to lift restrictions on the use of landmines.

Save the Children renews call to raise the age of criminal responsibility as inquiry submissions close
Early intervention more effective at preventing anti-social behaviour than criminalising children.

Children on the frontline as climate and economic crises collide.

Casualties as ten schools hit in one day during intense shelling in Idlib, Syria
Schools must be safe havens for children, even in a conflict zone, says Save the Children.

Climate change and disaster risks
Young people have say on climate change and disaster risks.

Al Hol camp in Syria
Statement on australian children and their mothers trapped in Al Hol camp in Syria.

Syria: Children dying in freezing conditions in camps as more than a quarter of Idlib displaced
As many as seven children including a baby have died from freezing temperatures and horrific living conditions in Syrian camps.

Coalition urges Australia to condemn landmine decision by US
The Australian Arms Control Coalition (AACC) has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison urging him to publicly condemn the decision of the United States to lift restrictions on its use of landmines.

Afghanistan: An additional 1.5 million children need help to survive in 2020, warns Save the Children
The number of children in Afghanistan who will need humanitarian assistance in 2020 has jumped by 40 percent compared to last year.

Syria: Humanitarian catastrophe in Idlib as thousands of children displaced in sub-zero temperatures
The conditions for children and families forced to flee their homes in Idlib, Syria are deteriorating at an alarming speed in severe winter weather, Save the Children is warning.

Statement on children injured when school hit by shelling in Myanmar
Following reports of children injured when their school was hit by mortar fire in northern Rakhine state, Myanmar, on Thursday, Save the Children has issued the following statement.

Closing the gap: far better progress needed on missed targets
Save the Children stresses importance of greater Indigenous voice on matters affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

A school or hospital attacked every 5 hours
A new report by Save the Children reveals the shocking and deadly impact war has on children around the world.

Coronavirus Face Masks
Save the Children delivers 36,000 face masks to Wuhan.

Hundreds of thousands in northwest Syria caught in humanitarian catastrophe.

Reopening of Sanaa airport for medical flights 'a lifeline' for thousands of children.

Children at risk in countries where healthcare systems will struggle to cope with an outbreak.

Journey of Hope
Lego to fund long term recovery program for children affected by bushfires.

Save the Children launches ground-breaking impact investment fund
A changing operating environment means the charity sector must adapt its business model

January 26
Save the Children supports changing the date.

Australia’s leading aid agencies issue plea for urgent action to address rapidly escalating global climate crisis
The time for debate about climate change is over, it is now time for action.

Australian Regional Leadership Initiative
Australian politicians to visit Rohingya camps as part of learning tour in Bangladesh.

More than 20,000 children evacuated from ‘danger zone’ around erupting volcano in Philippines
Thousands of children in evacuation centres are scared and confused and need urgent support, warns Save the Children.

One child dies each day during conflict escalations in Idlib, Syria
Nine children killed in the first week of 2020 as violence.

Australian bushfires: Children’s mental health needs a key part of response and recovery
Save the Children warns of importance of addressing the long-term mental health needs of children impacted by the devastating Australian bushfires.

Save the Children partners with QBE to support bushfire relief and recovery effort.

Australian children plea directly to PM: bring us home from Syria.

Aung San Suu Kyi's address to the Hague.

Needs of children must be prioritised in Family Law Inquiry 
Save the Children says family law system does not adequately protect children’s best interests.

Aung San Suu Kyi's address to the Hague.

Statement following birth of Australian baby boy born in Syrian camp.

Rohingya crisis
Today marks a crucial step towards justice for all alleged crimes against Rohingya children.

33 children killed or injured every month in deadliest Yemeni towns
One year after the Stockholm agreement, which should have brought stability to Hodeidah and Taiz in Yemen, children there are still victims of conflict.

Save the Children deploys health workers to support Samoa measles response
Team of clinical staff to work in main hospital in Samoa to support healthcare of women and small children.

Failure to resettle remaining offshore detainees to cost Australia $1.2 billion
New figures have revealed that the Australian Government’s failure to finalise resettlement for 535 offshore detainees currently in PNG and Nauru could cost taxpayers $1.2 billion over the next 3 years.

Save the Children calls on Australian Government to act on climate change
As world leaders meet this week at the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 25), Save the Children is urging the Australian Government to step up its action on climate change.

Climate change
Natural disasters claim more than 1200 lives across East and Southern Africa.

Papua New Guinea National Elementary Education Forum
National Education Forum showcases RISE program.

Dr Susan Neuhaus CSC addresses Save the Children National Centenary Event in Canberra.

Save the Children Australia CEO Paul Ronalds addresses National Centenary Event in Canberra.

Funding to support anti-child exploitation initiative in Philippines an important step in the right direction
Save the Children has welcomed an announcement by the Westpac Bank today of funding for a program aimed at preventing online exploitation and sexual abuse of children in the Philippines.

Eight children killed in attack on Idlib camp.

Save the Children supports call to raise the age of criminal responsibility
Child Rights Scorecard finds no good rationale for detaining children under the age of 14.

Universal Children's Day celebrated in PNG
Save the Children urges government to listen to the voices of children.

Many Afghan children are afraid to go outside, new survey by Save the Children finds.

New partnership with QBE points the way forward for disaster mitigation and recovery
Insurance company partners with leading aid agencies faced with threat of climate change.

Australia should accept US offer to extract Australian women and children from Syrian camp
US made offer to all coalition partners, including Australia, urging governments to take responsibility for their citizens.

Thousands of children and families flee flooding
Save the Children supporting displaced families with clean water, hygiene kits and emergency latrines.


National Centenary Event
Save the Children undeterred in fight to protect children from war.

Two new international court cases offer a “glimmer of hope” for Rohingya children
Legal proceedings in Argentina and the Gambia this week bring new life to efforts to obtain justice for Rohingya.

Save the Children Australia accredited in world-first for Green Climate Fund
Accreditation allows Save the Children Australia to partner with countries hardest hit by climate change and apply for funding from the USD$10 billion fund.

Save the Children to provide supported playgroup for bushfire affected children in NSW
Save the Children will set up a ‘child friendly space’ to help dozens of children affected by the devastating bushfires in New South Wales.

PNG delegation attends Nutrition Global Gathering in Nepal
PNG government departments and charities including Save the Children take part.

Greater support needed to address mental health issues facing young people: National Children’s Week
As National Children’s Week activities take place across the country, Save the Children is raising awareness of the mental health and wellbeing challenges facing thousands of young people who are at risk of falling out of the school system in Australia.

Save the Children getting Fijian communities DisasterREADY
Leading aid agency Save the Children is running emergency simulations in the Western District communities of Narewa, Vio Island and Votua this week to test the effectiveness of Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) in emergency responses.

Civil society resolution outlines 10 steps to tackle PNG’s malnutrition crisis
The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) civil society group is calling on leaders in the Asia Pacific region, including Papua New Guinea, to implement a raft of measures to tackle malnutrition. 

Pause in hostilities extends window of opportunity in Syria.

20 children injured after explosion near school.

Children at risk of deadly floods as families flee Typhoon Hagabis
The most powerful typhoon to hit Japan in 60 years caused millions of families to evacuate their homes due to extreme flooding.

African hunger crisis
Hunger levels soar in Horn of Africa as region faces driest summer in over 35 years.

Save the Children is Preparing for Cyclone Season in the Pacific
On International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, Save the Children is warning that climate change must be addressed to reduce the threat to lives and livelihoods in the Pacific.

Save the Children preparing to scale up operations, warns of mass displacement of children

Fuel shortages deepen humanitarian crisis.

New nutrition policy
Save the Children welcomes the launch of Papua New Guinea’s first National Nutrition Policy.

18 years of conflict: Every single Afghan child affected by war
As of today, every single child born and raised in Afghanistan has experienced war and conflict in their country, Save the Children said in statement today.

Save the Children supported health compound hit in Syria, seven people injured
A Save the Children supported health compound in Syria was hit by artillery shells on Thursday, injuring seven adults including a doctor at the site, and leaving one in critical condition.

Pikinini Defenders 
Save the Children joins new child protection campaign. 

Serious concerns for ethnic minorities, including Rohingya in Myanmar as internet blackout reaches 100 days
Save the Children has expressed grave concerns about the ongoing internet blackout being enforced in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, which is preventing those affected from communicating with the outside world.

One year on from devastating earthquake and tsunami two thirds of schools in Central Sulawesi remain damaged.

New energy venture
A ground-breaking partnership between aid organisation Save the Children and Australian energy advisory firm, Energy Estate, aims to revolutionise the way energy is delivered in Pacific island nations.

Defence industry awards 
Australia must lift shield of secrecy over military exports as defence industry celebrates night of nights. 

Children of foreign fighters
Civil society groups call for the urgent repatriation of Australian children of foreign fighters.

Australia's condemnation of Saudi Arabia human rights abuses makes weapons exports strategy untenable
Australia’s strong statement to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, which criticised Saudi Arabia’s systematic violence and human rights abuses, makes its strategy to export Australian made arms and other military supplies to Saudi Arabia completely untenable, warns Save the Children. 

Children in crisis want education more than money, food or water
Surveys from toughest places on earth reveal top priorities for children in crisis.

School strike 4 climate
Save the Children supports children’s Climate Strike. 

Road to Recovery report
More than 24 million children affected by conflict need mental health support.

Yemen War
'Unacceptable': Former Defence Secretary on Australian arms sales. 

Myanmar youth especially vulnerable to online abuse, hate speech and fake news on social media
New report by Save the Children and the University of Sydney.

Queensland fires
Top 10 tips for keeping children safe during bushfires

Atrocities in Yemen
UN report on atrocities in Yemen should act as wake-up call for Australia, says Save the Children.

More than half of children in Idlib, Syria could miss out on school this year 
Half of all schools in NW Syria are damaged, abandoned, unsafe or used as shelters.

Hurricane Dorian
Hundreds of thousands of children in path of treacherous Hurricane Dorian.

Another grim milestone: Ebola claims some 2,000 lives in DRC outbreak
The international community must release new funds to help prevent virus speading further

One child killed every day in past 17 days.

Rohingya crisis two years on: internet blackout in Myanmar shows repression continues
Save the Children Australia stages its own blackout to highlight continuing human rights violations

Rohingya crisis: 61 NGOs warn of worsening crisis in Myanmar
Aid agencies call for refugees’ engagement on safe, voluntary returns

Climate change
Climate change commitment to the Pacific welcome, but funding shouldn’t come from shrinking aid budget.

One year anniversary of deadly Yemen bus attack
Child survivors describe gruelling battle to recover: “At night I have ugly dreams. I see the carnage, I see everything”.

Huge cost of detaining young people in WA reinforces need to invest more diverting from justice system
Following new reports detailing the exorbitant cost of detaining young people in WA, Save the Children has renewed its call for greater funding to divert young people out of the justice system.

Children and armed conflict
Children in Somalia face highest rates of abduction, recruitment, and conflict-related sexual violence in the world.

Save the Children lauds Colombian citizenship for thousands of Venezuelan children
Save the Children welcomes the decision by the Colombian government to end the statelessness of some 24,000 children of Venezuelan parents, by granting them citizenship. The measure is an important step towards ensuring children who were born in Colombia after August 18th 2015 will have the same rights as Colombian children.
Afghanistan roadside explosion 
Save the Children appalled by roadside explosion which killed dozens of women and children.

Unseen and Unsafe: Underinvestment in ending violence against children in the Pacific and Timor Leste
New report reveals harrowing scale of child protection crisis in the Pacific.

Temporary Exclusion Order Bill fails to take into account best interests of children: Save the Children
Aid agency renews calls for Australian children in camps in North East Syria to be urgently moved to safety.

Australia needs to be transparent about its military exports: Australian Arms Control Coalition
Civil society organisations call on Australian Government to immediately halt the export of arms to countries involved in the war in Yemen following ABC report.

More children killed in Idlib in last four weeks than all of 2018
Deadliest week since violence escalated in North West Syria in April.

Temporary Exclusion Order Bill must not punish children for the actions of parents
Save the Children is urging all sides to ensure the best interests of children are upheld.

Arsal demolitions 
Syrian children living as refugees in Lebanon are at risk of illnesses and heat stroke as their families continue to demolish their homes.

More than three million children affected by severe flooding across India, Bangladesh and Nepal
More than a week of heavy monsoon rains in South Asia has led to major flooding in three countries affecting 3.2 million children.

Aid agencies call for urgent action as food crisis looms in Mozambique
Humanitarian response only 40 percent funded.

'Voice, Treaty, Truth': Save the Children celebrates NAIDOC Week 2019
Save the Children continues to work alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities - but there's more to do 

The battle against cholera in Yemen is far from over, Save the Children warns
There have been more cholera related cases in first half of 2019 than whole of last year

Don’t Choose Sides, Choose Children
Save the Children statement on conditions for children on the U.S.-Mexico Border.

Peppa Pig's Muddle Puddle Walk to raise funds for Save the Children
Children given chance to win Peppa Pig appearance at their early learning centre

Save the Children welcomes news of repatriation
Aid agency urges Government to bring back all Australian children and women

Australia must immediately halt Saudi defence exports following landmark UK court decision: Save the Children
Court finds UK government decision to issue export licenses for arms sales to Saudi Arabia “wrong in law”.

Save the Children alarmed by reports that child with disability held for days in Brisbane watch house
Aid agency warns children should never be detained in adult prisons or alongside adults.

Syrian homes in Lebanon set to be demolished in coming days
“They sent us a notice that we had to demolish our houses. We started demolishing and the ceiling fell off…I have small children – where are they going to sleep?”

Ebola outbreak
First child dies of ebola in new outbreak in Uganda.

UN ‘name and shame’ list must explicitly include Saudi Arabia and the UAE
21 charities have written to the UN Secretary General urging him to include those found to have committed violations against children in conflict in report.

Charred bodies of children are found after horrific attack on village
Investigate senseless killings in Mali, hold attackers to account.

Demolition of Syrian homes in Lebanon will leave at least 15,000 children homeless
Three international organisations urge the government of Lebanon to halt planned move.

Rohingya crisis
3 in 4 Rohingya refugee babies are born in unsanitary bamboo shelters.

Mozambique cyclone appeal
Mozambique cyclone appeal allots less than 1% to needs of women and girls.

More than a quarter of a billion children better off today than 20 years ago
Despite the widespread gains, war and conflict threaten progress.

At least 38 children killed in shelling in Idilb and Hama, Northern Syria
At least 38 children have been killed and 46 were injured in shelling on North West Syria since the 1st of April, Save the Children said today.

Save the Children calls for perpetrators of violations against children in conflict zones to be held to account 
Charter to protect children in conflict launched today at The Hague.

Three in four child casualties in world’s deadliest conflicts caused by explosive weapons
Save the Children renews call for future Prime Minister to stop the export of Australian weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Four Corners story highlights urgent need to raise age of criminal responsibility
Save the Children expresses outrage at conditions faced by children in Queensland Watch Houses.


Save the Children welcomes Labor commitment to strengthen Australian charities and not-for-profit sector
Save the Children welcomes Australian Labor’s announcement that they will significantly invest in Australia’s charity and not-for-profit sector, and create a dedicated Charities Minister, if elected.

Letter to election campaigns demands commitment to protect children in conflict
Save the Children has written to political parties seeking a promise to take three clear actions to Stop the War on Children.

Inner-city basketball court transformed into bombed-out classroom to highlight war on children
Every three minutes a child is killed by conflict, finds Save the Children as it launches chilling new campaign to mark Centenary year.


Mozambique: Matemo island completely destroyed
Save the Children assessment team report on widespread need in area devastated by Cyclone Kenneth.


Cash transfer programming improves dignity of beneficiaries in Fiji and Vanuatu: new report
Capacity building identified as key to effective cash programming in emergencies

Cyclone Kenneth: Money running dry as death toll rises to 38
Save the Children is calling on the international community to commit additional resources to the emergency relief efforts in the wake of Cyclone Idai and Cyclone Kenneth, which have battered parts of Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi and left hundreds of thousands homeless.

Save the Children welcomes Labor funding commitment to address indigenous overrepresenation in justice system
Save the Children has welcomed today’s announcement by the Australian Labor Party of a $107 million package to address the overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the justice system.

Number of malnourished children set to double in cyclone Idai-hit parts of Mozambique
As cyclone Kenneth hits the north of Mozambique, the number of acutely malnourished children under five in cyclone Idai-hit parts of the country is expected to jump from nearly 60,000 to 115,000, after crops and livelihoods were swept away by the storm, Save the Children warned today.

Yemen cholera outbreak: 100,000 children infected since start of 2019
More than 100,000 suspected cases of cholera have been reported among children under the age of 15 in Yemen since the start of the year – more than twice the number during the same period in 2018.

Three children killed in Idlib shelling
New wave of shelling in north west Syria hits schools, displaces thousands.

Children from around the world share testimonies from Al Hol camp in Syria
Save the Children has spoken to dozens of foreign children it supports in Al Hol camp in north east Syria, where conditions are overcrowded and humanitarian aid is insufficient to meet all needs.

Australia must urgently repatriate children of Australian foreign fighters as Save the Children seeks clarity on government action
With dozens of Australian children of foreign fighters continuing to languish in dangerous camps in North East Syria, Save the Children has written to the Prime Minister seeking greater transparency around Australia’s repatriation efforts.

New Launceston Office
Save the Children expands its services in northern Tasmania with new Launceston office.

Australian Children of foreign fighters languish in camps in north east Syria without commitment from leaders
Ahead of a Four Corners interview with the children of Australian Khaled Sharrouf tonight, Save the Children has reiterated its call for the leaders of both major political parties to commit to a policy of repatriation.

Cyclone Idai
Children talk of death and destruction while world looks away.

Open letter: Save the Children demands public commitment from future prime minister
Children of Australian foreign fighters must be brought home immediately to ease their suffering in war ravaged Syria.

Youth Week 
The perfect time to commit to national roll out of acclaimed program helping young people stay in school.

Save the Children staff describes scenes of devastation at school in Sanaa: “Children were bleeding on the floor, calling for their parents"
A Save the Children child protection worker who rushed to the scene of the school where several pupils were killed yesterday described scenes of devastation, and children bleeding heavily while aid workers tried to reach them.

Record number of new cases reported in DRC Ebola outbreak
Record numbers of new cases reported two weeks running – 57 followed by 72.

Government must act now to bring back all Australian children stranded in north east Syria 
Save the Children Australia has renewed its call for the immediate repatriation of all Australian children stranded in north east Syria.

Committee support for major increase in foreign aid reinforces budget folly
Just a day after the Federal budget revealed a sixth straight year of brutal cuts to aid, Save the Children today welcomed a report from the Joint Standing Committee which has unanimously recommended the Government dramatically increase Australia’s aid funding.

Cyclone Idai: Almost 200 babies expected to be born daily amidst cholera, malaria outbreak
An estimated 6,013 babies are due to be born this month, or 194 a day, in areas ravaged by Cyclone Idai in Mozambique and are at increased risk of being affected by cholera and malaria, Save the Children warned today.

Australian aid continues to decline as defence budget skyrockets
While the Australian Defence budget continues to grow, the aid budget suffers sixth consecutive cut.

Aid cuts in surplus budget are a cruel blow for children in our region
Budget confirms Pacific infrastructure funding will come from Australian aid.

Syrian War
Australia must help Australian children stranded in North East Syria.

Calls for Federal Budget funding for acclaimed school engagement program
A program praised by parents for keeping their children in school should be fully funded in Tuesday’s Budget and rolled out nationally, Save the Children has said.

Federal Budget should prioritise aid, not weapons
Save the Children is urging the Australian Government to use the 2019-20 Budget to revitalise the significantly weakened foreign aid budget, not increase investment in weapons manufacturing.

Infrastructure investment in the pacific is welcome, but it can't come at the expense of the world's poor
Save the Children is urging the federal government to avoid slashing $500m from the foreign aid budget to finance a new infrastructure facility in the Pacific, which now looks set to go ahead.

At least 6,000 children still in temporary shelters, six months on from Sulawesi disaster
Thousands of children are still in need of permanent housing six months on from the devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit Central Sulawesi in Indonesia in September 2018.

1,000 children infected every day as Yemen cholera outbreak spikes
An alarming spike in suspected cholera cases in Yemen is infecting 1,000 children every day, Save the Children is warning.

Seven killed in bombing of Save the Children-supported hospital in Yemen
Four children were among seven people killed yesterday when a hospital supported by Save the Children in Yemen was hit by an airstrike. Two other adults are unaccounted for.

Australia must stop arms sales to Saudi and Emirati-led coalition
On the 4th anniversary of the war in Yemen, Save the Children is demanding a change of policy on defence exports.

Every month 37 Yemeni children are killed or injured by foreign bombs
Save the Children calls on Australian Government to end defence exports to Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Save the Children scales up operations in wake of Cyclone Trevor
Save the Children is scaling up operations, including increased staffing and a third child friendly space in the wake of Cyclone Trevor.

Save the Children calls for national roll-out of successful school engagement program
Nine out of 10 parents say Hands on Learning improves their children’s sense of belonging at school.

Cyclone Trevor
Save the Children to open child friendly spaces as Northern Territory declares state of emergency.

Save the Children scales up aid for Mozambique
Save the Children has delivered 51 metric tons of vital aid to Mozambique at the start of an operation to help hundreds of thousands of children and families in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai.

Hear our voices, we are sick of war
Yemeni children call out for peace.

Save the children supports students taking stand on climate
Save the Children has thrown its support behind the thousands of young Australians attending today’s Climate Strike.

Children paying the price for eight years of war
The war in Syria has now lasted longer than WWII, and children are suffering the consequences

Number of foreign children in north-east Syria camps up almost 45% in less than a month
There are now estimated to be at least 3,580 children of foreign nationalities living in three camps for displaced people in North-East Syria, Save the Children revealed today.

Coalition must match Labor’s commitment on aid
Save the Children Australia welcomes Labor’s commitment to increase foreign aid and calls on the Coalition to at least match the promise ahead of the Federal election.

New report reveals eight years of war has left third of Syrian children always feeling unsafe
Children surveyed for Save the Children report often feel scared and sad. They demand peace and a return to education.

Australia must boost humanitarian aid to help children trapped in Syrian conflict nightmare 
The upcoming Brussels pledging conference is an opportunity for Australia to step up as an already dire humanitarian crisis worsens.

Children leaving last ISIS areas show signs of severe psychological distress
Thousands of Syrian and foreign children who have recently moved from ISIS-held areas into displacement camps show signs of psychological distress, and many will likely need long term mental health and psychosocial support to recover from their experiences.

Australian Government must pledge more aid to Yemen, not weapons
Australia will attend a high-level pledging conference on Tuesday in Geneva where it must commit more funding to the humanitarian response in Yemen.

Save the Children and Child Wise welcome national child protection principles
Save the Children and Child Wise welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement of a uniform national approach to child protection and safety, agreed by Commonwealth, state and territory governments.

More than 2,500 foreign children are living in camps in North-East Syria, says Save the Children
More than 2,500 children from more than 30 countries, including Australia, are living in three camps for people displaced in North-East Syria, Save the Children has revealed.

New petition launched
Stop Australian defence exports to war-crime accused Saudi Arabia.

Save the Children demands immediate ban of weapons exports to war crime-accused Saudi Arabia 
Report reveals $36m taxpayer funded weapons system deal destined for Saudi Arabia.

Education, income-generation for Rohingya refugees must be top priorities
In a statement issued today, Oxfam, Save the Children and World Vision called on international governments to generously fund the 2019 Joint Response Plan (JRP) for the Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis. 

More than 170,000 children under 5 killed by war each year: new report
Save the Children calls on Australia to halt the export of military assets to countries involved in Yemen war, where up to 85,000 children have died from extreme hunger

Close the Gap commitment on education welcome but out-of-home care crisis must not be ignored
Save the Children calls for unacceptable overrepresentation of Indigenous children in out of home care to be acknowledged as a crucial gap to be closed.

Save the Children ready to respond if needed as tropical cyclone threatens Vanuatu 
Communities in Vanuatu are bracing for destructive winds nearing 100kmh and heavy rainfall as slow-moving Tropical Cyclone Oma approaches the Pacific nation, warns Save the Children. 

As vote nears, Parliament urged to seize the day on medical transfer
Save the Children is urging members of the Australian Parliament to work together to deliver an outcome for sick refugees and asylum seekers today.

97 child deaths as Ebola cases spike in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Almost one hundred children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have lost their lives to the Ebola virus since the outbreak started in August last year.

Save the Children sets up child friendly spaces to help children affected by Queensland floods
Save the Children has set up three ‘child friendly spaces’ in Far North Queensland to help children and families impacted by floods in and around Townsville.

Save the Children appoints Meshel Laurie to new community building role
Save the Children is excited to announce the appointment of Meshel Laurie as the organisation’s new Head of Community Building.

Urgent action needed to address Aboriginal youth suicides, warns Save the Children
Following an alarming spike in Aboriginal youth suicides in recent weeks, Save the Children is calling for greater coordination and funding for programs that address underlying issues.

Save the Children expresses concern over government's proposed medical panel, urges bill to be passed
Save the Children is calling on federal politicians to pass the Urgent Medical Treatment Bill which is scheduled to go before Parliament on February 12.

Save the Children sets up ‘child friendly space’ to help children affected by Tasmanian bushfires
Aid agency Save the Children has established a child friendly space in the bushfire-affected Huon Valley in Tasmania to support children and families impacted by the disaster.
Save the Children welcomes new Head of the Office of the Pacific
Save the Children welcomes the establishment of the Office of the Pacific and the announcement of its Head, Ewen McDonald, as a positive step forward in improving Australia’s engagement with the Pacific

PM’s Vanuatu trip welcome, but funds urgently needed to protect Pacific nations from climate change
Save the Children welcomes Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s upcoming visit to Vanuatu but says it should coincide with a plan to deliver much needed climate change funding.

Humanitarian checklist
New tool to help hold Australian Government to higher standard in protecting children in conflict.

Fears for more than 11,000 children in Idlib as flooding hits camps
Syrian refugees in camps in neighbouring Lebanon also struggling to keep warm amid snowstorms.

Save the Children welcomes Labor commitment on Australian aid
Save the Children Australia has today warmly welcomed a commitment from Federal Labor to rebuild and grow Australia’s aid budget, if elected.

Save the Children welcomes Australia’s adoption of historic global pact for refugees
Save the Children welcomes Australia’s adoption of the Global Compact on Refugees at the United Nations Global Assembly overnight.

Return to surplus means Australia has no excuse but to increase foreign aid.

Labor commitment to 5000 community sponsorship places welcome
The Community Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (CRSI) today celebrates the announcement of 5000 community sponsored refugee places by Federal Labor Leader, Bill Shorten, in Adelaide.

Yemen ceasefire statement
Warring parties in Yemen agree to a ceasefire in Hodeidah.

Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration World adopts historic pact on global migration without Australia
Save the Children Australia welcomes the adoption overnight in Marrakech of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration by the overwhelming majority of UN member states.

Save the Children: Historic global pact on migration must be adopted to protect vulnerable children
More than 1,200 child migrant deaths have been recorded between 2014 and 2018, but the real figure is likely to be much higher.

Yemen hunger crisis statement
Famine or not 120,000 children in Yemen are in a catastrophic condition.

Nauru update
Save the Children supports Urgent Medical Treatment Bill.

$20 million welcomed to build peaceful futures in Iraq
Australian Government funds largest ever NGO grant under the Australian Humanitarian Partnership to support recovery and stabilisation in Iraq.

Modern Slavery Bill passed
Orphanage trafficking recognised as modern slavery in world first. 

Out Teach Mobile Education wins gold
Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards. 

Joint statement of the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack
Increasing insecurity and a significant rise in school attacks puts almost two decades of progress at risk for Afghan children.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
Save the Children joins global 16 Days of Activism to end violence against women and children.

Save the Children Youth Ambassadors raise their voices in Canberra
Future leaders demand young Australians be heard.
Yemen: 85,000 children may have died from starvation since the start of the war
An estimated 85,000 children under five may have died from extreme hunger or disease since the war in Yemen escalated, according to new analysis by Save the Children.

Independent Review into the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct
Save the Children Australia welcomes the release of the Independent Review into the Practice and Response of Australian Council of International Development (ACFID) Members in the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct conducted by the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM).

Pneumonia to kill nearly 11 million children by 2030
New analysis conducted by Johns Hopkins University and Save the Children reveals predicted pneumonia toll.

Rohingya crisis
On anniversary of deadliest cyclone on record, thousands of lives at risk during Bangladesh storm season.

Yemen: Australia must end defence sales to Saudi Arabia to help stop Yemen war
Save the Children is calling on the Australian Government to join international efforts seeking to bring an end to the brutal conflict in Yemen.

Gaza Protests
Futures of nearly 1,000 children shot by live ammunition hang in the balance amid strained health system.

Responsible tourism
ReThink Orphanages wins award for work in responsible tourism.

Yemen: Intense fighting reported near Save the Children health facility in Hodeidah
Aid agency calls for an immediate end to fighting to avoid any further civilian casualties.

Pacific aid
Save the Children welcomes the Prime Minister’s commitment to the Pacific, but more aid is needed.

Yemen statement
Australia must follow the UK and US lead and call for an urgent ceasefire.

One month on: Indonesia earthquake and tsunami
Disaster ravaged Sulawesi drenched by heavy rains, more than 220,000 still homeless.

Yemen: Cost of food nearly doubles putting thousands of lives at risk
Failing economy is as big a threat to children as bombs and bullets, warns Save the Children.

Children’s Week
Time to listen to children and get kids off Nauru.

Rohingya crisis
Save the Children Australia welcomes Australian Government sanctions on Myanmar military officers.

Child Wise expands services to Tasmania 
Child Wise, one of Australia's leading not-for-profit child protection and safeguarding agencies, is proud to announce its services will now be available in Tasmania. 

Nauru statement
Save the Children calls on the Australian Government to come to the table and negotiate to get kids off Nauru as soon as possible.

Adelaide event
Save the Children hosts 'Bread for Success' fundraiser.

National apology to victims and survivors of institutional child sexual abuse
Save the Children recognises today's national apology to the victims and survivors of institutional child sexual abuse as an important step in acknowledging past crimes and ensuring a safe future for all children.

Save the Children welcomes moves to get kids off Nauru as soon as possible.

Save the Children calls for immediate halt to child returns
New report highlights alarming lack of oversight of Afghan child returns from Europe.

Yemen: Generation of children in need of mental health support
Save the Children warns of long term psychological damage unless more support provided.

International Digital Inclusion Week
Innovation in addressing the digital divide booming in Central NSW.

Save the Children calls on Prime Minister to get kids off Nauru.

Sulawesi search called off
Save the Children statement on government decision to call off search and rescue operation in earthquake and tsunami hit Sulawesi.

International Day of the Girl 2018 
If all girls completed secondary school, more than 50 million child marriages could be prevented.

Indonesia: Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami 
More than 2,700 schools badly damaged or destroyed in disaster-hit Sulawesi as children return to class.

Indonesia earthquake and tsunami
Save the Children scales up aid delivery to communities devastated by tsunami-earthquake disaster.

Indonesia: Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami
Contamination widespread, one week after Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami, fears of looming health crisis.

Vital aid delivered to earthquake and tsunami-hit region of Indonesia by Save the Children
Save the Children, working through its partner Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik (YSTC), has delivered vital aid on a military plane to Palu, the Indonesian city devastated by Friday’s earthquake and tsunami.

Save the Children welcomes investment into two years of early education
Save the Children warmly welcomes the commitment to fund two years of preschool announced today by Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews in Melbourne.

Indonesia earthquake and tsunami update
Urgent need to identify children who are lost, shocked and alone six days after tsunami, warns Save the Children.

Hands on Learning innovation accolade
Café program selected for global innovation spotlight.

Indonesia earthquake and tsunami
Children in earthquake and tsunami-hit communities face growing risk of disease outbreak and water-borne illness, warns Save the Children.

Indonesia earthquake and tsunami
Save the Children launches appeal.

Disease spike in Yemen humanitarian crisis
Surge in suspected cholera cases in Hodeidah.

Indonesian earthquake
Fears grow for separated and unaccompanied children in the wake of tsunami.

Indonesia: Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami
Hundreds of thousands of children affected by catastrophic Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami as landslides, power outages hamper relief efforts.

Joint NGO letter
Australia needs to guarantee military exports are not used in unlawful attacks in Yemen.

Yemen: Civilian casualties soar in Hodeidah since devastating offensive began in June
As world leaders gather in New York for the UN General Assembly, the international community has a unique window of opportunity to stand up for Yemeni children, and children in conflict everywhere, who need protection.

Independent International Fact-Finding Mission in Myanmar
Save the Children statement on the final report of the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission in Myanmar.

Typhoon Mangkhut
Philippines: More than a million children missing out on education as thousands of schools remain shut following “super” Typhoon Mangkhut.

Super Typhoon Mangkhut
Philippines: Millions of children at risk as country braces for potential devastation from Super Typhoon Mangkhut.

Save the Children opens first Devonport office
Devonport residents will now have access to vital family and education services with the opening of Save the Children’s first office dedicated to North West Tasmania.

Extreme hunger could kill 600,000 children in war zones this year
More than half a million children in conflict zones could die from extreme hunger before the end of the year, new research by Save the Children shows.

Children may be forced to flee again as Idlib offensive looms
Hundreds of thousands of Syrian children who have already been forced to flee their homes once are facing a second devastating onslaught amid reports that preparations are being made for an offensive on Idlib province.

Entrenched disadvantage at heart of inequality in Australia, children not immune
Save the Children welcomes the findings of the Productivity Commission’s stocktake on rising inequality and its emphasis on the complexity of disadvantage in Australia.

Report of the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar
Save the Children statement on the Report of the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar released today.

Orphanage tourism symposium
Save the Children launches innovative new tool kit to help combat orphanage tourism.

Alarming number of Rohingya children orphaned by brutal violence
New research by Save the Children revealed ahead of the one-year anniversary of the crisis on Saturday.

Tasmania book launch and programs showcase
Save the Children is putting its Tasmanian programs on show in a practical and interactive illustration of the breadth of our work.

Lombok hit by two more earthquakes in a day
Aid agencies ready to scale up humanitarian response after lombok hit by two more earthquakes in a day.

Save the Children Australia joins campaign to free 119 children trapped on Nauru.

World Humanitarian Day 2018
Civilians, including aid workers, too frequently attacked, warns save the children.

120,000 books on sale at the 55th annual Save the Children UWA Branch book sale
The annual Save the Children UWA Branch book sale starts today!

Dozens of young children among the dead in Saada attack
Save the Children calls for immediate and independent investigation into recent attacks on civilians.

Save the Children raises concerns for Indonesians on earthquake-devastated Lombok
Save the Children and its partner organisation raise concerns for Indonesians in isolated makeshift camps on earthquake-devastated Lombok.

Programming the future launches in Dubbo
Programming the Future is a joint project of Save the Children Australia and Dubbo Regional Council to deliver digital skills to local children and young people.

Save the Children to respond to catastrophic dam collapse in Laos
Save the Children staff in Laos are preparing an emergency response after at least 10 people were killed and hundreds more left missing when a dam collapsed in the south of the country. 

Time to end the uncertainty for 124 children still languishing on Nauru
Exactly five years since the Australian Government started to detain asylum seekers on Nauru, 124 children still languish indefinitely on the tiny Pacific island with little hope for the future, warns Save the Children.

Mosul’s children haunted by constant fear and intense sorrow a year after the city was retaken from ISIS
A year since ISIS was expelled from Mosul, the city’s children are living in near constant fear for their lives, and are often reliving memories of devastation, displacement, bombing and extreme violence, a new report from Save the Children reveals.

Save the Children commemorates NAIDOC Week 2018: Because of her, we can!
Save the Children is proud to celebrate NAIDOC Week 2018 and recognise the invaluable ongoing contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have made to Australian families and communities across generations. 

Save the children calls for urgent scale up of education programming for Rohingya children 
Save the Children is calling for an urgent and significant scale up of education programming for Rohingya children living in Bangladesh’s overcrowded refugee camps, ahead of the UN leadership’s most high-profile visit to Cox’s Bazar to date.

Report confirms dramatic increase in children affected by conflict, as school bombed in Syria 
A Save the Children-supported school in Dara’a, Syria was badly damaged this week after being hit in an airstrike. Classes in the 536 capacity school were suspended, due to escalating violence, only hours before

Save the Children calls for new approach to refugee resettlement in Refugee Week
In the lead up to Refugee Week, Save the Children Australia is calling on the Australian Government and the Australian community to embrace innovative ways to tackle the global refugee crisis.

Hodeidah port attack
An estimated 300,000 children stuck in Hodeidah city are risk of being killed or maimed by the fighting. Families and children could be caught in the crossfire, unable to leave but in grave danger from bombs and bullets if they stay, trapped beyond the reach of humanitarian aid or medical care.

IKEA Foundation grant
Save the Children welcomes the continued support of the IKEA Foundation which this week announced an €8 million global grant (more than AUD$12 million) to train aid workers.

A mental health crisis for Gazan children
Feelings of depression, hyperactivity, a preference for being alone, and aggression were reported by 95 per cent of children in Gaza, new research released by Save the Children has shown.

Youth Frontiers calls for volunteers
It’s National Volunteer Week and Save the Children is asking locals in Murrumbidgee to give back to the community by becoming mentors for the recently launched Youth Frontiers program.

Save the Children calls on all parties to show restraint in Gaza
Save the Children is urging all parties to show restraint and urge all protests to remain peaceful following another devastating day for the children of Gaza.

Save the Children Kindergarten reopens in Mooroopna
Save the Children Australia’s Mooroopna Kindergarten renovation is complete! 

Global partnership delivers Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities program
Announced today, the Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities program aims to promote healthy lifestyles and address obesity in Australia by bringing nutrition education, active play and fresh foods to at-risk children and their families.

Federal Budget 2018-2019 Response: 2018-19 Budget fails to guarantee an increase in aid for most vulnerable
The 2018-19 Federal Budget is a missed opportunity for Australia to fulfil its commitment to help ensure the poorest children in our nation and overseas are not being left further behind.

Youth Partnership Project wins gong at Community Services Excellence Awards, WA
The Youth Partnership Project, supported by Save the Children, took out the category for outstanding commitment to collaborative place-based service or solutions at the WA Community Services Excellence Awards.

Tens of thousands of Somalis displaced by deadly flash flooding as heavy rains continue. Almost half a million affected
Somali families displaced by drought and near-famine conditions last year are now on the move again, with catastrophic flash flooding forcing 175,000* people out of their homes, leaving them more vulnerable to malnutrition and diseases such as Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) and cholera.

How to Create a Child Safe Organisation – child protection partnership launches 2018 Child Safety Toolkit
A tool will be launched this week to help schools and other organisations involved with kids understand the practical steps they can take to provide safe places for children. 

New initiative aims to foster Australian community spirit in welcoming refugees ​
Launched today, the Community Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (CRSI) is calling on government to create a system that allows the generosity of ordinary Australians to flourish, welcoming refugees into our communities.

Brighter future for Gippsland
The latest Wellbeing of Children and Young People Report shows that East Gippsland children are less vulnerable in 2015 than in 2012, but there is still more work to do to ensure our region's children have the best start in life.

Australian Prime Minister must seek a solution to the Rohingya crisis at ASEAN summit
Save the Children is calling for the Australian government to use the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit in Sydney this weekend to push for a regional solution to the Rohingya refugee crisis – described by the UN as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.

9,000 children out of school in PNG because of devastating quakes

Save the Children is warning up to 9,000 school-aged children risk having their education ruined or severely disrupted because of the devastating earthquake in PNG nearly two weeks ago.

Youth Frontiers mentoring
Children aged 12 to 16 from Murrumbidgee, Far West and Western NSW will be matched with local volunteer adult mentors and work collaboratively on a community project of their own choosing.

Reform child protection
Save the Children is urging the Federal, State and Territory Governments to work genuinely with Aboriginal communities in the Closing the Gap refresh process to institute a national target to reduce the overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in out of home care.

Empowering families in Dampier
Families in the Dampier Peninsular will get a boost to children's services through a partnership between Save the Children Australia and Aarnja Empowered Communities.

Afghanistan attack condemned
It is with profound sadness that we can confirm three Save the Children staff members were killed on Wednesday in an attack on our office in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. All other staff have been safely rescued from the office. Four were injured in the attack and are receiving medical treatment.

Rohingya winter warning
Rohingya children in the camps and makeshift settlements in Bangladesh urgently need warm clothes and blankets as overnight temperatures drop with the onset of winter, Save the Children is warning.

Royal commission findings
Save the Children Australia welcomes the final report from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and calls for urgent resourcing and funding to implement the recommendations.

Deadly diphtheria in Rohingya
Save the Children health workers are on high alert for cases of the deadly disease diphtheria, which has so far claimed the lives of at least 15 Rohingya who fled to Bangladesh.

Child wise merger
Save the Children Australia and Child Wise have today announced their intent to merge. Child Wise is one of Australia's leading not-for-profit child protection and child safeguarding agencies.

Solomon islands CRC report
Save the Children has submitted a landmark report highlighting the opportunities and challenges children face growing up across the Solomon Islands.

Orphanage tourism modern slavery
Save the Children Australia welcomes the news that orphanage tourism will be included within the modern slavery definition.

Thousands evacuated in Bali
The number of evacuees from the base of Mt Agung in Bali is growing as the volcano continues to erupt, raising concerns that children may be separated from parents.

Children with disabilities
Save the Children is celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities and rallying to raise awareness for women and girls with disabilities who live in developing countries and face the triple discrimination of gender, poverty and disability.

Foreign Policy White Paper
Save the Children welcomes the Australian Government’s commitment to promoting prosperity, security and peace in the Indo-Pacific region, outlined in its Foreign Policy White Paper, and its recognition of the role of overseas aid in achieving these aims.

NT Royal Commission
Save the Children Australia is calling for urgent and collective action to prevent children from being exposed to the serious harm inflicted at the Don Dale Detention Centre.

Rohingya children testimonies
Save the Children urges foreign ministers at Myanmar meeting to step up pressure to end violence.

ABC joint Rohingya appeal
Save the Children Australia has today welcomed the launch of the ABC’s joint appeal with humanitarian agencies to support the escalating Rohingya Crisis in Bangladesh.

Children dying from pneumonia
Nearly one million children a year are dying from pneumonia even though it can be treated with antibiotics costing as little as 52 cents, Save the Children reveals today.

Bush kinder teacher award
An inspiring teacher working with Save the Children Australia has been named Early Childhood Teacher of the Year at this week's Victorian Early Years Awards.

Funding for volcano crisis
Save the Children Australia has today welcomed $400,000 of Australian Government funding to help manage the aftermath of the Ambae volcano evacuation in Vanuatu, as part of the Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP).

Funding for Rohingya
Save the Children has welcomed an Australian Government announcement of a further $10 million in funds to help aid agencies respond to the growing humanitarian crisis on Bangladesh's border with Myanmar.

Malnutrition in Rohingya
Save the Children is warning of a malnutrition crisis in the Bangladeshi district of Cox’s Bazar, where more than half a million Rohingya have arrived in the past six weeks after fleeing horrific violence and bloodshed over the border in Myanmar.

Vanuatu volcano emergency
A volcano on Vanuatu’s Ambae Island continues to erupt rocks and ash, as Save the Children staff help authorities evacuate the last residents.

Refugees depart Nauru for US
After more than four, long years, Save the Children welcomes reports that at least 27 refugees on Nauru may finally have the chance to resettle in the United States.

Protecting displaced children
A coalition of NGOs is calling on the Australian Government to lead the way in protecting child refugees and migrants, when two ground-breaking compacts are discussed at the United Nations General Assembly this week.

New funding for Rohingya
Save the Children applauds today's announcement by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop of up to $15 million funding to be released to aid displaced Rohingya in Bangladesh.

Greater government leadership
Save the Children is seeking greater leadership from the federal government to address the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out-of-home care.

South Asia flood risk
At least 18,000 schools have been damaged or destroyed by South Asia’s worst flooding in years, which is putting children’s education and long-term wellbeing at risk, warns Save the Children.

Alarm at return to Nauru
The child rights agency that formerly supported children and families on Nauru, Save the Children, has expressed alarm at the prospect of asylum seeker and refugee children living in Australia being returned to Nauru.

Cameron challenges government
Save the Children has today applauded one of its youth ambassadors for challenging a government decision to exclude 16- and 17 year-olds from participating in the same-sex marriage postal ballot.

Marawi three months on
Three months on from the deadly siege in the southern Philippine city of Marawi, tens of thousands of children continue to face a grim daily struggle since first escaping the violence.

Food-insecure countries
Save the Children warns that the ability of aid agencies to respond effectively to the hunger crisis threatening millions of lives in four countries is being heavily impacted by violence directed at frontline humanitarian workers, leaving vulnerable communities at increased risk of starvation.

First 1000 Days Australia
Save the Children and the University of Melbourne have joined forces to create a transformational change program with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples called First 1000 Days Australia.

Brighter future for Gippsland
The latest Wellbeing of Children and Young People Report shows that East Gippsland children are less vulnerable in 2015 than in 2012, but there is still more work to do to ensure our region's children have the best start in life.

Funding for East Africa
Save the Children welcomes today's $20 million announcement by the Australian Government to help tackle extreme hunger in Somalia and South Sudan where famine has been declared in parts of the country.



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